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May 31, 2011

HEADHUNTER D.C.‘s second album "Punishment At Dawn" from 1993 has just been re-released on CD format via Cogumelo Records. The CD features 4 bonus tracks: a cover of SEPULTURA’s classic ‘Morbid Visions’, recorded in ’98 during the recording sessions of "… And The Sky Turns To Black…" (previously featured on the North American issue of this album only) and 3 live tracks. A new graphic concept with old photos and flyers (93-94 era only), a text about the history of the album and fully remastered audio. More info and ordering details at www.cogumelo.com or www.myspace.com/headhunterdc

May 30, 2011

Craig Smilowski (ex – IMMOLATION, ex – GOREAPHOBIA) has formed a new band together with Cazz Grant (CRUCIFIER), Matt Dwyer (RELLIK) and Chris Milewski named MASADA. They have just released their first 2 song demo "Suffer Mental Decay" which is available as a free download at masada.bandcamp.com/album/suffer-mental-decay or on CD-R directly from the band masadadasam@yahoo.com

May 26, 2011

The new album of ACHERONTAS is entitled "Vamachara". All music and philosophy for this album is ready and the recording will be finished by the end of June. "Vamachara" will be released this Autumn as a CD and noble vinyl by Agonia Records.

TEMPLE OF BAAL are currently recording new tracks for a split album with RITUALIZATION. The split will be released as a CD and limited vinyl in Autumn 2011 by Agonia Records.

May 25, 2011

San Antonio’s blackened Death / Thrashers HOD will hit the road with MARDUK, AURA NOIR, BLACK ANVIL and PANZERFAUST as part of the "Seven Bowls Of Wrath" Tour. HOD will join on May 29, 2011 in Montreal and then end their trek with a handful of co-headlining dates with PANZERFAUST. Check out the exact dates here. HOD’s new album "Book Of The Worm" is expected to see the light of day in the coming months. HOD guitarist Carl "Lord Necron" Snyder comments: "Just a couple more days until HOD hits the road with MARDUK, AURA NOIR, BLACK ANVIL and PANZERFAUST! We look forward to all the new places we will be playing. Make sure to get to the shows early because everyone of these bands will destroy. A lot of new material will be unleashed so be ready to hear a lot of new material from the upcoming "Book Of The Worm" album."

On June 02, 2011, Chilean Death Metallers THORNAFIRE will be supporting SLAYER when the Thrash titans bring their World Painted Blood Tour to South America. Understandably, the band is marking this occasion as a huge moment in their career as guitarist Victor Mac-Namara reflects in the following statement: "We are very happy as musicians and fans to be part in the scenario of a SLAYER concert, and opening for them in our city.The truth is that I don’t have many words to talk about it, I can only say that we will unleash our fury and vibe on stage with our sharp axes and drums to evoke the somber cry of death. In short, we hope to leave the stage like shit, but leave at least the electrical system working for SLAYER to finally crush this masochistic audience with their classic tyranny." THORNAFIRE is currently working hard on the anticipated follow up to 2009’s "Vorex Deconstrucción" album. In a previously released statement regarding the forthcoming album, Mac-Namara commented: "Currently we are writing music a little different than what we have done in the past. It’s a variation, but still true to our underground Death Metal underground roots. I’m drawing concepts for the album artwork. We hope to have this released by 2012."

SINISTER had to cancel their appearance at Mexico’s Metal In The Forest Festival, because some members aren’t able to leave their work. This would have been the last show in the current line-up from SINISTER as guitarist Alex Paul, drummer Edwin van den Eeden and bassist Joost van der Graaf have left the band. Vocalist Aad Kloosterwaard, now the only remaining band member, comments: "But don’t be afraid, the band will go on with a new line-up … and will let the SINISTER flame burn for some more years to come."

On July 01 (G/A/S) / July 04 (Europe) Metal Blade Records will release a CD + DVD package by BITCH. The CD includes the "Be My Slave" album and the "Damnation Alley" mini-LP, both being remastered. There will be an exclusive bonus track on the CD, ‘Let’s Go’, which has never been released before. The bonus-DVD includes ancient footage from the early and mid 80s. All sorts of live clips recorded at various American shows. The DVD also includes the entire show BITCH just played in April this year at the prestigious Keep It True Festival in Germany, filmed with multiple cameras. More info at www.bitchmetal.com or www.myspace.com/bitchmetal

May 20, 2011

Sweden’s old school Death Metallers MIASMAL have landed on American shores and are currently tearing a path of destruction across the countryside. With the cities of Austin, Dallas and St. Louis already left smoldering, MIASMAL brings the devastation to Chicago tonight as they head to Maryland Death Fest for what threatens to be one of the weekend’s most memorable performances. A full list of tour dates you’ll find here. All further MIASMAL info at www.myspace.com/miasmalband

