December 12, 2012

Soulseller Records will release a double CD / gatefold 2 LP from Norway’s OLD FUNERAL in February 2013, entitled "Our Condolences". It will include the band’s first 7 demo recordings (never released before, except for the 50 original cassette copies from 1989), a live recording from Garage, Bergen, Norway in April 1991 (never released in any format before), the "Abduction Of Limbs" demo from 1990, the "Devoured Carcass" 7" EP from 1991, the track ‘Forced To Be Lost’ (recorded at Grieghallen in 1991), the September 1992 advance tape and a live track from Hulen, Bergen, Norway 1991. The booklet will include original democover artwork, flyers and never before seen pictures including the very first photosession from May 1988. No tracks got re-mixed, nothing has been touched up. It’s all straight from the original tapes. Pre-orders will be taken during January 2013. For more information go to

On December 17, 2012 Selfmadegod Records will release "Descent Of Yuggoth", the debut full length by Swedish Death Metallers MEGASCAVENGER. The album is currently streaming in its entirety at this location. For all further information on MEGASCAVENGER go here.

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