August 08, 2008

Spanish old school Death Metallers GRAVEYARD are about to release 3 different split-EPs in 2008 and 2009. One through Nuclear War Now! featuring the song ‘What Dwells Beneath’ (together with DEATHEVOKATION), one on Iron Bonehead Productions featuring the song ‘Howl Of The Black Death’ (and the American Black / Thrash band TERRORIST on the other side) and last but not least one EP with Spanish Thrashers REDIMONI through Antichristian Front, which is going to release "Into The Mausoleum" soon, too. Besides that GRAVEYARD are preparing stuff for their first full length which should be available at end of 2008, latest early 2009. Next to live gigs in Spain together with DEMIGOD, NECROS CHRISTOS, HAIL OF BULLETS and LIE IN RUINS it seems to be busy times for GRAVEYARD.

Paragon Records have signed Germany’s ANAEL for the release of their new album "From Arcane Fires" in early Autumn. Guitarist / vocalist Seraphackh commented the new full length like this: "While its predecessor "On Wings Of Mercury" was a journey deep into the realm of the occult, "From Arcane Fires" is a little more direct, more rooted in history and personal experiences of a gloomy reality. This means not only the lyrics but also the music of our third album, and it was the main reason to choose a harsh, dark and epic approach for this monument. "From Arcane Fires" is aimed to show the darkness and the fire forming the foundation of our spirit and so of our music, and to set a sign that some flames will never be extinct." The tracklisting is as follows: ‘Devils Tongues’, ‘She Is Ever A Moon’, ‘Down Winding Stairs’, ‘Blood And Honey’, ‘Song Of The Moth’, ‘All Souls Night’ and ‘Muspilli’.

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