September 07, 2010

A 1:05-minute video trailer from Swedish Dark Metallers ALGAION‘s upcoming full-length effort entitled "Exthros" (which means "Enemy" in Greek), is now available at this location. "Exthros" is ALGAION’s first full-length album in 13 years, since the last ever effort "General Enmity" in 1997, albeit a vast change of musical direction comparing to the melancholic style clearly evident in "Exthros". Tracklisting: ‘Alpha’, ‘That Time Is Nigh’, ‘Theos Tou Aimatos’, ‘We Are The Enemy’, ‘The Last Of The Cursed Days’, ‘Nature Our Slave’, ‘Ruach Adversi’, ‘This Is Our Temple’, ‘Sign Of Evil Existence’ / ‘Era Of Satan Rising’, ‘House Of War’ and ‘Omega’. More info at

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