December 29, 2009

Pure Steel Records from Germany has just released an ultimate version of the SABBAT "Charisma" album. It’s the English version of the legendary "Karisma" LP, previously unavailable on CD format. Except brand new artwork (painted by the legendary Chris Moyen) and 3 exclusive bonus tracks. The package also includes an additional bonus disc, with the "25 Years Of Black Fire – A Tribute To Sabbat" compilation, which features the following bands / tracks: SABBAT (Japan) – "Black Fire" (original version), BATALLION (Chile) – "Mion’s Hill", DEATHHAMMER (Norway) – "Black Metal Vulcano", GUERRA TOTAL (Brazil) – "Hellfire", HOLY DEATH (Poland) – "Flower’s Red", KORGULL THE EXTERMINATOR (Spain) – "Satan Bless You", LABATUT (Brazil) – "Kamikaze Bomber", MORDANT (Sweden) – "Rage Of Mountains", SERPENT SAINTS (Denmark) – "Darkness And Evil", STIGMA (Holland) – "Bird Of Ill Omen", SUPERCHRIST (USA) – "Black Magical Circle Of Witches" and METALUCIFER (Japan) – "Bloody Countess (Japanese Version)". The package is limited to only 1000 units and was produced, compiled and mastered by Bart Gabriel, editor in chief of the famous Hard Rocker magazine. More information at and

HEADHUNTER D.C.‘s "God’s Spreading Cancer…" will officially be released on January 19, 2010 in North America by Ibex Moon Records with 4 bonus tracks (3 live tracks, recorded in December 2008, exclusive for the Ibex Moon release, and the NECROVORE cover ‘Slaughtered Remains’). The band is currently in the final stages of writing songs for their next album, scheduled to be recorded in the first quarter of 2010, while finalizing the production of a double CD celebrating their 20 years only with rare materials of the group. The re-issue of "Punishment At Dawn" (their second album from 1993) via Cogumelo Records, as well as a tribute to MORTEM from Peru (for which the band contributed a cover of ‘Summoned To Hell’) should both be out soon as well. More info:,,

Ustumallagam (DENIAL OF GOD) and Charlie Taylor (INFERNAL DEATH, ex – LETHAL AGGRESSION) have joined forces and formed a monster known as CORPSE SLUMBER. The music of this Danish / American band is slow, repetitive and torturous Doom / Death, while the lyrics mainly deal with subjects like death, insanity and the end of man. The recordings of the as of yet untitled album will start in mid January 2010. The band is looking for a label.

"Grenzgänger", the new album by Germany’s MEMBARIS, will be released in the first quarter of 2010 through Articaz. Besides one demo and a split release with WEIRD FATE it is the third full-length record in the band’s 10 year career. Guitarist B.: "This time we really wanted to know how far we can go with our vision. As we totally created this beast by our own, we were able to leave all boundaries behind that distorted our music in the past. We wanted to create something that is not easy to follow, nor to understand. We wanted to draw pictures people from the ordinary world wouldn’t enjoy to look at." The music on "Grenzgänger" is being described as chaotic, aggressive and cold, yet melodic Black Metal with ambient / noise elements in the vein of the Scandinavian originators of these genres. The album features German and English lyrics dealing with astronomy, fatalism, the idea of eternity and the fragility of life. Artwork was supplied by the Fina Krüger, who has contributed her own vision to each of the songs. The track ‘Realisation Of The Demon’ will be available at the myspace websites of MEMBARIS and Articaz.,

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