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October 30, 2012

PureGrainAudio.com is currently offering an exclusive free download of the song ‘The Mown Dawns Lie On The Ground’ from "CREEDamage", the forthcoming fifth album from Ukrainian ambient Folk Pagan Metal outfit MUNRUTHEL at this location. The album features guest vocals from Masha "Scream" (ARKONA) and Wulfstan (FOREFATHER), as well as a cover of BATHORY’s ‘The Lake’. It will be released in standard jewel-case and limited 6-panel digipak on November 12, 2012 via Svarga Music. A video for the album’s title track is currently being featured at www.svarga.eu. More MUNRUTHEL info at www.facebook.com/munruthelband

The self-titled debut from Toronto-based blackened Death Metal four-piece PAROXSIHZEM is now available through Dark Descent Records. A promo video for the track ‘Vanya’ has been posted at this location. All further info at www.facebook.com/pages/Paroxsihzem/293704858374

Hells Headbangers have just reissued DECEASED‘s "Supernatural Addiction" on CD with five bonus demo tracks and extensive liner notes from founding frontman King Fowley (the LP version will be out on January 23, 2013). The album was originally released in 2000 on Relapse Records and the reissue features the following tracks now: ‘The Premonition’, ‘Dark Chilling Heartbeat’, ‘A Very Familiar Stranger’, ‘Frozen Screams’, ‘The Doll With the Hideous Spirit’, ‘The Hanging Soldier’, ‘Chambers Of The Waiting Blind’, ‘Elly’s Dementia’, ‘Dark Chilling Heartbeat’ (bonus demo track), ‘Frozen Screams’ (bonus demo track), ‘A Very Familiar Stranger’ (bonus demo track), ‘The Premonition’ (bonus demo track) and ‘The Hanging Soldier’ (bonus demo track). More info and ordering details at www.hellsheadbangers.com

The American atmospheric Metal one-man project TWILIGHT FAUNA has just released a second album entitled "The Grotesque Travesty Of Creation", which is the follow-up to "The Silence Of A Blackening Abyss". Both albums are available for download at www.twilightfauna.bandcamp.com. It’s a free download but any donation is welcome. All proceeds are invested directly into making more music. Contact: faunusmusicproject@gmail.com

October 29, 2012

"Blessed In Sin", the debut full length by Dutch old school Death / Thrash Metallers WEAPONS TO HUNT, will be released on November 26, 2012 via Vic Records. The band put out three albums under the name INFINITED HATE and last year transformed into WEAPONS TO HUNT. Here’s the tracklist: ‘The Hell Room’, ‘Blessed In Sin’, ‘Corpse Field’, ‘The Smell Of Victory’, ‘Bullets For The Assassin’, ‘Merciless Impact’, ‘False Positive System’ and ‘Strike Face’. More info at www.facebook.com/pages/weapons-to-hunt/124969717612834

When PAGANIZER was on hold for a brief period (2002), Rogga Johansson, Matte Fiebig and Andreas Karlsson recorded 2 demos and 2 albums under the monicker CARVE and quickly returned to the name PAGANIZER. The album "Stillborn Revelations" was recorded in 2002 at Necromorbus Studios with Tore Stjerna (WATAIN, SCAR SYMMETRY, DESULTORY) and the second album "Revel In Human Filth" was released in 2004 (mastered by Dan Swanö). Both albums were originally released by an obscure Brasillian label and are out of print for a decade. Now both albums are available on one disk, plus three exclusive bonus tracks, liner notes from Rogga and new artwork and booklet by Peter Sallai (MEMORY GARDEN, BORNHOLM). This new edition is entitled PAGANIZER – "Carve: Stillborn Revelations And Revel In Filth" and will be released on November 26, 2012 by Vic Records. More info at www.facebook.com/pages/paganizer/201782296500909?ref=ts&fref=ts

Belgian melodic Black Metallers SAILLE have revealed the cover art and tracklist for their new album "Ritu". It will be released on January 18, 2013 via Code666 Records. The follow-up to 2011’s "Irreversible Decay" was produced and mixed by Reinier Schenk (GORATH, FLESHMOULD) and mastered by Tom Kvålsvoll (1349, DIMMU BORGIR, KEEP OF KALESSIN). The cover art comes courtesy of Polish digital landscape artist Michal Karcz. Here’s the tracklist: ‘Blood Libel’, ‘Subcutaneous Terror’, ‘Fhtagn’, ‘Upon The Idol Of Crona’, ‘Sati’, ‘A Titan’s Sacrifice’, ‘Haunter Of The Dark’, ‘Runaljod’ and ‘Ritual Descent’. The album cover was posted at this location, a video trailer can be found here.

October 27, 2012

AFTER DEATH are just finishing the recordings of a full extended version of ‘At War With Satan’ (21 1/2 minutes long) for an upcoming VENOM tribute album on Iron Pegasus Records. The song will take up one whole side of the vinyl. According to Mike Browning it is "very close to the original but with that AFTER DEATH touch of Magick!"

