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August 27, 2010

KILL-TOWN DEATH FEST is a new Danish Death Metal festival that takes place from September 16 – 18, 2010 at the Overdrevet / Dödsmaskinen in Copenhagen’s Northwest quarter. The festival will present 21 Scandinavian and International acts, Metal DJs, indoor and outdoor bars, together with events, food stalls, a merchandise area, horror movie screenings, scrap metal art installations and outdoor facilities. The festival’s primary focus is on the Scandinavian underground Death Metal scene, but acts from other parts of Europe and the rest of the world won’t be ignored either. The festival is based on D.I.Y. ethics, meaning that it is 100% non-commercial. All the work in the process of organising and during the actual fest is on a volunteer basis, so neither the organisers, nor the bands playing the fest, are making a profit. That is also why there’s no headliners; all the bands will get the same treatment. All money raised will go to covering festival costs such as gear, travel, food and accommodation for the bands. If there will be a profit it will go into creating a new festival next year. The festival will cost 300 dkr (40 Euros) for all three days. As part of the entry price, the first 500 paying guests will receive a KILL-TOWN DEATH FEST 2010 compilation tape with a song from all the bands playing the fest. The pre-sale of 3-day tickets was already started at the festival’s official website www.killtowndeathfest.dk. During the fest it will also be posible to buy one-day tickets.

Swedish Doomers October TIDE (featuring ex – KATATONIA guitarist Fredrik Norrman) have lined-up some shows in order to support their highly anticipated comeback album "A Thin Shell" which will be released on September 28, 2010 through Candlelight Records. You can check out the dates here. Recorded at Black Lounge studios with producer Jonas Kjellgren (SCAR SYMMETRY) and featuring artwork by Travis Smith (OPETH, TESTAMENT etc) "A Thin Shell" delivers seven new songs. More info at www.octobertide.net

August 26, 2010

Reunited Swedish Death Metallers DESULTORY have unveiled the confirmed tracklisting for the band’s latest full-length album "Counting Our Scars" in 14 years: ‘In A Cage’, ‘Counting Our Scars’, ‘Ready To Bleed’, ‘This Broken Halo’, ‘The Moment Is Gone’, ‘Uneven Numbers’, ‘Dead Ends’, ‘Leeching Life’ and ‘A Crippling Heritage’. The album was recorded, mixed and mastered entirely at Necromorbus Studio (WATAIN, UNANIMATED, DESTRÖYER 666, DEMONICAL etc) in Stockholm, Sweden with producer Tore Stjerna. www.myspace.com/desultoryofficial

Detest Records has just announced the release of the first 7" EP of US Death freaks BONE SICKNESS in 2011. You can check the REPULSION / AUTOPSY / MASTER influenced tracks of the band’s first demo here: www.myspace.com/bonesickness. Also soon to be released on Detest Records (in collaboration with Me Saco Un Ojo Records) are 7" EPs by VETERNUS, MORBUS CHRON and DEVOURMENT (the latter is a rehearsal by the band formed by Johan "Liiva" Axelsson after the demise of CARNAGE). Both labels will have a stall at the upcoming first edition of the Kill Town Death Fest in Copenhagen. The 3 EPs will be available there as well as new shirts of MIASMAL and KRYPTS. At the end of September / early October, the STENCH OF DECAY and KRYPTS 7" EPs will go to the pressing plant. More info on www.detestrecords.com

August 24, 2010

Obscure Domain Productions just released OBSCURE INFINITY‘s debut full-length album "Dawn Of Winter". The German band delivers old school Death Metal with hints of Thrash and Black Metal… for fans of early 90s stuff in the vein of GRAVE, ASPHYX, DEATH, UNLEASHED or SADISTIC INTENT… More details: www.myspace.com/obscuredomainproductions or www.obscuredomain.com

August 23, 2010

RIOTOR’s "Beast Of Riot" gatefold LP is out now on Scottish BESTIAL INVASION RECORDS. The debut album of these Canadian Thrash / Deathers will be followed by a European tour in September 2010. FARSCAPE’s "Killers On The Loose" CD re-release, WHIPSTRIKER / IRON FIST’s 7" EP "Metal Punk’s Not Dead", THRONEUM’s "The Unholy Ones" 10" MLP and MORBID EXECUTION’s "Cadaverous Cult" were released earlier this Summer. More details at: www.bestialinvasionrecords.com and www.myspace.com/bestialinvasionrecords

