August 21, 2014

Finland’s WÖMIT ANGEL will be releasing their second album "Holy Goatse" via Inverse Records on October 03, 2014. The tracklist reads like this: ‘Serpens Cauda’, ‘Skin’n’Fuck’, ‘Nekrofilian Kutsu’, ‘Nailgun Crucified’, ‘Summoning The Spirits Of Agony (Through Self-Fatality)’, ‘I Come With A Murder’, ‘The Witchhammer’ and ‘Holy Goatse’. A video for ‘Into The Storm Of Sodom’ (from 2012’s "Sodomatik Rites Of I.N.R.I" album) can be checked out here. More information at orömit-angel/190157331001341

Black / Death Metallers SACROCURSE are streaming their debut album "Unholier Master" in its entirety at this location now. It was just released this week by Hells Headbangers (Iron Bonehead Production is handling the European vinyl pressing). The tracklist reads as follows: ‘Sepulchral Desolation’, ‘All Existence Perishes’, ‘Command Demonic Prayers’, ‘Rites Of Perverted Idolatry’, ‘Oath For Eternal Damnation’, ‘C.O.N.V.U.L.S.E.’, ‘Unholier Master’, ‘Ripping Death Solution’, ‘Sulphur Blessing’ and ‘End Of Mankind Universe’. For all further SACROCURSE info check out

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