January 13, 2011

Chile’s Proselytism Records are going to release a split CD with the two participants AFTER DEATH (USA) and UNAUSSPRECHLICHEN KULTEN (Chile) around April 2010. UNAUSSPRECHLICHEN KULTEN’s vinylversion of "People Of The Monolith" should be available through Blood Harvest Records soon, too.

BESTIAL DEATH‘s "Suicide Of The Immortal" demo is finally out now through Israhellbanger Records. Here’s the label’s official press statement: "After being buried and forgotten for 25 years, one of the most evil and uncompromising sounding Death / Thrash demos ever is unleashed by Israhellbanger Records in the classic tape format, as it should have been done in 1986, when it was recorded! These 3 young Israeli maniacs created a demo that makes "Morbid Visions" sound like "Arise"! "Suicide Of The Immortal"’s music can be compared to what such classic South American bands as VULCANO, PARABELLUM and PENTAGRAM used to play back then. Expect 5 chaotic rituals of blasphemy that now sound even stronger, after being mastered for the first time!" For more info and ordering information contact www.israhellbanger.com

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