June 27, 2008

The new FUNERAL PROCESSION mini-CD "The Red Vine Litanies" will be released on July 7, 2008 through Ván Records. This mini-CD includes one long opus dedicated to the spirit in wine and the beast in man it unleashes, and comes in a unique digipak. A trailer of about three minutes is available on the label’s homepage. It is possible to pre-order the new mini-CD directly from the band. Everyone who orders the album until July 6 will be able to purchase the mini-CD for only 10,- Euro incl. P+P (Germany) or 13,- Euro (airmail Europe). To order the album apply at orders@funeralprocession.net for further details. Pre-orders will only be handled if the money arrives within seven days after pre-ordering. It is possible to transfer the money into a bank account, to pay via paypal (adding fees!) or to send the money in a registered letter. Additionally a bundle of the new mini-CD including a bordeaux red t-shirt (with front and sleeveprint) will be available through Ván Records and Ván Records only. This shirt will neither be available seperately nor from the band. For further details everyone is advised to check out their homepage. The label also has some official logo patches and buttons in stock. A new black t-shirt will also be available in the coming weeks. Last but not least, no gigs are confirmed for the time being, therefore FUNERAL PROCESSION will not perform any gigs in 2008.

German Death Metallers OBSCURA are currently recording their new album with producer V. Santura (DARK FORTRESS) at The Crypt Studios in Germany. OBSCURA bassist Jeroen Paul Thesseling (ex-PESTILENCE) comments: "I just got back from Landshut, Germany, where we’ve finished most of the recordings for the new album. I’m very excited about the new OBSCURA material; it sounds extremely brutal and technical compared with PESTILENCE’s "Spheres" (1993). We are looking forward to play most of the new songs during the upcoming shows." For more information, visit www.obscura-metal.com or www.jeroenthesseling.com

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