July 04, 2009

Swedish cult Black Metallers THE BLACK (featuring members from TYRANT, ETERNAL DARKNESS and VINTERLAND) are back from the dead with a brandnew album entitled "Alongside Death". It was recorded, mixed and mastered at Studio Beast in Sweden by Peter Bjärgö (Tyrant, Arcana, Crypt Of Kerberos), while the cover artwork and layout was done by their very own D.F Bragman. The CD will be released in an exclusive glossy black jewel case format and it comes with a gold-coloured sticker and obi-strip with track-listing included. You can order it directly from Pulverised Records: www.pulverised.net/shop.asp

"Feast Of Flesh" is the title of the debut full length by Gore / Horror Death Metal butchers BONE GNAWER. The band features Kam Lee (Massacre / ex-Denial Fiend / ex-Mantas / Death), Rogga Johansson (Paganizer / Demiurg / Ribspreader, etc), Morgan Lie from Swedish Black Metal act Naglfar and Ronnie Bjornstrom (Ribspreader, Hate Ammo, etc), as well as Killjoy of Necrophagia and Dopi from Machetazo contributing guest vocals. The album cover artwork was done by Headsplit Design (Unearthed, Circle Of Dead Children, Whitechapel, etc) and the digipak layout by Mark Riddick (Arsis, Hypocrisy, Kataklysm, etc). "Feast Of Flesh" was mixed and mastered by Ronnie Bjornstrom at Enhanced Audio Productions, Sweden.

Three years after the debut full-length and a mini-album in between, Sweden’s MY OWN GRAVE return with their second effort "Necrology". The production duties were handled by Dan Swanö at Unisound, Sweden and the album artwork was supplied by illustrator / tattooist Jon Zig (Suffocation, Deeds Of Flesh, Sinister, etc). "When I hear albums like this, it makes me proud to be a part of the Swedeath phenomenon. Great songs with well-crafted hooks and a musicianship to die for. The perfect blend between old school and modern Death Fucking Metal!!" – Dan Swanö / Unisound

Swedish SANCTIFICATION‘s "Black Reign" album features Hypocrisy’s Peter Tägtgren and Dark Funeral frontman Emperor Magus Caligula on guest vocals. It was recorded at the Abyss Studio by Tommy Tägtgren, while the mixing and mastering was done by Hypocrisy / Pain frontman Peter Tägtgren.

Australian Black Metallers PESTILENTIAL SHADOWS recently inked a worldwide deal with Pulverised Records for their latest opus "In Memoriam, Ill Omen". The already-completed and released third full-length effort features some of Aussie’s most prominent musicans from Nazxul, Rift, Illium, etc. Recorded and mixed by Balam and mastered by D.Backovic with old school artwork and layout by Balam.

Reunited New Jersey Thrashers WHIPLASH recently played a headlining show at Italy’s Hellbrigade Festival 2009, along with other acts such as Artillery, Brain Dead, Adimiron, Methedras, etc. Two WHIPLASH live footages were captured at the festival, playing the old classics "The Burning Of Atlanta" and "Spiral Of Violence".

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