October 25, 2012

On November 02, 2012 Swedish NONEXIST will release their second album "From My Cold Dead Hands" via Pivotal Rockordings through all major digital retailers. The band’s Century Media / New Hawen debut CD "Deus Deceptor" came out in 2002 and featured Johan Liiva (former CARNAGE, FURBOWL, ARCH ENEMY and today active in HEARSE), guitarist Johan Reinholdz (ANDROMEDA, SKYFIRE) and drummer Matte Modin (former DEFLESHED, DARK FUNERAL). "From My Cold Dead Hands" was recorded (without Modin this time) at Multipass Studios and produced, mixed and mastered by Johan Reinholdz himself. The tracklist reads like this: ‘Dark And Tortured Universe’, ‘Presence Everlasting’, ‘Flesh Falls From The Bone’, ‘Days Without End’, ‘Fire At Will’, ‘Collective Coma’, ‘From My Cold Dead Hands’, ‘Lost In Darkness And Confusion’ and ‘Here Comes The Pain’. The band has also recorded the following cover songs which will be given away for free: MEGADETH – ‘In My Darkest Hour’, CORONER – ‘Masked Jackal’, ATOMIC ROOSTER – ‘Death Walks Behind You’, MERCILESS – ‘Realm Of The Dark’ and EUCHARIST – ‘Greeting Immortality’. MEGADETH’s ‘In My Darkest Hour’ and an album teaser have already been made available at this location. For all further infomation check out www.johanreinholdz.com, www.johanliiva.se or www.pivotalalliance.com

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