December 21, 2011

CASKETGARDEN‘s fourth album "The Estrangement Process" will be released beginning of 2012. The record comes out first as a HammerWorld February 2012 attachement CD (with simpler, incomplete cover art). The international release (full booklet, jewelcase) follows via Nail / Hammer Records and their distribution partners in March 2012. You can already pre-order CASKETGARDEN’s "The Estrangement Process" as an optional white or black t-shirt + CD bundle for 10 € (13 $) + shipping until January 15, 2012. The T-shirt comes with a Grindesign pattern (AS I LAY DYING, THE BLACK DAHLIA MURDER, GWAR T-shirts) and is strictly limted to 100 pieces. Details and pre-order at this location. The band has already published two songs (‘They’ and an advance mix of ‘Unlike’) here and here. The album was recorded at M and SuperSize Recording Studios in Hungary, produced by Zoltán Varga and Balázs Tóth, mixed and mastered by Zoltán Varga (ABSURDITY, BLIND MYSELF, SUBSCRIBE, BRIDGE TO SOLACE, etc) at SuperSize Recording.

A DECADE IN THE GRAVE (1987 – 1997) is the title of an upcoming book concerning the old underground Thrash / Death / Grind / Black Metal scene in Greece. The title is taken from the legendary album of SADISTIC NOISE, as a tribute to Nick "Flesh" Tagalos (RIP), who was one of the forefathers of extreme music in Greece. The book will include interviews with old bands, biographies, photos, flyers, interviews from old zine editors, a long introduction concerning the birth of extreme Metal in Hellas and more… For more information, questions or whatever you can contact

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