May 19, 2011

"The Gloomy Reflections Of Our Hidden Sorrows", the debut album by CENOTAPH, will be released on vinyl for the very first time. It will be presented as a double 12" gatefold vinyl LP, remastered, with two bonus tracks (‘Repulsive Odor To Decomposition’ and ‘Larvs Of Subconscious’) and the original artwork used with permission of the Polish artist Ryszard Wojtynski. Chaos Records will also reissue the CD version of "The Gloomy Reflections Of Our Hidden Sorrows" later this year. More info at www.chaos-records.com

Dark Descent Records will reissue DEATH STRIKE‘s "Fuckin’ Death" on CD and vinyl. The vinyl version will include a foreword by Olivier "Zoltar" Badin of Terrorizer and other publications and Paul Speckmann himself wrote some lengthy liner notes, documenting the early times. Additionally, the jacket has stayed true to the original release including the gold pantone. This will be offered in black vinyl and two separate special edition colors. One will be exclusive to Me Saco Un Ojo and the other color will be sold through Dark Descent Records. Both will have the black vinyl version. The CD layout is complete and has been sent to press. It will be available on June 13, 2011 with pre-orders starting soon. The CD will contain an eight page booklet with the same liner notes, foreword, new scans / photos and complete correct lyrics. The booklet will have the originally intended gold pantone on the cover (no shitty yellow), the back insert and the CD itself. Tracklist: ‘The Truth’, ‘Mangled Dehumanization’, ‘Pay To Die’, ‘Re-Entry And Destruction’, ‘The Final Conflict’, ‘Man Killed America’ / ‘Embryonic Misc’, ‘Pervert’ and ‘Remorseless Poison’ plus the following bonus rehearsal tracks: ‘Live For Free’, ‘The Truth’ (both on CD and LP), Pay To Die’ and ‘Master’ (both on CD). More details and updates at www.darkdescent.net

May 18, 2011

New York Thrashers PRIME EVIL have reunited with all original members (vocalist Andy Eichhorn, guitarists Mike Usifer and Gary Day, drummer Todd Gukelberger and bassist Mary Ciullo) and are currently rehearsing their classic material as well as writing new songs. The band has plans to record and release these songs in late 2011 or early 2012. PRIME EVIL will also be part in some showcase packages in the Northeast U.S. by late summer / early fall. More details to follow in the weeks and months ahead.

May 17, 2011

NECROMORPH guitarist Benner will leave the band for personal reasons. He will still play the upcoming shows (for example the "Grind The Nazi Scum Festival" – www.myspace.com/grindthenaziscum) until a replacement has been found. More details at www.necromorph.net

May 13, 2011

FATHER BEFOULED will release a split 7" with Chile’s DEMONIC RAGE through Dark Descent Records. The EP features an exclusive track from each band: ‘Abolition Of The Seraphic Vestige’ by FATHER BEFOULED and ‘Sulphuric Congregation Toward The Holocaust Of All Sacred And Holy’ by DEMONIC RAGE. The release is limited to 100 copies on "Coke bottle clear" vinyl and 400 copies on black vinyl and features cover art by Paul Ledney (PROFANATICA). FATHER BEFOULED also have plans to enter the studio in September of 2011 to record their third full-length, "Revulsion Of Seraphic Grace" with a release planned late in the year through Dark Descent Records. Frontman and original member Justin Stubbs comments: "Dark Descent is the face of real, underground, hard-working Death Metal. We were looking for a deal for this next album following our split with Relapse, and Dark Descent stepped up and laid out exactly what we wanted. We could not be happier. Matt and Dark Descent are in the fray to provide us with the support we need to produce a killer album. Expect nothing less than what we are known for, which is serpentine, suffocating Death Metal. We are picking up precisely where "Morbid Destitution Of Covenant" left off. We got our legs under us on that one, expect "Revulsion Of Seraphic Grace" to be the defining album of our career." The band also plans to play a few selected shows to coincide with the release late in the year. For all further info and updates check out www.fatherbefouled.com, www.myspace.com/fatherbefouled

May 11, 2011

The new AUTOPSY album "Macabre Eternal" has been completed and will be released on May 30, 2011 (May 31, 2011 in the US) via Peaceville Records. On May 16, 2011 a special limited vinyl edition will already be released from www.peaceville.com. AUTOPSY entered Fantasy Studios in February 2011 with Adam Munoz to record their fifth album, with the original trio of Chris Reifert, Danny Coralles and Eric Cutler joined by Joe Trevisano of ABSCESS / VON on bass. "Macabre Eternal" features artwork by renowned horror artist Wes Benscoter (SLAYER, MORTICIAN, SINISTER). Chris Reifert: "We’ve brewed up the sickest and heaviest material that our rotten souls could possibly spew forth, and we are confident that it’s our best stuff yet. The EP was a taste of what’s to come, but now it’s time for the full assault from beyond the grave. The album will contain no repeated EP tracks, no re-recorded old songs, no triggered trickery, and nothing less than the pure Death Metal brutality that AUTOPSY has always delivered." AUTOPSY will also play a string of US and European festivals in 2011 in support of the album.