In a few weeks Nihilistic Holocaust will release a split tape with ALTARS (Australia) and HEAVING EARTH (Czech Republic). It will contain new tracks of both Death Metal bands. More info at http://nihilistic.voila.net

Blood Harvest Records have just released the vinyl version of SERPENT ASCENDING‘s "The Enigma Unsettled". The band features Jarno Nurmi (bass / guitar player and singer of SLUGATHOR, DESECRESY, NERLICH) and the album collects both the "Serpent Ascending" and "The Mournful Pilgrimage" recordings from 2009 and 2010 together with a brand new song. Here’s the complete tracklist: ‘The Mournful Pilgrimage’ (Part 1), ‘Saturnal’, ‘The Human Ladders’, ‘The Mournful Pilgrimage’ (Part 2), ‘The Entwinement’, ‘World Of Flesh On Bone’, ‘Serpent Ascending’, ‘The Enigma Unsettled’ and ‘Endless Initiations’. The album comes in a luxurious full color gatefold format with an insert that includes lyrics and paintings by American artist Wiley Trieff. A stream of "The Enigma Unsettled" in its entirety has been posted at this location. For more information check out www.facebook.com/pages/serpent-ascending/282039945193550

Blood Harvest Records (in co-operation with Temple Of Abomination) have also released the vinyl version of TYRANT GOATGALDRAKONA‘s "Sign Of Moloch" (originally released on CD by Stygian Shadows Productions in 2010). It is available as a one-sided 12" vinyl MLP, limited to 300 copies and streaming in its entirety at this location. "Sign Of Moloch" was recorded, mixed and mastered by Dávid Fehér at Noise Lab Studio, April 3-4, 2010, in Szeged, Hungary. Here’s the tracklist: ‘The Sign Of Moloch’, ‘Lords Of Catharsis’, ‘The Born Of Hatred’, ‘Whip Of Lucifer’ and ‘Tyrant Goatgaldrakona’. TYRANT GOATGALDRAKONA’s first full length record, "Horns In The Dark", is set to be released on 12" vinyl through Blood Harvest Records in 2013. All further info at www.facebook.com/tyrantgoatgaldrakona or tyrantgoatgaldrakona.bandcamp.com

Spanish technical Death Metallers UNREAL OVERFLOWS have just finished working on their new album "False Welfare". It was recorded, mixed and mastered at their very own Zoilo Unreal Studios and is scheduled for a release during mid November. You can already check out the album cover as well as listening to an advance track and an official teaser at the following links: http://youtu.be/g-UPv6z-emo, http://youtu.be/_jOXjpTBViI

October 26, 2012

On November 20, 2012 Deepsend Records will release the new album from Danish old school Death Metallers DEUS OTIOSUS. The album is entitled "Godless" and it is the follow-up to the band’s debut "Murderer", which was released by F.D.A. Records and American Line Productions. The tracklist reads like this: ‘Snakes Of The Low’, ‘In Harm’s Way’, ‘New Dawn’, ‘Pest Grave’, ‘Surrounded By The Dead’, ‘Cast From Heaven’, ‘Face The Enemy’ and ‘Death Dance’. The album track ‘Pest Grave’ is currently streaming at this location. For more information go to www.deus-otiosus.com or www.facebook.com/deusotiosus.dk

New York’s Death Metallers DEHUMANIZED will release their new album "Controlled Elite" on November 27, 2012 through Comatose. It features the following tracks: ‘Bloodties’, ‘Body Colonizers’, ‘Soiled’, ‘Set In Stone’, ‘Controlled Elite’, ‘Immorally Reborn’, ‘His Burden’, ‘Root Of Evil’, ‘None Shall Remain’, ‘Man vs. Man’ and ‘Condemned’ (bonus track). A promo video for the track ‘Bloodties’ has been posted at this location. All further information you may find at www.facebook.com/dehumanized.ny

October 25, 2012

On November 02, 2012 Swedish NONEXIST will release their second album "From My Cold Dead Hands" via Pivotal Rockordings through all major digital retailers. The band’s Century Media / New Hawen debut CD "Deus Deceptor" came out in 2002 and featured Johan Liiva (former CARNAGE, FURBOWL, ARCH ENEMY and today active in HEARSE), guitarist Johan Reinholdz (ANDROMEDA, SKYFIRE) and drummer Matte Modin (former DEFLESHED, DARK FUNERAL). "From My Cold Dead Hands" was recorded (without Modin this time) at Multipass Studios and produced, mixed and mastered by Johan Reinholdz himself. The tracklist reads like this: ‘Dark And Tortured Universe’, ‘Presence Everlasting’, ‘Flesh Falls From The Bone’, ‘Days Without End’, ‘Fire At Will’, ‘Collective Coma’, ‘From My Cold Dead Hands’, ‘Lost In Darkness And Confusion’ and ‘Here Comes The Pain’. The band has also recorded the following cover songs which will be given away for free: MEGADETH – ‘In My Darkest Hour’, CORONER – ‘Masked Jackal’, ATOMIC ROOSTER – ‘Death Walks Behind You’, MERCILESS – ‘Realm Of The Dark’ and EUCHARIST – ‘Greeting Immortality’. MEGADETH’s ‘In My Darkest Hour’ and an album teaser have already been made available at this location. For all further infomation check out www.johanreinholdz.com, www.johanliiva.se or www.pivotalalliance.com

October 24, 2012

Deathgasm Records have just released the new vinyl 7" from Swedish Death Metallers MORDBRAND. The EP is entitled "Kolumbarium" and offers the two tracks ‘Consume Them’ and ‘Let Them Slumber’. More info at www.deathgasm.com or MORDBRAND’s facebook site.

On November 30, 2012 Cyclone Empire Records will release an old school Death Metal split 7" EP by Germany’s REVEL IN FLESH and Swedish REVOLTING. The EP is entitled “Within The Morbid Ossuary”, features exclusive and previously unreleased tracks by both bands and there will be a limited edition of 200 copies in red vinyl and 300 copies in black vinyl. The coverartwork was created by Juanjo Castellano (RIBSPREADER, SATHANAS, PUTREVORE etc.). More at www.cyclone-empire.com

