February 07, 2008

Florida’s BRUTALITY is back! We just got the following info first hand from Jeff Acres: "The band has reformed and is working on a new album. I wanted to set things straight about the crap that went down in 2003. We never wanted to let those tapes get out. It was shit and one of the members who is no longer in the band sent them out without the rest of us knowing. The stuff we are doing now is so much better than that bullshit, more on the lines of "Screams Of Anguish". I want everbody to know the truth. Thanks."

The NOCTURNAL "Arrival Of The Carnivore" 12" Picture Disc will be released within less than 14 days. Originally released by From Beyond Productions on CD and Deathstrike Records on vinyl, you now will have the change to get a very noble looking 12" Picture Disc within a cover-jacket. There will be a regular and die hard version (including shirt, bottle-opener in shape of a button, featuring the cover-artwork and a shaped logo patch). All copies will come with an A1 poster, also featuring the cover-artwork.

The GOSPEL OF THE HORNS "Sinners / Monuments Of Impurity" CD will be released within less than 5 days. The second pressing of that CD will be released as a digi-pack.The first 100 copies will come with a button and a shaped logo patch. Furthermore, "The Satanist’s Dream" will be re-released on CD/LP with peviously unreleased bonus-tracks from 1996.

METAL INQUISITOR‘s "Garage Nights (Bootleg)" LP will be released on the 1st of March at their 10th anniversary gig in Koblenz, Germany. The songs got re-mastered at Toxomusic which is known from bands such as DESASTER, OLD and NOCTURNAL. Besides their own songs you also will get some unreleased cover-versions of WITCHFYNDE (‘Stab In The Back’), JUDAS PRIEST (‘Invader’) and more. The playing time will be around 49 Minutes and 12 songs will be pressed on that vinyl only release. The first 100 copies will come with a shaped logo patch and the vinyl colour will be white.

HERETIC from the Netherlands will return with their first live gig in 8 years on April 12. That day will also see "Black Metal Holocaust" being re-released on vinyl and CD. The vinyl will come with the usual stuff like coloured vinyl, shirt (black, three coloured print), shaped logo patch and a button. The CD version will come with a different button and shaped logo patch as well. At the same evening DENIAL OF GOD’s "The Dawn Of Aemizaez: Demos 1992-1993" LP and SHACKLES "Coup De Grace" CD will be available, too.

LIVING DEATH 12" Picture LP’s ("Vengeance Of Hell" and "Metal Revolution") will be released before the summer.

ACHERON‘s "Rites Of The Black Mass" will be re-released as a 12" double LP. New cover artwork will be supplied by Kris Verwimp.

SATANIC FUNERAL‘s "Night Of The Goat LP (limited to 132 copies) will be released in late summer.

KRATORNAS from the Philippines will soon release their 2nd full-length album on CD and LP. Kris Verwimp will also be responsible for the artwork here. If everything goes right, the songs will be mastered at Swedish Necromorbus Studio (Watain, Funeral Mist, Nominon, Zarathustra and more).

ZARATHUSTRA from Germany will soon start to compose and record some new songs for their next MCD / MLP.

The first four albums of SADISTIK EXEKUTION will be re-released as Picture Discs. Expect "The Magus" in autumn / winter of 2008. Other albums will be "We Are Death…Fukk You!", "Fukk I" and "Fukk II", as well as ROK’s debut album "This Is Satanik" on black/coloured vinyl.

THORNIUM‘s 1995 album "Dominions Of The Eclipse" will be released on double vinyl in June, the first 100 copies on clear transparent vinyl and those will also come with a black shirt, an A1 poster, patch and button – 400 copies on black vinyl. Bonus-tracks on both editions will be their 3 song demo-tape "North Storms Of The Bestial Goatsign" from 1994. The band is also active again and negotiations to record and release a second album will be forged soon.

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