May 10, 2011

MORBUS CHRON have set the title of their upcoming full-length as "Sleepers In The Rift". The album was recorded between November 15 – 19, 2010 and produced by MORBUS CHRON, with additional producing / engineering duties by Nicke Andersson (DEATH BREATH / ex – ENTOMBED). The cover artwork was designed by Spanish fantasy artist Raul Gonzalez, who has previously worked with bands such as DECEASED, ABRAXAS etc. The complete tracklist reads like this: ‘Through The Gaping Gate / Coughing In A Coffin’, ‘Creepy Creeping Creep’, ‘Hymns To A Stiff’, ‘Red Hook Horror’, ‘The Hallucinating Dead’, ‘Ways Of Torture’, ‘Dead Body Pile Necrophile’, ‘Lidless Coffin’ and ‘Deformation Of The Dark Matter’. More info at www.myspace.com/morbuschronband

Italy’s PUTRIDITY have just released their 2nd album "Degenerating Antropophagical Euporiar" through Willowtip Records. More info at www.myspace.com/putridity or www.facebook.com/putridity.brutal.

"Objective: Isolation", the digital-only collection of unreleased material from U.S. progressive Black Metal act SHROUD OF DESPONDENCY, is now streaming in its entirety on Apochs.net. The album, which was originally recorded in 2009, was brought out of the vault after the attention received from "Dark Medications In Monastic Seclusion", the album that thrust SHROUD OF DESPONDENCY into the forefront the U.S. independent Black Metal scene. Visit www.apochs.net/Exclusive/ShroudOfDespondency.html to experience "Objective: Isolation".

MORGOTH have launched a promotional online trailer including rehearsal footage here. The band’s 2011 live line-up features Sotirios "Soti" Kelekidis – bass, Harry Busse – guitar, Marc Reign – drums, Marc Grewe – vocals and Sebastian Swart – guitar. The band’s guitarist, Sebastian Swart, checked in with the following message: "It’s starting to get seriously interesting now with the show dates drawing nearer! We have already been rehearsing as a five-piece with Soti and Marc Reign with a lot of focus in these past weeks…and everything is sounding extremely powerful and tight! The setlist has already been fully arranged and we are sure that it will please all MORGOTH fanatics from the early days. At least we can assure you that we are more than ready and very much looking forward to "Cursed" 2011!" MORGOTH’s 2011 setlist will mainly consist of songs from the "Cursed" album as well as some cuts from the classic 1989 / 1990 EP’s "Resurrection Absurd" and "The Eternal Fall". More info at www.morgoth-band.com

May 05, 2011

Danish Death Metallers DEUS OTIOSUS have just released their debut album "Murderer" through Germany’s F.D.A. Records (the South American release will be handled by American Line). Members of the band have past and present experiences in bands like VICTIMIZER, EXEKRATOR, CHURCH BIZARRE and HIDEOUS INVASION. For more info check out www.myspace.com/deusotiosus

GRAVEHILL have posted the track ‘Devil Worshiper’ from their forthcoming new album "When All Roads Lead To Hell" at this location. The album is set to be released on May 20, 2011 through Dark Descent Records with vinyl treatment coming in July courtesy of Dark Descent and Chaos Records.

Negative Existence will release "Chambers Of Perversion" from Germany’s blackened Speed Metallers, RUINS on May 20, 2011. The album was originally released in 2010 as a 10" vinyl, limited to 250 copies and sold out almost immediately. Here’s the complete tracklist: ‘Chambers Of Perversion’, ‘Slaves Of The Undead’, ‘Primitive Evil’, ‘War In Heaven Part 4 (Megalomania)’, ‘Sodomy In Hell’, ‘Slutlust And Perversion’, ‘Perverting The Priest’ and ‘Sperm Of The Antichrist’. For a sample of the album, check out this video on the official Negative Existence YouTube channel.

May 03, 2011

Issue # 7 of Denmark’s TORNADO MAGAZINE has just been released, for the first time pro printed on glossy paper to ensure clear text and pictures. It features interviews with TRENCH HELL, ALTAR OF OBLIVION, HELLBRINGER, CEREKLOTH, MORTUARY OATH, MACHETAZO, BLACK OATH, BLOOD FREAK as well as splatter movie director Brian Paulin. Besides that you also get the usual harsh and outspoken music reviews and reviews on horror movies and lots of other entertainment. It sells for 7 Euros (Europe) or 7.50 Euros (elsewhere), payable through paypal ghoul@get2net.dk or well hidden to: TORNADO MAGAZINE, c/o Ustumallagam, Vestergade 2, Guderup, DK-6430 Nordborg, Denmark. For more info: ghoul@get2net.dk