London based blackened Death Metallers LVCIFYRE have been signed by Dark Descent Records for the release of their as of yet untitled sophomore full-length, which is due out in early 2013. The band commented: "We are proud to announce the addition of LVCIFYRE to the Dark Descent Records roster. The label will be responsible for releasing LVCIFYRE’s second full-length opus and follow-up to the seminal debut "The Calling Depths". Over the past three years, Dark Descent has built up a notorious reputation of delivering the highest-calibre works of Death Metal Darkness from the underground and proudly propagating the Fallen Light. Thus, it is the perfect lurking place for LVCIFYRE. With the new album, LVCIFYRE will unleash the most wrathful and apocalyptic sonic plague heard by Man; manifesting the hidden forces beyond the threshold to awaken the Darkness lurking deep inside you! HDHM!" Live footage of LVCIFYRE performing the song ‘The Faceless One’ has been posted at this location. For more information go to www.facebook.com/lvcifyre

On October 31, 2012 Forbidden Records will release a Black Metal split release entitled "Alchemical Manifestations", featuring San Antonio’s PLUTONIAN SHORE and Tucson’s A TRANSYLVANIAN FUNERAL. It will be released on pro CD-R with four-page inserts and on pro tape with inserts, free download codes and two buttons. A digital version is also available for purchase, as well as free streaming, at this location. Here’s the complete tracklist: PLUTONIAN SHORE – ‘To Open The Gate’, ‘A Thousand Eyes’, ‘The Beast And The Mirror’, ‘The Fifth Illusion’, ‘Consecrating The Flesh’ (live) and ‘Path To Amenti’ (live). A TRANSYLVANIAN FUNERAL – ‘The Supreme Rite Of Transmutation’, ‘Night Hags’, ‘Moonchild’ and ‘Light Cast Out’. All further info at www.forbidden-records.com, www.facebook.com/atransylvanianfuneral and www.facebook.com/plutonianshore.

October 23, 2012

Dutch old school Death Metal squad PENTACLE recently recorded some new material for upcoming split releases with MORTEM (7" EP), ETERNAL SOLSTICE (double split EP) and SADISTIC INTENT (12"). All songs are mixed and mastered and the layout and songs for the ETERNAL SOLSTICE EP have already been sent to Dark Descent Records, who will release that one. The other two EPs are still in the making and will be out through Iron Pegasus Records later on.

Blood Harvest Records have just released the 12" gatefold vinyl version of the new BOMBS OF HADES album "The Serpent’s Redemption". It is currently streaming in its entirety at this location. The pressing is limited to 300 copies. For all further details and ordering information visit www.bloodharvest.se or check out the band’s websites at www.bombsofhades.com or www.facebook.com/bombsofhades

October 20, 2012

Stygian Shadows Productions have just released "Mutilation Ritual", the first 3-track demo by Hungarian Death Metallers GRAVECRUSHER (featuring members of MÖRBID CARNAGE, NECROSODOMY, NEBRON and JACK). The professionally manufactured tape comes with a black and white old school cover (incl. lyrics) and a waterproof logo-sticker. The first edition is limited to 99 copies only and half of the quantity already sold-out during pre-orders. The artwork and logo was created by Mark Riddick. More info at www.facebook.com/gravecrusherofficial. Sound samples can be heard at www.gravecrusher.bandcamp.com

The fourth BLODARV full-length “Gâst” will be released by Self Mutilation Services in early December 2012. It will be available in two versions: regular CD format and a limited edition in A5 format which will feature different artwork. Both versions come with a 16 page booklet which includes lyrics. The recording, mixing and engineering were all done by Hugin at his HammerArt and Studios. The tracklist reads like this: ‘Indelukket’, ‘A Snowy Night In November’, ‘I Blaek Og Blod’, ‘Korset Paa Baalet’, ‘The Heart Of Art’, ‘Lonely Journey’, ‘Surrounded By Dust’ and ‘Into The Halls Of Orion’. All further details at www.facebook.com/blodarvofficial

October 19, 2012

Since I can’t incorporate all topics of your questions in the liner notes of the upcoming Voices From The Darkside book edition, I figured I’d just answer some of them in our forum. You can check out the first bunch here. Thanks a lot to all those who already sent in their questions.

Turkey-based Death Metal trio ENGULFED (featuring members of DECAYING PURITY, DEGGIAL and BURIAL INVOCATION) will release the CD version of their debut EP "Through The Eternal Damnation" on November 05, 2012 via Hellthrasher Productions. The vinyl treatment will be handled by Me Saco Un Ojo Records. It will contain 4 brand new tracks with a total playing time of 25 minutes. 2 songs are already available for streaming at this location. "Through The Eternal Damnation" features cover artwork by David Torturdød of UNDERGANG and the tracklist reads like this: ‘Triumph Of The Impious’, ‘Summoned’, ‘Supreme Lord Of Blasphemy’ and ‘Inseminated With Demon Seed’. The CD can be pre-ordered here.

Blackened Death Metallers INFERION have inked a deal with badGod Music. INFERION’s badGod debut, "This Will Decay", will be released in early 2013. Earlier this year, INFERION self-released their album "The Desolate", as well as the EPs "Aborted By The Sun" (which was originally recorded by band mastermind Nick Reyes in 2003) and "Palingenesis", which dates back to 2004. All three titles and more are available at inferion.bandcamp.com. For all further info go to www.facebook.com/pages/Inferion/121467614565453

October 18, 2012

Norwegian Black Metallers CREST OF DARKNESS will release their sixth full-length album “In The Presence Of Death” on February 11, 2013 through My Kingdom Music. The band recently added DJEVELKULT guitarist Jan Fredrik Solheim (aka Dødsherre Xarim) to their line-up. He replaces Kjell Arne Hubred, who was leaving to devote more time to his family For further information about CREST OF DARKNESS check out www.crestofdarkness.com.

