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December 29, 2009

Pure Steel Records from Germany has just released an ultimate version of the SABBAT "Charisma" album. It’s the English version of the legendary "Karisma" LP, previously unavailable on CD format. Except brand new artwork (painted by the legendary Chris Moyen) and 3 exclusive bonus tracks. The package also includes an additional bonus disc, with the "25 Years Of Black Fire – A Tribute To Sabbat" compilation, which features the following bands / tracks: SABBAT (Japan) – "Black Fire" (original version), BATALLION (Chile) – "Mion’s Hill", DEATHHAMMER (Norway) – "Black Metal Vulcano", GUERRA TOTAL (Brazil) – "Hellfire", HOLY DEATH (Poland) – "Flower’s Red", KORGULL THE EXTERMINATOR (Spain) – "Satan Bless You", LABATUT (Brazil) – "Kamikaze Bomber", MORDANT (Sweden) – "Rage Of Mountains", SERPENT SAINTS (Denmark) – "Darkness And Evil", STIGMA (Holland) – "Bird Of Ill Omen", SUPERCHRIST (USA) – "Black Magical Circle Of Witches" and METALUCIFER (Japan) – "Bloody Countess (Japanese Version)". The package is limited to only 1000 units and was produced, compiled and mastered by Bart Gabriel, editor in chief of the famous Hard Rocker magazine. More information at www.puresteel-records.com and www.myspace.com/sabbatofficial

HEADHUNTER D.C.‘s "God’s Spreading Cancer…" will officially be released on January 19, 2010 in North America by Ibex Moon Records with 4 bonus tracks (3 live tracks, recorded in December 2008, exclusive for the Ibex Moon release, and the NECROVORE cover ‘Slaughtered Remains’). The band is currently in the final stages of writing songs for their next album, scheduled to be recorded in the first quarter of 2010, while finalizing the production of a double CD celebrating their 20 years only with rare materials of the group. The re-issue of "Punishment At Dawn" (their second album from 1993) via Cogumelo Records, as well as a tribute to MORTEM from Peru (for which the band contributed a cover of ‘Summoned To Hell’) should both be out soon as well. More info: www.headhunterdc.net, www.myspace.com/headhunterdc, www.myspace.com/ibexmoonrecords.

Ustumallagam (DENIAL OF GOD) and Charlie Taylor (INFERNAL DEATH, ex – LETHAL AGGRESSION) have joined forces and formed a monster known as CORPSE SLUMBER. The music of this Danish / American band is slow, repetitive and torturous Doom / Death, while the lyrics mainly deal with subjects like death, insanity and the end of man. The recordings of the as of yet untitled album will start in mid January 2010. The band is looking for a label. www.myspace.com/corpseslumber

"Grenzgänger", the new album by Germany’s MEMBARIS, will be released in the first quarter of 2010 through Articaz. Besides one demo and a split release with WEIRD FATE it is the third full-length record in the band’s 10 year career. Guitarist B.: "This time we really wanted to know how far we can go with our vision. As we totally created this beast by our own, we were able to leave all boundaries behind that distorted our music in the past. We wanted to create something that is not easy to follow, nor to understand. We wanted to draw pictures people from the ordinary world wouldn’t enjoy to look at." The music on "Grenzgänger" is being described as chaotic, aggressive and cold, yet melodic Black Metal with ambient / noise elements in the vein of the Scandinavian originators of these genres. The album features German and English lyrics dealing with astronomy, fatalism, the idea of eternity and the fragility of life. Artwork was supplied by the Fina Krüger, who has contributed her own vision to each of the songs. The track ‘Realisation Of The Demon’ will be available at the myspace websites of MEMBARIS and Articaz. www.myspace.com/seelenmacht, www.myspace.com/articaz

December 28, 2009

For those who missed the already sold out first issue of DOWNTUNED & MORBID the situation is not desperate as Belgian Detest Records are going to reprint issue # 1 next month. According to Fenriz from DARKTHRONE "it’s the best Death Metal mag I have ever read" (quote: blogsection of www.myspace.com/downtunedandmorbid). Who dares to disagree with Mr. Fenriz? No information about the concrete numbers of the reprint but hopefully enough for all of those who missed this gem. It will sell for 4 € + shipping and should be available within the next 3-4 weeks. Check out www.detestrecords.com for updates.

