May 21, 2010

The following statement was issued by ACHERON‘s Vincent Crowley: "Metal Hellions, after a 22 year run, I am finally putting ACHERON to an end. It has been an interesting journey, but it is indeed over now. I know I have broken up the band in the past, but there is no turning back this time. This musical entity has run its course and I didn’t want to tarnish what ACHERON represented. Some people didn’t agree with my decision, but I feel I know what is right to do. ACHERON never set out to be the most technical, fastest or heaviest band out there. That was not what I strived to achieve. Those who resonated to our music knew the feeling and spirit it had behind it. And this music was not created for the masses, it was an art form to be embraced by other kindred souls who shared the same likes and interests. That is why the fans have always been very special to me. Their dedication and support fueled the Hellfires! In the end I never really cared what the media thought of us, but I did want the fans to always get 100% ACHERON. I’m glad we were able to put out our last album "The Final Conflict: Last Days Of God". I am very proud of the work we all did on it and was very pleased with the positive response we got from it. How ironic to have such a title. Very fitting, indeed! I’d like thank all the fans for showing their support throughout the years and keeping the Satanic beast alive for so long. I hail all you Metal Maniacs! I’ve had the chance to meet a lot of you throughout the years and the pleasure has been mine. I would also like to give special thanks to all the great musicians I have been able to work with the last twenty plus years. Without their contributions I couldn’t have continued to release albums and played shows. "Rites Of The Black Mass" was recorded in 1990 and it is now 2010. My 20 year pact with ACHERON has been fulfilled. But be assured, I will always be a thorn in the side of all that is Holy! (Ha, Ha) Originally we were going to play shows until the end of the year, doing the "Rites Of The Black Mass" set. Unfortunately, the line-up I had planned to use for the shows didn’t work out, so all those shows have been cancelled, including the C.I.M. Fest and Michigan Death Fest. I apologize to the fans and the promoters, but there is nothing I can do about it. So as of now, ACHERON will no longer be recording or playing shows. It has officially been laid to rest. Presently, I am slowly working on putting together a new project called CRIMSON HEROIN. And who knows what else I will get into? So you haven’t heard the last of me! (Sorry Media. lol) But I am taking my time and not rushing anything. For now I need a little solitude and escape from the populous. I hope you all keep an eye out for future musical assaults from me. Cheers! In Blood and Blasphemy – Vincent Crowley, ACHERON (R.I.P.)"

After years of rumors about their second coming, guitarist Drack aka Deviant and drummer Malkira of the French Black Metal pioneers OSCULUM INFAME have officially announced the band’s rebirth with "Manifesto From The Dark Age", the re-release of their demos on LP and CD through Ordo Decimus Peccatum. A new OSCULUM INFAME EP entitled "Quwm" is also available through Battleskr’s Productions. The band’s current line-up consists of Deviant, Malkira, I. Luciferi (from REVERENCE) and Dispater. Concerning certain circulating rumors the band has issued the following statement: "OSCULUM INFAME has nothing to do with mere human political ideas and draw its hate far away in darkness and chaos… We are at war against the mass, we’re coming in total hate and we fuck them all."

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