Singer Björn Gooßes leaves NIGHT IN GALES. Here’s his official statement: “1996 – 2012. 16 years NIGHT IN GALES, during which I have experienced some of the most intense moments as a musician – positive as well as negative ones. Well, Heavy Metal ain’t no picnic. I don’t wanna miss these memories whatsoever and I’ll always be proud of what we have done as a band! After four albums, some great and memorable tours, many festivals and numerous shows across all Europe as well as a crazy trip to Japan, there was more or less silence for quite a while. But ten years after "Necrodynamic“ we didn’t only give a sign life with our fifth record "Five Scars“, we rather returned with a bang! Yet this album is my swansong for NIGHT IN GALES. Since the release of "Five Scars“ we earned overwhelming response on the album and played some awesome shows. I will gratefully treasure the memory of my very last two shows with NIGHT IN GALES, which took place in Romania last weekend – but still time has come for me to close this chapter. With "Five Scars“ things have come full circle for me. I want to thank Jens, Tobbe, Frank and Adriano, our former drummer Christian and interim drummer Hartmut as well as all supporters, partners and friends of NIGHT IN GALES for pulling their weight on making this band become part of my DNA. 1996-2012. 16 years NIGHT IN GALES. I’ll miss you, but it’s time to move on. Cheers!“ More news and updates at www.facebook.com/nightingalesmusic

Dutch Death Metallers ANTROPOMORPHIA have released a video for the song ‘Psuchagogia’ at this location. The song comes off the band’s upcoming new album "Evangelivm Nekromantia", which will be released tomorrow on CD and LP. The clip was directed by Maurice Swinkels and shot on location in Leipzig, Germany. More at www.antropomorphia-official.com.

A series of studio clips from AEON‘s "Aeons Black" recording session has been posted at this location. "Aeons Black" was recorded at Empire Studio in Östersund, Sweden, engineered, mixed and mastered by Ronnie Björnström at Garageland Studios and features cover art by Kristian “Necrolord” Wåhlin. It will be released on November 16, 2012. All further information at www.aeon666.com

Dark Descent Records will release the self-titled debut from Toronto-based blackened Death Metal four-piece PAROXSIHZEM on October 30, 2012. The band has posted the track ‘Nausea’ from their 2010 demo at this location.

The forthcoming new KOLBRANN album “Vertigo” has been set for a January 25, 2013 release (January 22, 2013 in North America). On November 16, 2012 KOLDBRANN will release “Totalt Sjelelig Bankerott”, a 7” single strictly limited to 300 copies worldwide, including a song from “Vertigo” and an exclusive B side entitled ‘Kasjtjeijs Svøpe’. The single will also be available digitally.

THE MONOLITH DEATHCULT recently started recording their upcoming studio album and issued the following update: “Last month, THE MONOLITH DEATHCULT have entered the studio to record their fourth full-length album “Tetragrammaton”, the successor to the immensely popular “Trivmvirate”. Since 2008 – when we redefined art, music and human civilisation – we’ve been milking “Trivmvirate” until it’s cheese, so we decided to make a new album and see if we can milk that even further. Song titles set to appear on the new album include ‘Human Wave Attack’, ‘Drugs, Thugs & Machetes’, ‘Todesnacht von Stammheim’, ‘Quasr Al-Nihaya’ and ‘Aslimu!!! – All Slain Those Who Brought Down Our Highly Respected Symbols To The Lower Status Of The Barren Earth’. The overall lyrical theme will be roughly the same as on “Trivmvirate” and “The White Crematorium” (2005); but then again, who cares about lyrical themes in Death Metal? Also, hailing back from an unsurprisingly failed attempt to make ‘proper grown-up music’, synthmeister Carsten Altena has sheepishly returned to the Deathcult flock as a full band member and will contribute much wailing and gnashing of teeth both on “Tetragrammaton” and live on-stage.” Mixing duties will once again be handled by Guido Aalbers and the album is set to be released in the first half of 2013.

Season of Mist will soon re-release SEPTICFLESH’s first five albums "Mystic Places Of Dawn", “Esoptron”, "Ophidian Wheel", "A Fallen Temple" and "Revolution DNA". Each reissue will come as a digipak with brand new cover artwork designed by Seth Siro Anton and bonus material. A vinyl edition will also be released for all five albums. The first of the series, 1994’s “Mystic Places Of Dawn”, has been scheduled for a January 25, 2013 release (January 22, 2013 in North America).

Norwegian Extreme Metallers PANTHEON I, have entered Skansen Lydstudio in Trondheim to begin recording their fourth full-length album. The drum tracks have already been laid down, with Vegar “Vyl” Larsen (KEEP OF KALESSIN, CHTON, live session drums for GORGOROTH) behind the kit in place of the band’s drummer Mads G (THE ALL SEEING I, ZEENON) who is currently unwell. PANTHEON I recently went “old school” and released a tape version of their very first album “Atrocity Divine” through Silent Scream Records, limited to 150 copies. The artwork for the tape was created by the Norwegian artist Kjell Åge Meland who has worked with the band on all their releases. More information about PANTHEON I can be found at www.facebook.com/pantheoni. Eight tracks by PANTHEON I can be heard on the band’s SoundCloud player which can be found at this location

Danish Death Metallers FEROCITY have signed a deal with Deepsend Records in association with Carsten Brogaard (Revolution Music Booking & Management). The following months FEROCITY will record their new full length album, which will be released in 2013. More at www.facebook.com/ferocity666

DarkZone Productions in co-operation with The End Of Time Records have just released the second full-length album of Polish DEEP DESOLATION. It is entitled "Rites Of Blasphemy" and available as a 3-panel digipak, in a limited number of 666 copies. You can check out the song ‘Searching For Yesterday’ on the DarkZone Productions MySpace site www.myspace.com/darkzonepl.

