September 01, 2014

Swedish Thrashers ENTRENCH will release their second album "Violent Procreation" on November 21, 2014 via War Anthem Records. The album will be available on CD and vinyl and the following tracks will be featured: ‘One With Agony’, ‘Those Who Exceed’, ‘Adjust To Summit’, ‘Chemical Holocaust The Mental Wasteland’, ‘Devoid Of Life’, ‘Calm The Urge’, ‘The Process Of Annihilation’, ