March 11, 2010

Chile’s PENTAGRAM have completed their first studio recording in over 20 years. During their European tour in the summer of 2009, the band recorded the track ‘Demented’ – which was written in the 80s but didn’t make it onto either of PENTAGRAM’s demos – at HVR Studios in the UK with producer / engineer Dan Biggin at the helm. The vocals were recorded in Santiago, Chile in December when the band gathered in their hometown to support VENOM in front of 2,000 raging old school Metallers. The track is currently being mixed and should surface on a split 7" (for Cyclone Empire’s "Imperial Anthems" EP series) later this year. More details will be announced soon. In addition, the band has begun writing new material for its first-ever full-length album. Comments bandleader Anton Reisenegger (guitar / vocals): "When we started writing, the idea was obviously to preserve the spirit of our 80s material, but, to be honest, we didn’t have to try very hard. It all started flowing naturally, and it was all there: the dark vibe, the weird time changes, the ‘spider’ riffs… We are having a great time writing new music, but it’s going to take some time to complete an album’s worth of material due to the logistical difficulties. But we don’t want to rush things anyway, and this way we can make sure what we put out really lives up to the legend that PENTAGRAM represents for so many people." PENTAGRAM intend to return to Europe this year again for another string of festivals and selected club shows.

KRYPTS "Open The Crypt" demo on 12" and PUTRID‘s second demo tape are now available from Detest Records. Within the next weeks Detest Records will also release MIASMAL‘s and GRAVEHAMMER‘s first 7" EPs as well as ENTRAPMENT‘s first demo. More info and updates at

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