October 17, 2012

VOMITOR‘s third album, "The Escalation", will be released in North America and South America through Hells Headbangers on January 22, 2013. In Europe and the UK it will be out through Invictus Productions. Here’s the tracklist: ‘Pits Of Nightmare / Pitch Black’, ‘Prayer Of Nightmare’, ‘Salem Witches Grave’, ‘Hellburst To Fight’, ‘The Escalation’, ‘Metal Or Die’ and ‘Horrors Of Black Earth’. An exclusive pre-release stream of the album can be heard here. To celebrate their highly anticipated return, VOMITOR will be embarking on their first-ever American tour in December, playing six exclusive dates together with NEGATIVE PLANE. Early copies of the CD and LP version of "The Escalation" will be for sale at all dates of the tour. More info can be found at www.bbqbooking.blogspot.com

CRYPTOPSY will release a 2 CD / digital download "best of" collection, entitled "The Best Of Us Bleed", via Century Media Records on November 12, 2012 in Europe and November 19, 2012 in North America. It features 32 songs in a playing time of approximately 140 minutes, including 3 exclusive, newer studio songs, several rare live / demo / cover / bonus tracks as well as selected cuts from the first 6 studio albums. The cover artwork of this compilation was designed by Toshihiro Egawa (SUICIDE SILENCE, KRISIUN, ABIGAIL WILLIAMS, etc.) and the booklet contains extensive biographical liner notes by Adrien Begrand (Decibel Magazine). More info at www.cryptopsy.ca or www.facebook.com/cryptopsymetal

ENTHRONED and FORGOTTEN TOMB are due to kick off a European tour on November 28, 2012 at Le Korigan in Luynes / Aix (France). Both bands are touring in support of their latest full-length albums "Obsidium" (by ENTHRONED) released in March via Agonia Records and "…And Don’t Deliver Us From Evil…" (by FORGOTTEN TOMB) that is due to be released a month before the initial tour date. Tracks from both albums can be checked out here and here.

October 16, 2012

Canada’s 2 piece Black Metal project WILT are about to release their self-titled debut EP in late October / early November. It features the tracks ‘Autumn Veil’, ‘Empyrean’, ‘Cold Misfortune’ and ‘Pale Consternation’, with a total playing time of approximately 30 minutes. The artwork comes courtesy of Sam Nelson and the logo was created by Christophe Szpajdel. Dan Lowndes will handle mastering duties. The band has posted a sampler of the EP at this location. For more information visit www.facebook.com/wiltmb.

October 15, 2012

The new album by Poland’s symphonic Black Metallers LUNA AD NOCTUM is entitled "Hypnotic Inferno" and will be released by Massacre Records in February 2013. For all further information and updates check out www.lunaadnoctum.com or www.facebook.com/lan.official

October 14, 2012

On November 16, 2012 Cyclone Empire Records will release "Carnage Slaughter And Death", the second album of Swedish Crust / Death Metallers ZOMBIFIED. It was mixed and mastered by Ronnie Björnström from Enhanced Audio Productions at Garageland Studios (THE GROTESQUERY, THE 11TH HOUR, BONE GNAWER, BLODSRIT) and features cover artwork and booklet layout by Costin Chioreanu (Twilight13Media.com). The vinyl version will be strictly limited to 500 copies on heavy vinyl and include an artwork poster Members of ZOMBIFIED have been or still are active in bands like FACEBREAKER, BLODSRIT, PAGANIZER, TORMENTED, SCAR SYMMETRY, AKTIV DÖDSHJÄLP or SINNERS BURN. The tracklist of "Carnage Slaughter And Death" reads like this: ‘Carnage Slaughter And Death’, ‘Pull The Trigger’, ‘Withering Souls’, ‘Suffering Ascends’, ‘Clenched Fist Vengeance’, ‘Endless Days Of Wrath’, ‘Reborn In Sin’, ‘Corrosive Spiral’, ‘The Flesh Of The Living’, ‘The Last Stand’, ‘Slayer Fashion’ and ‘Reign Of Terror’ More info at www.facebook.com/zombifiedswe

October 13, 2012

Swedish Death Metallers DAEMONICUS have have just released their second full-length, "Deadwork", via Abyss Records. GunShyAssassin.com has posted an exclusive premier of the album track ‘The Hymn Of Ubo Sathla’ at this location. The album was recorded at Fenix Recording Studios (drums) and the band’s own C.C.H.B. Studios (guitars, bass and vocals) and was produced by DAEMONICUS in conjunction with Krille Englund. Mixing and mastering came courtesy of Ronnie Björnström of Enhanced Audio Productions at Garageland Studios in Umeå. More info at www.facebook.com/daemonicus.nu

"In The Grip Of Chaos", the debut full-length from Sweden’s ERUPTED is out now on Abyss Records. It was recorded at Kloster Productions by Robin ”Rojne” Svensson, who already worked with the band on their sold-out 2010 "Faces Of Death" EP. Check the song ‘Salvation From Below’ at this location. For all further information go to www.facebook.com/eruptedofficial

October 12, 2012

Listenable Records have signed ACHERON. Band founder and frontman Vincent Crowley commented on the band’s signing by saying: “ACHERON has been a thriving entity for many years now. We never got a proper push from any of our past labels to get to the next level. The band has received a lot of interest within the last year. When Listenable Records talked with me about signing ACHERON, I was indeed interested. The reason being is that he was a fan of ACHERON a long time ago. He believes in our music and wants to finally give ACHERON the push we deserve. We are not just a band, we’re a fucking diabolic War Machine!” The new ACHERON album "Kult Des Hasses" is scheduled for Spring 2013.