August 22, 2010

Swedish DEMONICAL have issued the following statement: "Last weekends muddy – but utterly amazing – Party San Open Air Festival wrapped up the touring cycle for "Hellsworn". Heads down for each and everyone who came and showed their loyalty at the about 50 massacres we did in support of the disc. You will all be remembered!! We will now fully focus on our third yet untitled full-length album. The material is more or less written and ready, a rehearsal / pre-production stage will start within the nearest days followed by the actual album recordings at Necromorbus Studios in mid-September lasting throughout the fall. Album- and track titles, artwork etc will be published along the way and the curse itself will be unleashed upon mankind in April 2011 through Cyclone Empire. The release will – of course – be supported by a full European headlining tour and several summer festivals. Stay alert, the war machine marches on!!"

Chicago’s CARDIAC ARREST will join up with ENTHRONED, DESTROYER 666 and PATHOLOGY for a bunch of dates across the US. Click here for more details. Additionally, CARDIAC ARREST will be joining the likes of CANNABIS CORPSE, MISERY INDEX and many others as part of this year’s New Jersey Deathfest. The fest, which is being held at Dingbatz in Clifton, NJ, will take place on October 22 and 23. CARDIAC ARREST will be performing on Saturday the 23rd. For details and ticket information, visit www.newjerseydeathfest.com

ROTTEN SOUND has begun work on the follow-up album to 2008’s "Cycles" tentatively titled "Cursed". The brand new full-length will be mixed by Nico Elgstrand (ENTOMBED) and is expected to see an early 2011 release date. Additional album details will be announced shortly.

HAEMORRHAGE has started recording their new full-length album and follow-up to 2006’s "Apology For Pathology". The band has posted an in-studio clip online now at this location. The yet-untitled album will see an early 2011 release date with additional album details to be announced shortly.

August 21, 2010

The 2nd issue of the German written fanzine FROM BEYOND… THE GLOOM is out now. It features interviews with ANAEL, NECROS, KAAMOS, DROWNED, HATESPAWN, BLISS OF FLESH, HOODED MENACE, CENTURIONS GHOST and THE BOTTLE DOOM LAZY BAND. The first orders will be shipped along with a free copy of DEATHRONATION’s "A Soil Forsaken" demo while supplies last – so better be fast. The fanzine sells for 4 € (p&p included). Get in touch at frombeyondipp@web.de

August 18, 2010

Me Saco Un Ojo Records announce the release of the split LP from EVOKE / MORDBRAND and the vinylversion (MLP) of BURIAL INVOCATION‘s "Rituals Of The Grotesque". British EVOKE’s side of the split LP features their "I Am My Own God" demo from 1994 which is brought to vinyl for the first time. MORDBRAND from Sweden are featured with 4 songs of AUTOPSY-inspired Death. Limited to 300 copies, first 100 on green vinyl. The first 100 copies of BURIAL INVOCATION’s MLP are on green vinyl, too. Check out www.mesacounojo.com

August 17, 2010

UK’s legendary Punk / Metal band BROKEN BONES have been signed by Xtreem Music for the release of the band’s 7th album "Fuck You & All You Stand For!". Originally released by the band’s own label Dem Bones Recordings and being spread mainly in Punk circles, "Fuck You & All You Stand For!" is going to be released in September with 4 bonus tracks (re-recordings of 4 old classics) on limited CD and 12" LP vinyl editions. www.myspace.com/brokenbonesukhc