The upcoming demo "Rituals Of The Grotesque" by Turkish old school Death Metal band BURIAL INVOCATION will be released on CD by Dark Descent Records and on tape by Skeleton Plaque Records. Both is planned in early 2010. For further information about this newcomer check out www.myspace.com/burialinvocation

December 23, 2009

MASTER have recently completed recording their upcoming new full-length entitled "The Human Machine". The mixing process is still currently underway, and an expected date for the album mastering should begin on December 30, 2009. States MASTER founder / frontman Paul Speckmann: "MASTER are in the studio mixing, and mastering soon. Things are going very well at the moment. We hope to finish this in the next few days. I am very happy with the way things have turned out and it will be killer to finally have a CD released once again on a professional label such as Pulverised. Things look very good on the horizon with Brazil and European tours coming soon. See you on the road my friends." MASTER are scheduled for a Brazilian tour in mid-January 2010, followed by 2 back-to-back European tours in support of the upcoming new album "The Human Machine". More details and announcement will be made soon on the European tours.

December 22, 2009

Israelian old school Death Metal band SONNE ADAM are about to release their 7" EP "Armed With Hammers" soon through German Imperium Productions. The label recently signed the band and the deal contains the release of the mentioned "Armed With Hammers" 7" EP, another 7" EP which was already recorded in 2008 (which is called "The Sun Is Dead") and their upcoming first full-length recording both on CD and LP. In the meantime you should check out www.myspace.com/sonneadam and listen to the songs as appetizers for their upcoming releases.

On January 13, 2010, INCANTATION and DIVINE EVE will hit the road in Europe as part of the Vengeful Scapegoat tour with HATE, NOCTUM and NERVE. The tour will provide INCANTATION an opportunity to promote their new, limited edition 7" picture EP, "Scapegoat". The EP features previously unreleased tracks from the "Primordial Domination" recording sessions and will be limited to 1,000 hand-numbered copies. INCANTATION drummer, Kyle Severn, has issued the following statement regarding the tour: "We are especially excited to finally after many years and several tours to finally be able to tour Europe with dual guitarists to play INCANTATION music the way it was written and recorded and to make this the strongest line up we have ever had. With the current touring line up consisting of guitarist / vokills John McEntee and Alex Bouks (Goreaphobia) guitars, Chuck Sherwood (Blood Storm) on bass and myself Kyle Severn on drums. We will be dominating Europe to support our newly released limited 7" EP titled "Scapegoat". It has been several years since I personally have toured Europe with INCANTATION. I’m long overdue, and with this line up it will be the heaviest tour ever!!! Joining us on the tour will be HATE from Poland and DIVINE EVE from Texas (USA). I couldn’t think of a better way to kick off a new year!! I would also like to announce that I will be playing drums for fellow label mates the almighty Tex-Death Metallers DIVINE EVE. Join us in Unholy Blasphemy as we kill posers across European soil January 2010!!!" For DIVINE EVE, not only will they be touring in support of their long-awaited "Vengeful And Obstinate" EP, but this will mark the first time in well over a decade that these old-schoolers have played live. The band had the following to say about their participation: "DIVINE EVE is very proud to announce our first live performances in over 14 years! They will be executed on our first European tour ever, in early 2010 with INCANTATION, and HATE. In support of our 4 song EP "Vengeful And Obstinate" a prelude to our debut full length to be made available on Ibex Moon Records TBA. We are very eager to perform in many places we have long held friends, comrades, fans, fellow bands, and old tape traders! Unfortunately, Matt Killen is unable to participate on this tour so Kyle Severn (INCANTATION) has volunteered his skills in Matt’s place behind the drum kit. Handling bass guitar duties will be Scott Cooksey, a long time loyal comrade and quite suitable live member to complete DIVINE EVE for this tour. We look forward to Riding the Wings of Armageddon into Europe in 2010." You will find the tourdates here.

December 18, 2009

Competition time, folks! Now you can prove yourselves as true underground maniacs. On disc 1 of the recently released Vic Records FURBOWL "Those Shredded Dreams" 2 CD re-issue you’ll find two additional video clips. One of them is a live version of the song ‘Razorblades’… In that particular video you’ll find a quite wellknown, bearded guy in the frontrow… If you know who he is, email the answer to roel@vicrecords.com. The first 3 correct answers will win one of these goodies: Another Life (cardboard wallet promo), Arkona "Vosrozdenie" (complete album in PVC wallet) and The Gathering "Downfall" (double CD promo)! Good luck!

