April 15, 2008

NYC Thrashers SUN DESCENDS have posted 4 new tracks off their new album "The Entropy Formula", on their Myspace page. The 10 track album, which is released on Khaosmaster Productions this month and via Twilight Distribution in the fall, will be the band’s last output for 2008 and 2009. Vocalist Mem V.Stein who also fronts German cult Thrash act EXUMER will return with a new SUN DESCENDS album in 2010, after the EXUMER reunion in 2009. "The Entropy Formula" will also be released on limited edition vinyl later this year and will incorporate the artwork of Sean Taggart (Crumbsuckers, Agnostic Front, Carnivore). The following tracks are streamed in their entirety at www.myspace.com/sundescends: ‘Gold Steel Form’, ‘Entropy No. 2’, ‘Strike At Will’ and ‘The God Particle’.

AVULSED have just published the following official news: "Yesterday night, our drummer Ricky suffered a loss of conscience and once in the hospital he remained in the Intensive Care Unit. It seems like he suffered a small brain stroke or something like that. this is, one of the veins was broken and some blood was spilled, so he need some surgery to take that blood out. At this point we don’t know much about it, since he liked 200 km away, and this is the information provided to us by his girlfriend, but what it’s sure is that we’ll have to cancel the AVULSED performance at the Delirium Festival that’s taking place near Paris, France) next Saturday 19th of April. Also, right now we’re not sure if we’ll be able to perform at the Underground Metal Fest in Lyon (France) next saturday 26th of April as well. We still have to see how Ricky develops from this and then we’ll see, although this really doesn’t depend on us. We’re very sorry for not being able to perform at the Delirium Festival on which AVULSED was the headliner sharing the bill with quite some cool bands like HACRIDE, NO RETURN, DEGRADEAD, EMBRYONIC CELLS, HYSTHERESY and E-VICE. We hope our fans and the organizers will understand us in this critical situation and we really hope to play at next year’s edition of the festival."

Sweden’s HEARSE are currently working on their fifth album. So far the drums have been finished. 12 songs are planned to be recorded and most likely 10 of them will end up on the album. As soon as the band gets "green light" from their record label (depending on which one it’ll be) the recording will continue. More info on the recording to follow. In the meantime check out some pics from the recording here.

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