November 03, 2010

Here’s the official press release for the upcoming DEEP SEEDED movie that features KAM LEE: Caisson Films of Winter Park, FL wraps feature film, DEEP SEEDED. Written and directed by independent filmmaker Brian Troxell, the film deals with the psychotically shaken killer Brad (Death Metal legend Kam Lee) with a "Deep Seeded" past. He plans to avenge his horrible high school days when he hears of his schoolgirl crush unexpectedly passing away, and comes into contact with her two daughters (Janine Anzalone, Little Italy). This stomach-wrenching thriller takes vengeance to an elevated level by showing just how sinister Brad is and how shocking brutality can be. "I wanted to make a film where I was able to take off the gloves and stop sugar coating everything", says the director about the brutal scenes viewers can look forward to. Backing up the crew of Caisson Films is special effects team CS Studios, who already have an extensive list of independent horror films under their belt. Some effects viewers can expect to see in the splash zone include grinding a leg in half with a saw and ripping nipple rings out with a knife-just a couple of Brad’s very creative ways of inducing torture. Also teaming up with Caisson is media production team 3:16 Productions. This team expands on the whole spectrum of media, including filming and editing some of Troxell’s previous work. Production has been officially wrapped as of mid-October, but editing isn’t expected to be complete until summer of 2011, which will also be done by 3:16 Productions. For all you horror mongers out there, Deep Seeded will be well worth the wait. For all further information go to

EXUMER have been confirmed to headline the "Thrash Or Die", festival in Tijuana / Mexico on December 17, 2010. This appearance marks the band’s first live performance in Mexico to date and EXUMER’s final live show for 2010. The two main supports in the festival’s line-up are Californian thrashers FULED BY FIRE and BONDED BY BLOOD, who have also supported EXUMER at last year’s Thrasho de Mayo festival. Vocalist Mem V. Stein comments: "It is a great honor for us finally play in Mexico, especially this year which is our 25th anniversary. We know that we have many Mexican fans and that was quite evident when we played at the Thrasho de Mayo festival last year in L.A. I am quite convinced that we will have a similar reception in Tijuana and we are very much looking forward to meet our Mexican fans. We are going to take a brief break from playing after this show in order to record our new album and then return to the stage with a completely new live-set, late spring / early summer 2011." For additional information go to:

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