PERSEFONE has been chosen as direct support act for OBITUARY on their upcoming European tour "The Darkest Day Tour 2010", kicking off on March 04, 2010. PERSEFONE’s 3rd album "Shin-Ken" will be available in Europe on the first week of February through Kolony Records. For more info go to www.myspace.com/persefoneband

PESTILENCE has been confirmed for Neurotic Deathfest 2010. This leaves the organisation with one remaining band to be announced to round up a massive 42-band line-up. Neurotic Deathfest will be held on April 30th and May 1st 2010 in 013, Tilburg (NL). There will be 42 acts performing in total. Find out on www.neuroticdeathfest.com which bands perform on what date.

POSSESSED’s Jeff B. Becerra has given his stamp of approval to Brazil’s HEADHUNTER D.C. whose new album "God’s Spreading Cancer" will be released through Ibex Moon Records on January 19, 2010. Becerra had this to say about the long-running act: "HEADHUNTER D.C. is an amazing band playing amazing music. Their style is both old school and avant-garde at the same time. HEADHUNTER D.C. has amazing stage presence and energy and this shows in the reaction of the crowd who seem to feed off the band as the band feeds on them. With this latest album HEADHUNTER D.C. brought in a new era of amazing music and once again put Brazil on the map for being what seems to be a spawning ground of Metal which borderlines on perfection. I will always and forever be a HEADHUNTER D.C. fan and am extremely lucky to be also a brother and friend to them. Hails to the mighty HEADHUNTER D.C.! They will live forever!" "God’s Spreading Cancer" includes a NECROVORE cover and three bonus live tracks exclusive to the Ibex Moon Records version. The U.S. release date is January 19, 2010. For more info check out www.myspace.com/headhunterdc

In conjunction with the latest album "Unborn Again", New Jersey Thrashers WHIPLASH have scheduled an official album release-party with the event to be held at Heavy Metal: The Bar in New Jersey on the 18th of December 2010. On top of giving away free CDs, t-shirts and also the WHIPLASH 25th Anniversary Hot Sauce Collection on the day of the album launch, the band will also give away a Jackson Kelly guitar, autographed by the band themselves. WHIPLASH have partnered with From Mild To Wild Hot Sauce Shop to produce a one of a kind set of hot sauces for their fans. With labels featuring their artwork, these bottles make a delicious addition to any fan’s memorabilia collection. www.myspace.com/whiplashusa

December 16, 2009

The Crypt Records will release an offical 3 LP discography boxset from Sweden’s CRYPT OF KERBEROS, entitled "MCMXCI – MCMXCIII (1991-1993)", that will feature everything the band had ever recorded and released. No definite release date has been confirmed at this point of time yet, but you easily may get yourselves updates through the label’s myspace site www.myspace.com/thecryptvinyl. In related news, Pulverized Records will re-release CRYPT OF KERBEROS’ 1993 debut full length "World Of Myths" on CD sometime next year and Temple Of Darkness Records will put out a brandnew vinyl 7" EP. For more info on CRYPT OF KERBEROS go to www.myspace.com/crypten

December 15, 2009

"Aeon Of Nox (From Darkness Comes Liberation)", the first album of French old school Death Metallers AFFLICTION GATE, is now out on Metal Inquisition Records (Germany). Expect 35 minutes of traditional Death Metal with influences from UNLEASHED, ASPHYX, GRAVE, BOLT THROWER, BENEDICTION, MASSACRE etc. Copies are available from www.metal-inquisition.de or directly from the band at afflictiongate@hotmail.fr or visit www.myspace.com/afflictiongate

December 14, 2009

German Thrashers EXUMER are confirmed to appear on next year’s Inferno Festival in Norway, March 31 – April 3, 2010. This will be EXUMER’s first live appearance in Scandinavia since the band’s 1988 Blitzkrieg Tour with Nasty Savage where they last performed in Denmark. EXUMER are adding new dates to their "European Ignition 2010 Tour" in order to introduce some new material off their upcoming album "Waking The Fire", to be released in 2010. The new album will be band’s first full-length release since 1987’s "Rising From The Sea". Vocalists Mem V. Stein comments: "We were surprised and honored when the promoters of the Inferno Festival asked us to come and play in Norway. Performing at next year’s Inferno Festival means a lot to us and we feel it is just as important as when we played at the "Wacken Festival" in 2001, and at "Keep it true" this past April. We will play songs that the fans have not heard in over 20 years but also incorporate a few new songs. Needless to say that the majority of the material will focus on the "Possessed By Fire" era but we want to move forward and introduce some new tracks as well. It will be a memorable show for sure." More info: www.myspace.com/exumerwakingthefire