Horror / Gore Death Metallers BONE GNAWER have resigned with Singapore’s Pulverised Records. BONE GNAWER frontman Kam Lee comments on the new album deal and also giving us a sneak-peek into the upcoming album: "Once again those cannibal misfits and morbid horror freaks of BONE GNAWER are back to bring forth their unique blend of Horror / Gore Death Metal! And once more we are signing with Pulverised Records! It feels good to be back with Pulverised – because this is the one label that has a real true understanding of the type of old school 90s style of Death Metal we play. This time around BONE GNAWER is taking another brave and bold approach to our musical direction and lyrical concepts. We always strive to push of going against the grain and not catering to the "modern trends", all the while staying "true" to the old school Death Metal sound. This time around we are taking a slash & stab at the flesh and going for a complete hard revenge – torture & vengeance type lyrical concept. Although some of those ‘cannibal themed’ type lyrics will remain. We are taking on a more gritty feel and a much more darker edged ‘grind-house’ appeal to our lyrical concepts. Taking influences from some of the more hardcore exploitation type films of the late 1970s such as "I Spit On Your Grave" and "Last House On The Left". As well musically we are retaining all the horrific blend of old school Death Metal we are known for, yet combining it with an even more catchy and groovy flair!!" The follow-up album to their successful debut "Feast Of Flesh" is currently underway in the midst of recording and more details will be announced soon. A brand new song entitled ‘Scissored’ in lower quality is now available for preview on the BONE GNAWER official myspace page www.myspace.com/bonegnawerband.

According to DÉTENTE bassist Steve Hochheiser it’s nothing but rumors that vocalist Tiina Teal is already out of the band again. DÉTENTE is still working with the same members that recorded their comeback album "Decline". For more info and soundsamples check out www.myspace.com/detenterna

August 13, 2010

INFERNAL CONJURATION from Tijuana / Mexico recently announced the release of their 3-song 7" EP ”Avto De Fe” through Blood Harvest Records as follow up to their "Tremendous Plague" demo from 2007. The 7" EP is available now and can be purchased either from Blood Harvest Records (www.bloodharvest.se) or from the band directly. Fanzines who want to support this band should also get in touch with them at infernalconjuration@gmail.com or www.myspace.com/infernalconjuration.

German Thrashers EXUMER will play two shows in Poland during the 2nd part of their "European Ignition Tour 2010", on October 8 and 9. This marks the band’s first live appearances in Poland after an absence of 22 years. EXUMER were among the first acts out of the Western territories to have their records released domestically in Poland during the 1980s. The band’s popularity in Poland was confirmed by 3 sold-out live shows in 1988, each event drawing close to 8000 fans. Vocalist Mem V. Stein comments: "We were very lucky to have our records released domestically in Poland and in Brazil in the 80s, opening up two huge markets that welcomed us with open arms, tons of record sales and thrashing fans. Times have changed and we do not expect thousands of people to come out to the two events we are scheduled to play in Poland as they have in the 1980s. Nevertheless, the amount of steady fan requests from Poland since our reformation 2 years ago makes us hopeful to see many of the old fans again and meet the new generation of Polish Thrashers." For additional information visit: www.myspace.com/exumerwakingthefire

August 11, 2010

In September Selfmadegod Records will be releasing the CD version of "Ritual Ascension Beyond Flesh", the debut album by Georgia / Texas based Death / Doom duo ENCOFFINATION. The album has already been released on tape format by Ritval Death Offerings and the vinyl version is available on Psychedelic Lotus Order. The tracklisting reads like this: ‘Procession’, ‘Nefarious Yet Elegant Are The Bowels Of Hell’, ‘Miasma Of Rotten Serenity’, ‘Eucharist Of Bone And Flame’, ‘Interlude’, ‘Beyond The Grace Of Flesh Go I’, ‘Entombment Of The Breathing Flesh’ and ‘Coffinpsalms’. More info at www.myspace.com/encoffination or www.myspace.com/selfmadegodrecords

August 09, 2010

SATAN’S HOST are currently at Flatline Audio with producer Dave Otero working on the band’s ninth studio album "By The Hands Of The Devil", to be released next year by Moribund Records. With the departure of vocalist Eli Elixir and the return of Leviathan Thisiren (priobably better known as Harry Conklin of JAG PANZER and TITAN FORCE), the band has recently performed in Germany at the Keep True Festival and has done some local Colorado shows to prepare for the new album. Guitarist Patrick Evil commented: "I think this will be our greatest album to date. Our ninth release for our 25th aniversary – how much better can it get than that?" For more info check out www.myspace.com/satanshost

August 08, 2010

KAM LEE (ex – Mantas / Death, ex – MASSACRE, ex – DENIAL FIEND), currently involved in BONE GNAWER, THE GROTESQUERY, BROKEN GRAVESTONES, GRAVE WAX and CRYPTIDZ will be staring in the upcoming horror ultra gore film "Deep Seeded". The movie is written and directed by Brian Troxell and produced by Caisson Films. Kam will be playing a psycho serial killer named Brad. The casting has already been completed and the film is scheduled to go into production this late fall. It will also include music from BONE GNAWER. A teaser trailer is already online at this location. More about the film you’ll find at www.myspace.com/deepseededthemovie or www.myspace.com/caissonfilms

August 06, 2010

HAIL OF BULLETS have finished the recordings for their second full-length to be released this October. Drummer Ed Warby: "I don’t think I’ve ever worked this hard on anything in my entire life, but it sure has paid off! Although "Of Frost And War" is a tough act to follow, my ringing ears tell me we’ve succeeded in besting it on every level: songs, playing, production…at the moment Dan Swanö is putting the final touches on a mix that could squash a tank, and then it’s off to the pressing plant! All the main ingredients of our blood’n’guts style Death Metal have remained intact and I honestly can’t imagine anyone that liked our previous work is going to be the least bit disappointed, on the contrary!" The soon-to-be-titled album was produced by Ed Warby and like before, the mix was in the capable hands of Mr Dan Swanö. HAIL OF BULLETS nailed down 11 songs plus intro.

DEVOURMENT have been signed by Relapse Records. Vocalist Mike Majewski commented on the signing: "We are extremely excited to be a part of the amazing Relapse roster! To be alongside the list of past and present Relapse bands that we hold in such high regard is truly an honor for us." DEVOURMENT kicks-off a headlining European tour in support of their 2009 release "Unleash The Carnivore" on August 12, 2010 with performances included at the Party San Open Air, Brutal Assault Festival, Mountains of Death Open Air and Metal Mean Festival. For more info check out www.myspace.com/devourment

UK Thrashers ONSLAUGHT have announced that Danish Producer Jacob Hansen will be handling the production and mixing duties on the upcoming studio album due for release later this year. The album will be recorded and mixed at Hansen Studio in Ribe, Denmark starting on August 16th. Nige Rockett comments: "We’re so stoked to be working with Jacob Hansen on the new album. Jacob has done some stunning work in the past, his production skills are really gonna suit the style of the new album, his mixes are so heavy and lively which is exactly what we are looking for… It’ll be real cool to capture the live energy of the band in these recordings… Steve and Sy are leaving for the studio immediately after our appearance at Bloodstock Festival, where we should be, if all goes to plan, debuting a track entitled ‘Born For War’ taken from the new album… it’s a violent beast, very fast and heavy with lots of twists and turns." Jacob Hansen (Producer) about the recordings: "This is one of the more exciting productions this year for me! Since their very first albums ("Power From Hell" and "The Force"), which made quite an impression on me back in my teenage years, I’ve loved this dark and heavy band. Working with these guys is gonna be awesome!" Check out a new demo sample at www.myspace.com/onslaughtuk

BEHEMOTH will be releasing a new DVD, titled "Evangelia Heretika" this fall. Vocalist and guitarist Nergal comments: "We’ve been through hell and back to make this release happen. I know we only have a few DVDs in our catalogue so far but they are not even close to what you are gonna experience with " Evangelia Heretika"! Expect approximately 5 hours of essential BEHEMOTH. Long-time BEHEMOTH artistic collaborator, Graal, has provided us with some of his most disturbing and completed vision to date." " Evangelia Heretika" will be released in the US via Metal Blade Records, in Europe via Nuclear Blast Records and in Poland via Mystic Records. Starting on November 03, BEHEMOTH will hit the road on a headline tour that kicks off in Quebec City, Canada. Joining BEHEMOTH on this tour that takes the band through the US and Canada are Watain, Withered and Black Anvil. A special package is being offered to the band’s internet community members for $66.60 that includes the following items: 1 ticket to the show, 1 pre-ordered copy of the DVD (S&H included), 1 tour poster, received at the show and 1 meet & greet pass to meet BEHEMOTH before the show. Fans can purchase this limited package or tickets to any of the show dates at this location.

