July 10, 2013

"Turbulence From The Deep", the fourth full-length album from Malaysia Death Metallers HUMILIATION has just been released through Deepsend Records. More info at www.humiliation.my

Deepsend Records have launched a new Bandcamp site at this location. You can currently stream, download and order albums from CORPUS MORTALE, ETERNAL REST, EMBRYONIC DEVOURMENT and DAWN OF DEMISE. Previews of upcoming releases from HYBRID and HUMILIATION have been posted as well.

Germany’s BEYOND are currently streaming their debut album "Fatal Power Of Death" in its entirety at this location. The album has been released on CD by NecroShrine Records, the vinyl edition will be out through Iron Bonehead Productions on July 15, 2013. The full tracklist for "Fatal Power Of Death" reads like this: ‘Expressions’, ‘Merciless At Heart’, ‘Whirlwinds’, ‘Fatal Power Of Death’, ‘Schizopsychotic Eruption’, ‘Definite Decease (In The Chamber Of Deathsalvation)’, ‘Appearance From Beyond’ and ‘Consuming Black Void’.

The Path Less Traveled Records has just released the CD version of "Tomb Of Feathers", the debut album of Oakland’s ABSTRACTER. It was already released on September 18, 2012 by The Path Less Traveled Records in digital format and on a limited edition cassette tape by the band itself in the fall of 2012. "Tomb Of Feathers" was entirely self-produced and self-funded by the band and recorded live in three days by sound engineer Josh Garcia. Greg Wilkinson did the mix at Hear Hammer Studios and the matering was done by James Plotkin. All further info at www.abstracterband.com, www.facebook.com/abstracter

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