March 08, 2013

Grundar Production have just released the debut full length from Malaysia’s Death / Goregrinders SICKNESS, entitled "Necrosymphonies Of Necropsy". The tracklist reads like this: ‘Post Autopsy Decomposition’, ‘Cadaveric Putrefaction Necropsy’, ‘Pungent Reek of Incinerated Carnage’, ‘Congenital Carnal Abuse’, ‘Psychopathology’, ‘Urogenital Evisceration’, ‘Virulent Jugular Mass’, ‘Disgorgement of Innards’, ‘Endoparasitical Maggot Infestation’ and ‘Dismemberment : A Forensic Obscurity’. An album teaser was posted at this location. For all further info contact or check out

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