August 07, 2011

The fourth album by Polish Black / Death Metallers STILLBORN will be released on September 01, 2011 through Ataman Productions (with exclusive worldwide distribution by Pagan Records). The album is entitled "Los Asesinos Del Sur" (spanish for "Murderers from the South") and contains the following 10 songs: ‘Overture .966’, ‘Hymn Of Destruction’, ‘Diamonds Of The Last Water’, ‘Antonym’, ‘Son Of The Holy Motherfucker’, ‘Blood And Dust’, ‘Kot Wolanda’, ‘Los Asesinos Del Sur’, ‘Stillborn Ii (Singularities Of The Ordinary Vulgar Boor)’ and ‘Whore Of The Whores’. The recordings took place in Winter 2011 in Bochnia at Kwart Studio with Piotr Lekki as the sound engineer. You can already check out 2 new songs on the band’s official myspace page

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