March 19, 2010

The following news have been posted on MORBID ANGEL‘s official website "World Management and MORBID ANGEL would like to let the fans know that rumors about Pedro Sandoval’s back surgery are in fact true. Pete has suffered for a long time with a deteriorating disc problem. He was in daily pain and needed to have this done. He has recently been treated by a Laser Back Surgery specialist in Tampa Florida. He is currently in rehabilitation and doing well. Pete is part of our family and the band’s history and we all wish him well and a full recovery. Unfortunately this type of injury, subsequent surgery and rehab cannot be rushed and it will take ample time for him to hopefully be back behind his drums again and out on tour with MORBID ANGEL. The band is moving forward on their next recording with Tim Yeung. Currently the guys are in rehearsals in Tampa putting their finishing touches on the songs for the new album, which is slated for later this year with subsequent touring world wide."

Swedish Rock’n’ Roll Punk Rockers IRON LAMB, a band consisting of Metal veterans Johan Wallin (General Surgery, Scurvy, Bombstrike, ex – Repugnant), Grga Lindström (ex – Repugnant), Thomas Daun (Dismember, ex – Repugnant, ex – Insision) and Daniel Ekeroth (Tyrant, ex – Insision, ex – Dellamorte, author of the "Swedish Death Metal" book), has posted a brand new track (‘I Don’t Like You’) on their official myspace site, which comes off from the upcoming split 7" with Swedish Hardcore Punk band Motorbreath. IRON LAMB will soon enter the studio for the debut full-length album. More details to be announced soon.

"Evighetens Dårar II", the 2nd part of the "Evighetens Dårar" trilogy and nothing else than the new demo of Swedish "free-of-charge-Death-Metal-commando" TORTURE DIVISION is available now in the download section of their homepage Again produced mixed by Dan Swanö "Evighetens Dårar II" offers nothing else than "the world’s best Death Metal for free", according to the band themselves. Check it out and use the "fucken paypal button" (as they write) to support them.

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