November 22, 2014

Contributors wanted! VOICES FROM THE DARKSIDE is looking for reliable people again who can help us out with reviews, as we still get so much stuff that it’s difficult to keep track in this department. So, if you should have the necessary time, dedication and knowledge, get in touch with us for all further details here. If you’re running a magazine / zine on your own (or already contribute to one), you’re more than welcome as well.

TANK’s Algy Ward and WARFARE’s Evo have teamed up as EVO / ALGY for the release of an upcoming EP via High Roller Records. It will be entitled "Damned Unto Death" and features the following four tracks: ‘Anger Violence Hatred’, ‘Doomed At Dodes’, ‘Tune To The Music’ (STATUS QUO cover) and ‘Know Your Product’ (THE SAINTS cover).

Czech Doomsters ET MORIEMUR have just released their second full-length album "Ex Nihilo In Nihilum“ via Solitude Productions ( More information at

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