Century Media Records have signed reformed Chicago Death Metallers BROKEN HOPE. The band’s founder, Jeremy Wagner, comments: “For years, I wanted to write a new BROKEN HOPE album and see BROKEN HOPE firmly placed with a new home. My dream came true as BROKEN HOPE just signed a worldwide deal with Century Media. I’ve harbored great appreciation for CM and its stellar roster of artists since ’88 and I’m extremely happy and grateful to see BROKEN HOPE become part of the CM family. My sincere thanks to Robert Kampf and Maurizio Iacono for embracing our musical art. Watch for a new, sick and über-ferocious BROKEN HOPE album to hit the globe in 2013!” For more information please visit www.brokenhope.com

The next chapter in Relapse’s DEATH reissue campaign is the band’s 1990 "Spiritual Healing" album. The reissue comes as a double CD in super deluxe packaging and features brand new liner notes from James Murphy and Terry Butler, Chuck’s sister Beth Schuldiner and VOLBEAT frontman Michael Poulsen. Disc 1 features a completely new remaster of the original album and disc 2 contains 16 previously unreleased rehearsal, outtakes and studio instrumentals. In addition to the 2-Disc edition, a limited edition (2000 machine numbered copies) triple CD digipak will be available exclusively from www.relapse.com. The third CD features a never before released live set recorded in 1990 featuring the "Spiritual Healing" line-up. An iTunes deluxe edition will also be released containing 5 additional previously unreleased pre – "Human" rehearsal tracks not available on either of the CD versions.

Iron Bonehead Productions have just released two new 7" EPs: "Enter Transcendence" by Germany’s BEYOND (with gatefold cover, limited to 500 copies) and "Under The Shadow Of Death" by Denmark’s PUSTULATION (with insert, also limited to 500 copies). More info and ordering details at www.ironbonehead.de

U.S. Death Metallers ABYSME are currently streaming their entire 10-track debut album "Strange Rites" at this location. The band released the CD version on September 24, 2012 via Hellthrasher Productions and the vinyl treatment is due out by the end of 2012 through Blood Harvest Records. ABYSME was formed in 2006 in Pittsburg by ex – FUNERUS member, Brad Heiple. More information at www.facebook.com/abysme

Selfmadegod Records have just released a DECREPITAPH compilation CD entitled "Forgotten Scriptures". It includes the previously unreleased track ‘Vengeance Of The Abyss’, songs from the split 7"es with ANATOMIA, ETERNAL SOLSTICE, ERODED, MEATHOLE INFECTION, FATHER BEFOULED, the split 12" MLP with OFFAL, the "Resurrected And Rotting" 7" EP and a live version of ‘Unholy Crucifixion’. DECREPITAPH features current members of ENCOFFINATION, FATHER BEFOULED, SCAREMAKER, TOMBSTONES, LOATHSOME, BEYOND HELL etc. More info at www.decrepitaph.com

October 11, 2012

INCANTATION have finished the recordings of their new album ”Vanquish In Vengeance“ at Mars Studio with Bill Korecky. The mixing was done by Dan Swanö at Unisound Studios and the cover art comes courtesy of Worthless (www.worthlessendeavors.com). Here’s the tracklist: ‘Invoked Infinity’, ‘Ascend Into The Eternal’, ‘Progeny Of Tyranny’, ‘Transcend Into Absolute Dissolution’, ‘Haruspex’, ‘Vanquish In Vengeance’, ‘Profound Loathing’, ‘The Hellions Genesis’, ‘From Hollow Sands’ and ‘Legion Of Dis’. An exclusive track for Decibel Magazine’s Flexi Disc series will be available only to subscribers (www.DecibelMagazine.com). For this INCANTATION founder John McEntee dug into his vault and pulled up the tune ‘Degeneration’, off the self-titled 1989 demo from his pre – INCANTATION tech Thrash band, REVENANT. INCANTATION gave the song a proper reworking and the deathed-up, newly-recorded version of the song will appear inside the December 2012 issue of Decibel.

Former BLOODY SIGN members Kalevi and Ilmar Uibo have founded a new band called CHAOS ECHOES. The line-up gets completed by Etienne Testart and Stefan Thanneur (on guitar and bass respectively). Their first 6 track CD "Tone Of Things To Come" was recorded in April 2012 and mixed and mastered by Patrick W. Engel (KATHARSIS, ASCENSION). It is out now as a limited gatefold digi-sleeve CD via the band’s web store chaosechoes.bigcartel.com. The song ‘The Innermost Depths Of Knowledge’ is streaming at this location. More info at www.chaosechoes.org or www.facebook.com/chaosechoes

Spanish Death Grinders GRUESOME STUFF RELISH have signed with F.D.A. Records. A new album entitled "Sempiternal Death Grind" will be released January 25, 2013. Here’s the tracklist already: ‘A Date With Fulci’, ‘Desecrated’, ‘Deadlicious Feast’, ‘S.O.S.’, ‘They Are The Plague’, ‘End Is Near’, ‘They Follow Your Scent’, ‘Became A Zombie’, ‘Gruesome Stuff Relish’, ‘Sex Drugs & Grind’, ‘In Death We Breath’ and ‘Scratching The Violet Velvet’. More info at www.facebook.com/gruesomestuffrelish

October 10, 2012

SUFFOCATION are currently in the finishing stages of their upcoming new album entitled "Pinnacle Of Bedlam". The record was produced by the band and tracked at Full Force Studios in New York by longtime collaborator Joe Cincotta. The mixing and mastering of the album is set to be handled by producer / engineer Zeuss (HATEBREED, ARSIS, SUICIDE SILENCE). "Pinnacle Of Bedlam" will feature 10 tracks and marks the return of drummer Dave Culross, who played with the band previously on their "Despise The Sun" EP. www.facebook.com/suffocation

Nergal of Poland’s BEHEMOTH has completed work on a autobiography entitled “Sacrum Profanum“. The book, which will be released this month in Poland, is promoted through a series of trailers that feature Nergal reading portions of the book, as well as acting out portions of stories, which Nergal describes as “some funny, some sad, some evil…some related to the band, some not.” The trailers, that are dubbed in Polish with English subtitles, can be checked out here: www.youtube.com/user/Behemothofficial