December 12, 2009

THE COMPANY OF UNDERTAKERS (TCOU) is an new project that former ASPHYX guitarist Eric Daniels is currently involved in again. The line-up gets completed by Bob Bagchus (ASPHYX / SOULBURN) on drums, Theo van Eekelen (HAIL OF BULLETS) on bass, Paul Baayens (ASPHYX / HAIL OF BULLETS) on guitars and Martin van Drunen (ASPHYX / HAIL OF BULLETS) on vocals. Chris Reifert (AUTOPSY) and Jörgen Sandström (GRAVE) will furthermore contribute backing vocals. According to Eric’s myspace site they are in the process of writing material ("old school Death Metal the brutal way") with plans for a CD release sometime in 2010. Here’s an official statement from Eric: "After 8 years of doing nothing in music, being busy with other interests, it feels like reborn to pick up that piece of wood with 6 strings again. With the most imagineable energy and inspiration right now I am busy writing riffs for the new side-project TCOU (THE COMPANY OF UNDERTAKERS), together with my best friends of ASPHYX and other great Death musicians. It feels like back with my family, back with my friends who have the same interests and play the pure Death Metal with their hearts as it was and is mentioned to be… I like to add my deepest respects and hails towards the ASPHYX fans worldwide who supported me for the full 100% during my active membership of ASPHYX and who kept supporting me! I only can say: YOU RULE and thanks!!!" For more info and updates go to www.myspace.com/ericdanielstcou

December 11, 2009

After GRAVEHAMMER some days ago, VETERNUS from Uppsala, Sweden, has just joint the Detest Records roster. The band’s first 7" EP will be available in the first part of 2010. More info and an updated releases calendar are to be found on www.detestrecords.com

Changes in the schedules for the CD version of the RESURRECTED IN FESTERING SLIME compilation. While the LP version was already released a little more than half a year ago on Soulseller Records, the CD version will, referring to newest information, not be released on this label, but on Swedish Iron Fist Productions (www.myspace.com/ironfistproductionssweden) in mid February 2010. In the US it will be distributed by Iron Fist’s partner Abyss Records. The CD version contains remarkable distinctions in comparison to the vinyl one. It features an unreleased TORMENTED track (that won’t be released anywhere else), a remastered song from MIASMAL’s first demo and a remastered and different version of GRAVELESS’ song ‘In Articulo Mortis’ (more sinister and with hidden stuff that doesn’t appear in the vinyl version). In addition, the artwork was completely done and revamped by Jonathan Hultén (STENCH / TRIBULATION / NECROMANTIC ART). The official "Resurrected In Festering Slime" poster can be downloaded at www.myspace.com/darkcreeddeathmetal.

Israel’s SALEM, who recently left Season Of Mist, just released the following statement: "We are thrilled to join the Pulverised team. The label is very attentive to our needs and puts us as a top priority act. It is something we have been yearning for years. We feel confident that together we can achieve goals that have alluded us in the past few years." The band’s 7th album "Playing God" is scheduled to be released mid 2010 and will include 12 new tracks, including a cover of Bob Marley’s ‘Exodus’. SALEM recently took a brand new promo photo-shoot in conjunction with the concept of the upcoming album, with the entire band wearing ‘superhero costumes’. Skinsman Nir Nakav explained: "The opening track on the new album, ‘Drums Of The Dead’ is inspired by a Hellboy graphic story by the same name. It is the first time that Abe Sapien goes on a solo mission and in the promo picture I am wearing a shirt that carries the insignia of his bureau. Remaining true to form, the other guys in the band took on characters that "Play God"; Superman with his ability to reverse time (that is why he can be seen in 3 different places at the same time on the promo shot) and the Punisher who kills evildoers. As the lyricist of SALEM, I feel obligated to add that this album will mark the first time in the band’s history that we are not touching on political subjects. The album texts are all inspired by either stories I read or movies I watched in the past couple of years. I think that after a quarter of century, it is important for a band to keep moving forwards, feel fresh, innovative and vibrant. I believe that once the album is out, the world will witness a tighter than ever band with a new twist." You can watch 3-minute video footage from the recording sessions here. The clip includes the percussion session for the song ‘Drums Of The Dead’. For more info go to www.myspace.com/salemband

December 09, 2009

Swedish melancholic Metallers IN MOURNING have set the second full-length album title as "Monolith". An approximate release date of February 2010 has been set, but a further announcement will be made on the finalised street date. "Monolith" was recorded, mixed and mastered at Black Lounge Studio, Sweden once again with Scar Symmetry axe-man / engineer Jonas Kjellgren. The final tracklisting for "Monolith" reads like this: ‘For You To Know’, ‘Debris’, ‘The Poet And The Painter Of Souls’, ‘The Smoke’, ‘A Shade Of Plague’, ‘With You Came Silence’, ‘Pale Eye Revelation’ and ‘The Final Solution (Entering The Black Lodge)’. Click here to view the 40-second video teaser for the album. The song from the video trailer comes off from the new album’s opening track entitled ‘For You To Know’. For more info go to www.myspace.com/in_mourning

