May 26, 2010

The upcoming second issue of Chile’s COMPILATION OF DEATH ‘zine will once again feature reprints of the following classic interviews: THERION and SEPTICEMIA (Hammer of Damnation # 3), SADISTIC INTENT (Voices From The Darkside # 5), PESTILENCE (Blackthorn # 5), MORTA SKULD (Mutilated # 2), AUTOPSY (Metal Meltdown # 9), CADAVER and BOLT THROWER (Sadistic Noise # 2), HADEZ (Under Metal # 2) and MESTEMA (Under Metal # 1). You’ll furthermore get an extensive IMMOLATION special with an old and in-depth new interview, and new in-depth interviews with CARNAL DISSECTION, MALFEITOR, Perra Karlsson (ALTAR / SUFFER / NOMINON, etc.), Dave Rotten (Drowned Records / Repulse Records / Spain Is Different ‘zine / AVULSED, etc), IMPRECATION, DESULTORY, GOREAPHOBIA, INCANTATION, DEFILED, MERCILESS DEATH, Chris Aubert of RIPPING HEADACHES ‘zine, CIANIDE, BODY BAG, CEMETARY URN, NECROS CHRISTOS, PUTRID, AFFLICTION GATES, MACHETAZO, ENCOFFINATION, VERMINOUS, AXIS POWER, UNDERGANG, THRONEUM, STENCH OF DECAY, ASCENDED, a Spain scene report, review section, pictures, old and new flyers plus a giant IMMOLATION poster. Distributors, traders, bands, labels and zines can get in touch at one of the following email addresses: Gabriel Gatica:, Joseph Curwen: People from Europe can contact Nathaniel Colas:

Germany’s old school Death Metal heads in MANDATORY finally completed the production of their first full-length "Adrift Beyond". The band is still searching for a label to release it, nevertheless scheduled a release date for summer 2010. Keep your eyes open and check out for updates.

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