HANDFUL OF HATE, one of the oldest Black Metal bands in Italy, signed a new record deal with code666 (part of the Aural Music Group), returning after 10 years from the 2003 album “Vicecrown”. Here’s an official statement from the band: “HANDFUL OF HATE is proud to announce the agreement with Code666 records for the new album. The collaboration between Code666 and HANDFUL OF HATE started in 2003 with the release of the “ViceCrown” album, nowadays considered a masterpiece and maybe the grimmest and most hateful opus from HANDFUL OF HATE. During 2013 we’ll proudly celebrate the 20 years of activity in the underground and Code666 will take care to release our 6th album in a very special edition. Be sure that this new act of carnal scorn will be the most extreme ever in our history!” www.handfulofhate.com

"Beyond The Flesh", the debut full length by California Death Metallers SKELETAL REMAINS will be released through F.D.A. Records on November 9, 2012 (December 03, 2012 in the UK) in CD, digital and vinyl LP formats. The LP comes in a glossy gatefold jacket and includes a bonus track (a cover of GORGUTS’ ‘Disincarnated’). Check out a promo video for ‘Extirpated Vitality’ here or stream the track on the label’s soundcloud page. Here’s the tracklist: ‘Extirpated Vitality’, ‘Desolate Isolation’, ‘Reconstructive Surgery’, ‘Carrion Death’ (Instrumental), ‘Traumatic Existence’, ‘Anthropophagy’, ‘Homicidal Pulchritude’, ‘Sub-Zero Termination’ and ‘Disincarnated’ (GORGUTS cover, vinyl version only). More info on SKELETAL REMAINS at www.facebook.com/skeletalremainsdeathmetal

The upcoming Agonia Records debut full length from Norwegian Black Metallers ENDEZZMA will be entitled "Erotik Nekrosis". It features seven tracks and is scheduled for a November 28, 2012 release in Europe (February 05, 2013 in the USA). The band features Morten Shax on vocals, Trondr Nefas (URGEHAL, BEASTCRAFT, ANGST SKVADRON, VULTURE LORD) and Mattis Malphas (BEASTCRAFT) on guitars, Sregroth (URGEHAL, ÅSMEGIN) on bass and Carl Balam (NATTEFROST, ASTAROTH, ex – INFERNAL) on drums. "Erotik Nekrosis" is the follow up to 2008’s MCD "Alone" and was recorded at Slaughterhaus Studio in Oslo with producer Robert Blix. The artwork was created by Alexandr Balinets and the album’s tracklist reads like this: ‘Junkyard Oblivion’, ‘Enigma Of The Sullen’, ‘Against Them All’, ‘Swansong Of A Giant’, ‘Hollow’, ‘Krossing Rubikon’ and ‘Soulcleansing’. For all further info check out www.facebook.com/endezzma

On October 31, 2012 Deathgasm Records will release "The Cleansing", the new album from old school Swedish Death Metallers NOMINON. It will be available as a digipak CD (with a 12-page booklet) and black and blue vinyl LP versions. You can already listen to the track ‘Obliteration’ at this location. The album features the following tracks: ‘Satanical Incubation’ (Intro), ‘In The Name Of Gomorrah’, ‘Mausoleum’, ‘Unholy Sacrifice’, ‘The Cleansing’, ‘Abhorrent Parasites’, ‘Hellwitch’, ‘Slaughter The Imposter’ (LP bonus track), ‘Obliteration’, ‘Son Of Doom’ and ‘Infernal Rites’. More NOMINON at www.nominon.com or www.facebook.com/nominon666

F.D.A. Records have signed German Death Metallers OBSCURE INFINITY for the release of their upcoming 3rd and 4th full length albums. Their latest album "Putrefying Illusions" was released in mid 2012 by Obscure Domain Productions and the band also played at Party San Festival in Germany. ‘Collecting A Disastrous Sun’, a song from "Putrefying Illusions" can be checked out at here. All further info at www.facebook.com/obscureinfinitygermany

October 09, 2012

VOIVOD have just released the first single, "Mechanical Mind”, of their upcoming 13th studio album, "Target Earth“, as a digital download and vinyl 7” (with the VOIVOD skull etching by the band’s own drummer Away as the b-side). The digital version is available in Europe here, while the 7” EP version (in a total pressing of 1000 hand-numbered copies; # 001 – 200 on red vinyl, # 201 – 400 on blue vinyl and # 401 – 1000 on black vinyl) can be purchased in Europe here. Please note that only the black vinyl version is still available from CM Distro in Europe, but you might be able to obtain the 7” EP from the band on their current European tour. A short teaser of “Mechanical Mind” can be checked out at this location. The new VOIVOD album "Target Earth“ will be out on January 21, 2013 in Europe and January 22, 2013 in North America. More info and updates at www.voivod.com, www.facebook.com/voivod

October 08, 2012

On October 19, 2012 Blood Harvest Records will release a 12" gatefold vinyl version of the new BOMBS OF HADES full length "The Serpent’s Redemption". The album was recorded and mixed at Welfare Sounds Studio (RAM, BOMBUS, etc) and features cover artwork cover by Polish artist Rafal Kruszyk (INTERMENT, HOODED MENACE, UNCANNY, COFFINS, etc). Here’s the full tracklist: ‘Crawl Away And Bleed Forever’, ‘Darkness, My Soul’, ‘Burn’, ‘The Serpent’s Redemption’, ‘Forgotten In Graves’, ‘Incubus Descending’, ‘Skull Collector’ and ‘Scorched Earth’. For more BOMBS OF HADES info check out www.bombsofhades.com or www.facebook.com/bombsofhades

"Fractured In The Timeless Abyss", the debut full-length from Birmingham, AL three-piece ECTOVOID, is out now as a limited edition (300 copies) vinyl 12" LP through Blood Harvest Records. The cover art was created by Christina Casperson (NOCTURNAL BLOOD, DAWNBRINGER etc.). You can check out a full stream at this location. All further info at www.facebook.com/ectovoid

Greek Death Metallers RESURGENCY will release the vinyl edition of their debut album "False Enlightenment" at the end of October via Hellthrasher Productions. It will be available on black and red 12" heavyweight vinyl packed in a gatefold sleeve and will feature remastered versions of all songs as well as improved artwork and logo. The LP can be pre-ordered at this location.

