December 22, 2009

Israelian old school Death Metal band SONNE ADAM are about to release their 7" EP "Armed With Hammers" soon through German Imperium Productions. The label recently signed the band and the deal contains the release of the mentioned "Armed With Hammers" 7" EP, another 7" EP which was already recorded in 2008 (which is called "The Sun Is Dead") and their upcoming first full-length recording both on CD and LP. In the meantime you should check out and listen to the songs as appetizers for their upcoming releases.

On January 13, 2010, INCANTATION and DIVINE EVE will hit the road in Europe as part of the Vengeful Scapegoat tour with HATE, NOCTUM and NERVE. The tour will provide INCANTATION an opportunity to promote their new, limited edition 7" picture EP, "Scapegoat". The EP features previously unreleased tracks from the "Primordial Domination" recording sessions and will be limited to 1,000 hand-numbered copies. INCANTATION drummer, Kyle Severn, has issued the following statement regarding the tour: "We are especially excited to finally after many years and several tours to finally be able to tour Europe with dual guitarists to play INCANTATION music the way it was written and recorded and to make this the strongest line up we have ever had. With the current touring line up consisting of guitarist / vokills John McEntee and Alex Bouks (Goreaphobia) guitars, Chuck Sherwood (Blood Storm) on bass and myself Kyle Severn on drums. We will be dominating Europe to support our newly released limited 7" EP titled "Scapegoat". It has been several years since I personally have toured Europe with INCANTATION. I’m long overdue, and with this line up it will be the heaviest tour ever!!! Joining us on the tour will be HATE from Poland and DIVINE EVE from Texas (USA). I couldn’t think of a better way to kick off a new year!! I would also like to announce that I will be playing drums for fellow label mates the almighty Tex-Death Metallers DIVINE EVE. Join us in Unholy Blasphemy as we kill posers across European soil January 2010!!!" For DIVINE EVE, not only will they be touring in support of their long-awaited "Vengeful And Obstinate" EP, but this will mark the first time in well over a decade that these old-schoolers have played live. The band had the following to say about their participation: "DIVINE EVE is very proud to announce our first live performances in over 14 years! They will be executed on our first European tour ever, in early 2010 with INCANTATION, and HATE. In support of our 4 song EP "Vengeful And Obstinate" a prelude to our debut full length to be made available on Ibex Moon Records TBA. We are very eager to perform in many places we have long held friends, comrades, fans, fellow bands, and old tape traders! Unfortunately, Matt Killen is unable to participate on this tour so Kyle Severn (INCANTATION) has volunteered his skills in Matt’s place behind the drum kit. Handling bass guitar duties will be Scott Cooksey, a long time loyal comrade and quite suitable live member to complete DIVINE EVE for this tour. We look forward to Riding the Wings of Armageddon into Europe in 2010." You will find the tourdates here.

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