December 14, 2011

F.D.A. Records will be releasing “The Spell of Damnation”, the debut full length by Mexico’s OMINOUS CRUCIFIX, on January 13, 2012 in Germany and February 06, 2012 for the rest of the world. The tracklist reads like this: ‘Third Day Resurrection’, ‘Putrid Purity’, ‘Primitive Sin’, ‘Defiling The Altars Of An Absent God’, ‘Secular Omens Of Doom’, ‘Church Of Death‘, ‘The Spell Of Damnation’ and ‘Repulsive Sanctification Of The Absurd’. A promotional video for the album can be seen here. Pre-orders are being taken now for 1000 digipaks, each of which includes a bonus sticker. The first 50 sold also come with an embroidered patch. Visit this location for more information. For all further details check out

Belgium’s Black Metallers ENTHRONED have signed a deal with Agonia Records for two full-length releases. The band recently finished recording their follow-up album to "Pentagrammaton" (out on Regain Records in 2010). It is expected to be released in early 2012 and will be entitled "Obsidium". The band’s current line-up is: Nornagest – vocals & guitars, Neraath – guitars & effects, Phorgath – bass & vocals and Garghuf – drums (Noens – live guitar).

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