August 05, 2010

The following statement was just issued by Hungary’s DRÜNKEN BASTARDS: "Pete Fire, the founding guitarist of Drünken Bastards, has been diagnosed with cancer a couple of weeks ago. The treatments have started already and the doctors, family and his friends are confident that he’s going to get better. So far, he has been taking it good, but the whole treatment could take up to six months. This means that the band had to cancel all the shows which were booked for autumn. Of course, we won’t stop working and together we decided to write our third upcoming album and to make up for all the canceled shows in spring after Pete gets better. Hope for him to get better and meanwhile wait for the second album, "Horns Of The Wasted", which will be release on Hells Headbangers on August 31st. Of course Pete’s other band Bridge To Solace has also decided to cancel their last shows and wait for Pete to get better, hence the next spring won’t go easy on nuclear Hardcore and Metal / Punk attacks." For more info, consult www.myspace.com/drnkenbastards.

August 04, 2010

Referring to the HORRENDOUS review here in the reviewsection we need to add that this demo isn’t self-financed but a co-release between Dark Descent Records and Skeleton Plague Records. To buy this demo get in touch with one of the labels at www.darkdescent.net or www.skeletonplaguerecords.com.

ATHEIST have parted ways with bassist Tony Choy. Freshly done with the recording sessions of their fourth studio album "Jupiter", the band wrote the following (shortened) statement: "When we came together to write again, it was an obvious choice, for several reasons, to try and continue in what has been our touring line-up. We’ve had such a great time together on the road for the past four years. We’re all great friends, and all of us were working peacefully towards the completion of the album. Therefore it hit us very unexpectedly when Tony called one day and informed us that he would not record with us. What’s worse is that this happened only four weeks prior to our confirmed studio date. This left us in a very unfortunate position and without a choice. Although we are quite angry with him for this extremely late, and inconsiderate, change of heart, we have no desire to let this become personal or start some public feud. We simply want to be sure the facts are out there so we can get on with writing and playing music. As with previous classic ATHEIST material, Tony had not contributed to the writing of "Jupiter" in any significant way, so we did not have to start over. Also, we had no intention to accept any further delay caused by Tony, especially since there was already an extremely talented young musician in our ranks: Jonathan Thompson (guitar). Not only did Jonathan do his intricate guitar lines flawlessly on "Jupiter", but as a huge fan of Roger’s work, he also wrote and performed the very impressive and original bass lines on this album as well. That is quite a story in itself. Tony may tour with ATHEIST, but for now it shall suffice that rather than settle for some random guy, we went with the best and kept it in the family." – Kelly Shaefer and Steven Flynn on behalf of ATHEIST.

Serbia’s Black / Death Metallers BANE will release their debut full-length "Chaos, Darkness, Emptiness" later this year through Abyss Records. It was recorded at Hellsound Studio in the Czech Republic and will be produced, mixed and mastered by Honza Kapak (who played in Judas Iscariot, Krieg, Nargaroth etc). The album will also feature appearances from Jb of Svart Crown (France), Deimoz of The Revenge Project (Bulgaria) and Nocturnal of Shadowdream (Serbia). The cover artwork was done by Marcelo Vasco (Belphegor, Obituary, Vader, Borknagar, Gorgoroth, Satyricon). More info at www.myspace.com/baneband.

August 03, 2010

Bob Yost, former lead singer of San Francisco’s DESECRATION, has passed away in mid July. According to reliable sources he was found cold in his bed by his mom. DESECRATION released a couple of demos between 1985 and 1989. In 1991 Yost joined Mike Torrao’s version of POSSESSED and even played bass on POSSESSED’s 1991 demo. Rest in peace, Bob! If anyone should have more detailed info or a better quality picture of Bob, please contact us.

LIVIDITY will embark on a European tour on August 11 in Trier, Germany. The band’s front man and Epitomite Productions chief Von Young had this to say about the tour: "Well we just got done at the Central Illinois Metalfest where we had a blast as usual. Got to see a lot of old friends and make new ones. Now we are gearing up for the European freaks on our upcoming "Defiling Europe Tour" in support of the new album "To Desecrate And Defile". Come out and see us at the shows!" More info at www.myspace.com/lividity

Colombia’s Death Metallers MORBID MACABRE have published a trailer of their upcoming ‘Pray You Damned’ video at www.myspace.com/morbidmacabre. The song is from their 2009 debut full length "Hell And Damnation".

The first demo tape by ENTRAPMENT from the Netherlands is now available from Detest Records. More details at www.myspace.com/entrapmentdeathmetal or www.detestrecords.com