December 08, 2009

Kolony Records has signed Andorrean symphonic Death Metallers PERSEFONE. The label will release the band’s third album "Shin-Ken" in early February 2010. The album is based upon ancient Japanese war-stories, and was mixed and mastered at Jailhouse Studios by Tommy Hansen in April 2009. For more info check out www.myspace.com/persefoneband

December 05, 2009

ORDER FROM CHAOS will reunite for for six shows, beginning on January 02, 2010 at The Riot Room in Kansas City, MO. Joining ORDER FROM CHAOS will be ARES KINGDOM, CHRISTHATE (featuring members UNMERCIFUL), EZRA and MEATSHANK. Tickets are available through www.ticketweb.com.

December 04, 2009

Mexican Dybbuk Records, who recently released the AXIS POWERS compilation "Born For War", have several new items in the queue: concerning merchandise they already sell the official t-shirts from KILL with the "No Catharsis" cover and in the next week TRIBULATION t-shirts will be available (in size S, M, L & XL) and strictly limited to 70 pieces. Regarding official recordings they are going to release the demo from Swedish Death Metal band LAMENTATION along with the upcoming CD from RAWHIDE (Swedish Rock’n’Roll like a mix between MOTÖRHEAD, GG ALLIN, RAMONES and TURNONEGRO with BESTIAL MOCKERY members) and the pro-tape in a limited version of 300 copies of KILL’s "No Catharsis" demo all in early 2010. Check out www.myspace.com/dybbukrecords for additional information and ordering details.

The next 6 bands confirmed for NEUROTIC DEATHFEST are: ABORTED, CEREBRAL BORE, DEW-SCENTED, GOROD, ROTTEN SOUND and THE RED CHORD. With these confirmations the organisation is near completion of the festival. There are 3 acts left to announce, which will be done in about a week time. Apart from that the organisation will announce several other surprises in the forthcoming weeks. www.neuroticdeathfest.com

Swedish old school Death Metallers FATALIST have begun filming a video for the track ‘Frozen Epitaph’. Frontman Neil Burkdoll issued the following statement about the video shoot: "We filmed about 4 hours of footage for our ‘Frozen Epitaph’ video this past weekend. We have a lot of editing to do and maybe a few more things to film, but overall it’s coming along nicely. We are happy with the footage that we captured, but now the real work begins with making it something anyone would want to watch. We are trying to get it finished for the European release date of "The Depths Of Inhumanity" in late January 2010. Wish us luck!!!" Stills from the Frozen Epitaph’ video shoot can be seen on the band’s myspace page www.myspace.com/fatalist666

Underground journalist Ryan Bartek has unleashed his book THE BIG SHINY PRISON as a free PDF download here (MS Word Document or RTF File upon request from ryanbartek@hotmail.com). It covers all forms of extreme Metal, Punk, Industrial, Experimental, Rock, Electronic, Psychedelia, etc. and features interviews with a.o. Brutal Truth, Millions of Dead Cops, Impaled, DWARVES, Repulsion, Cephalic Carnage, A.C., Pig Destroyer, Kylesa, STALAGGH, Genghis Tron and Abysmal Dawn. Even USA president Barack Obama makes the most bizarre appearance of his entire career. The following statement comes directly from the author: "My name is Ryan Bartek. For the past 3 years I’ve sacrificed everything for the successful completion of this project. I spent a year on the road, another year completing and shopping it, and another year of total rejection. It is only karmically fitting that both the demise of magazine and book publishing come in one fell swoop. I was never in it for the money, nor the aspect of celebrity. I have spent an upwards of $10,000 on it, which I remark only to underline my absolute sincerity. No one would deny its quality – but the raw nature of the work, as well as its excessive length, made it impossible to pigeon hole or successfully shop. Nothing quite like it has ever surfaced, at least not in the format I’ve undertaken. After this seemingly endless struggle, I have decided to offer it to the public domain. While I retain the copyright / trademark, I both encourage and support file sharing. It is my only wish that this manuscript be circulated and appreciated. Perhaps when all is said and done, someone might offer a physical print run." More info you may find at www.myspace.com/bigshinyprison