December 03, 2011

Pulverised Records have signed UK-based Deathcrust D-Beat extremos WINDS OF GENOCIDE. The band is currently working on their as of yet untitled debut full-length album, which should see the light of day in 2012. Here’s an official statement from WINDS OF GENOCIDE vocalist Kat Shevil: "We are extremely honoured and excited to be signing and working with Pulverised Records for a full length album and to be joining such a great label and roster that includes such great bands as BASTARD PRIEST, MORBUS CHRON, IRON LAMB, IMPIETY, GRAVE DESECRATOR, TYRANT, CRUCIFYRE, IN AETURNUM, INTERMENT, TRIBULATION, DESULTORY, SEANCE etc. Pulverised Records is a great label run by dedicated people with a great and long history of quality releases to their name and we look forward to unleashing a powerful destructive debut album which will PULVERISE your ears, expect nothing less than pure fucking aural armageddon!"

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