July 30, 2008

"Morphed From Deadbreath", the debut album of the Spanish / Swedish band PUTREVORE is scheduled for a September release through Xtreem Music. PUTREVORE is a project band formed back in 2004 by Dave Rotten (AVULSED / CHRIST DENIED) on vocals and Rogga Johansson (PAGANIZER / RIBSPREADER) on guitars / bass with the intention of bringing back the most heavy, purtid and dark sounds of the old school Death Metal directly influenced by bands like INCANTATION, ROTTREVORE, GRAVE, FUNEBRE, DETERIOROT… The original band’s name was DEATHBREATH, but it was changed in summer ’07 after seeing that another Swedish band emerged later with a similar monicker, so to avoid possible mistakes, a more brutal namd was chosen which suits the band’s style much better. Composition of the songs were made between ’04-’07 and it was during ’07 when recordings took place both in Sweden and Spain with the help of session drummer David Ekevarn, for a later mix and mastering at Swedish studios EAP Productions by Ronnie Bjornstrom who did a perfect job capturing the exact sound and feeling that PUTREVORE needed. "Morphed From Deadbreath" includes the following 8 songs: ‘Aeon Leviathan’, ‘Torn From The Abzu’, ‘The Skies Vomit Sulphur’, ‘As They Return’, ‘Obscene Devourment’, ‘Dark Surgery Of The Ancients’, ‘From Depths Monstrous’ and ‘Pale Bare Skull’. The album cover was made by Spanish artist Juanjo Castellano (www.juanjocastellano.com) who already did works for bands like Vomitory, Demoncy, Incantation, Evil Incarnate, etc. amongst many others. PUTREVORE’s album cover and three songs from the album can be checked through the band’s official website www.putrevore.com / www.myspace.com/putrevore.

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