December 12, 2009

THE COMPANY OF UNDERTAKERS (TCOU) is an new project that former ASPHYX guitarist Eric Daniels is currently involved in again. The line-up gets completed by Bob Bagchus (ASPHYX / SOULBURN) on drums, Theo van Eekelen (HAIL OF BULLETS) on bass, Paul Baayens (ASPHYX / HAIL OF BULLETS) on guitars and Martin van Drunen (ASPHYX / HAIL OF BULLETS) on vocals. Chris Reifert (AUTOPSY) and Jörgen Sandström (GRAVE) will furthermore contribute backing vocals. According to Eric’s myspace site they are in the process of writing material ("old school Death Metal the brutal way") with plans for a CD release sometime in 2010. Here’s an official statement from Eric: "After 8 years of doing nothing in music, being busy with other interests, it feels like reborn to pick up that piece of wood with 6 strings again. With the most imagineable energy and inspiration right now I am busy writing riffs for the new side-project TCOU (THE COMPANY OF UNDERTAKERS), together with my best friends of ASPHYX and other great Death musicians. It feels like back with my family, back with my friends who have the same interests and play the pure Death Metal with their hearts as it was and is mentioned to be… I like to add my deepest respects and hails towards the ASPHYX fans worldwide who supported me for the full 100% during my active membership of ASPHYX and who kept supporting me! I only can say: YOU RULE and thanks!!!" For more info and updates go to

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