October 07, 2012

Finland’s TINNER have been signed by Pulverised Records. Here’s an official statement of drummer Subben about the signing: "TINNER is extremely happy to have inked a deal with Pulverised Records for the release of the album called "Soundtracket Till Din Vräkning" (The Soundtrack To Your Eviction). It will be a pleasure to bring our unpure Scandinavian Crustcore upon the Pulverised family. Pulverised feels like the perfect hideout for TINNER on our quest to piss off people all around the world on our mission for total D-Beat destruction. 16 songs were recorded in less than 10 hours in our rehearsal room. 13 of these songs we had never played or rehearsed before. That’s how we wanted it. Drunken, dirty raw kängpunk straight from Rock’n’Roll hell." More info you’ll find at www.facebook.com/tinnercrust

October 06, 2012

HATE have just finished recording their new album "Solarflesh". It will be released early next year via Napalm Records. The band’s frontman ATF Sinner comments: "We have just done mixes and mastering on the new material; our first album for Napalm (Records). I believe "Solarflesh" is the most insane and haunting record we’ve done thus far. It’s nothing but pure darkness… We’re extremely satisfied with this 61 minutes’ monster (12 songs) that we’ve put to life. Now we’re working on a documentary about the creation of "Solarflesh", its ideological sides, the band’s history, touring etc. It’s going to be much more than just a studio report. We want it to be an in-depth interview revealing some unknown facts, hidden meanings etc. I’m sure people will find it interesting." More information about HATE at www.facebook.com/hateofficial

Danish Death Metallers CORPUS MORTALE have signed a deal with Deepsend Records for the release of their third album "FleshCraft" this fall. "FleshCraft" is the follow-up to the band’s 2007 album, "A New Species Of Deviant" and the first for Deepsend Records. A promo video for the track ‘Love Lies Bleeding’ has been posted at this location. More at www.facebook.com/corpusmortale

October 05, 2012

War Anthem Records have signed Spanish old school Death Metallers GRAVEYARD. The band has plans to release their new album "The Sea Grave" on CD and vinyl at the beginning of 2013. "The Sea Grave" is the follow-up to 2011’s "The Altar Of Sculpted Skulls" (Pulverized Records) and 2009’s "One With The Dead" (Black Seed Prodoctions). More info and updates at www.graveyardofdoom.com or www.facebook.com/deathmetalgraveyard

October 04, 2012

Belgian Death Metallers DEHUMAN will start their "Bleeding Europe Tour 2012" on Friday, October 06, 2012. The first part of the tour will see DEHUMAN support MASTER (October 06 – 13, 2012) and on the second part they will hook up with AGATHOCLES. DEHUMAN is touring in support of their debut album, "Black Throne Of All Creation", which was released earlier this year via Kaotoxin Records. The album is available for stream and purchase at kaotoxinrecords.bandcamp.com. More info at www.facebook.com/dehumandm

Here’s an official statement from Swedish Death Metallers DEMONICAL: "We are thrilled about our first ever crusade through Russia which starts on Friday next week in Moscow. It feels utterly great to finally visit the eastern territories and as our Swedish comrades in SPASMODIC will join as support we are pretty sure this "Death Infernal Russia" tour will be an unforgettable firestorm of death and decay!" A tour-trailer can be checked out at this location. More about DEMONICAL at www.demonical.net

October 03, 2012

Kaotoxin Records have just released "Cannibalisme, Hérésie Et Autres Sauvageries", the debut full-length from French Death Metallers SAVAGE ANNIHILATION (featuring members of DEFECAL OF GERBE and BRENNKELT). Until October 07, 2012 MetalUnderground.com is offering an exclusive full album stream at this location. For bio information and band updates visit this location or check out www.facebook.com/savageannihilation.

German Thrashers ENTERA have just released their fourth full length CD, entitled "The War Goes On". It features 12 songs, as well as a the video for ‘Each Day’. A CD trailer can be checked out at this location. More info you’ll find here.

"Vacuous Spectral Silence", the debut full length by Australian Black Metallers CROWNED, will be released on October 12, 2012 via Seance Records and features the following tracks: ‘Menelvagor’, ‘Journey To The Crossroads’, ‘Firmament’, ‘Apocryphal Catacomb’, ‘Diamonds’ and ‘Vacuous Spectral Silence’. For all further info check out the label’s website at www.seancerecords.com

The second album by Catalonia’s Thrash Metallers VIVID REMORSE will be entitled "Down To The Wire". The cover has been designed by Maite Ramis ("Nad"), who also created the artwork for the band’s previous album "The Seed Of Malaise". The "Down To The Wire" tracklist reads like this: ‘Biopiracy (The Seed Of My Land)’, ‘Imaginary Actress’, ‘Theory Of Fear’, ‘Overdosed’, ‘Involution’, ‘Nobody Answers’, ‘Seize The Death’, ‘Seven Days Of Fire’, ‘L’angoixa De L’existència’, ‘Stop On Time’ and ‘The Never Falling Cries’. The album will be released on October 15, 2012 in Spain and in November (rest of the world). More at www.facebook.com/pages/vivid-remorse/135806803107251