July 23, 2014

Two new tracks from California Black Metallers VOLAHN‘s (‘Yaxche’) and TUKAARIA (‘Nekaroa’) are currently available for streaming here. Both tracks will appear on the forthcoming double CD / 3 LP compilation "Tliltic Tlapoyauak", which was originally released last year as an extremely limited cassette version. This new edition will come with a 20 pages booklet in five-color printing, remastered sound by Arthur Rizk at Solomon’s Gate (INQUISITION, POWER TRIP) and is scheduled for release via The Ajna Offensive on September 02, 2014. Here’s the complete tracklist: KUXAN SUUM – ‘Tzolk’in’, CEMPOPOLOAH – ‘En El Obligo De La Luna…’, BLUE HUMMINGBIRD ON THE LEFT – ‘Storm’, THE HAUNTING PRESENCE – ‘Dead Souls Scream’, IN LAKECH ALA KIN – ‘Ometeotl’, MUKNAL – ‘Bringers Of Filth’, DOLORVOTRE – ‘Upward Spiraling’, TUKAARIA – ‘Nekaroa’, KAMPILAN – ‘Battle Of Mactan’, VOLAHN – ‘Yaxche’, KALLATHON – ‘Universe Of Constant Ages And In The Mist Of Eternity’, SHATAAN – ‘Born To The Earth, Return Through The Body’, BLOOD PLAY – ‘Screams Transcends’, ACUALLI – ‘Rites Of Mockery’, ARIZMENDA – ‘Rites Of Deconsecration’ and AXEMAN – ‘Ride Into The Night’. For more info check out www.theajnaoffensive.com or www.facebook.com/theajnaoffensive

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