September 11, 2013

‘Pharos’, a 14 minutes long track from the new ZEMIAL full length "Nykta", is currently streaming at this location. The album will be released on October 31, 2013 through Hells Headbangers on CD and LP formats and features the following tracks: ‘Ancient Arcane Scrolls’, ‘Eclipse’, ‘Under Scythian Command’, ‘In The Arms Of Hades’, ‘Breath Of Pestilence’, ‘Deathspell’, ‘The Small’, ‘Pharos (I – Dreamer Lost, II – The Great Dark, III – Alone, IV – Jewels In The Dust)’ and ‘Out Of The Cage’. More about ZEMIAL at or

The second album of Finnish Death Metallers PURTENANCE is finished and the CD edition will be released on October 01, 2013 through Xtreem Music (a vinyl edition will follow in November). After the release of 2012’s EP "Sacrifice The King" the band added a second guitarist named Ville Nokelainen to their line-up and entered studios in spring 2013 to record the new album which will be entitled "Awaken From Slumber". Here’s the full tracklist already: ‘Intro’, ‘Hatred’, ‘What Was Hidden’, ‘Toxic Death’, ‘Field Of Terror’, ‘Vaikka Paahtuisin Tulessa’, ‘End For The Parasites (Called Humankind)’, ‘Hour Of The Cannibal’, ‘Temptation Of Suicide’, ‘Risen From Grave’ and ‘Endless Abyss’ (outro). Right after the release of the album PURTENANCE will play their very first show outside Finland at the "Ritual Zombi Fest" in Madrid (Spain) together with label mates AVULSED, DISSECT, CHRIST DENIED and ONIROPHAGUS on October 12, 2013. You can already listen to the album track ‘Hour Of The Cannibal’ at this location. More information at

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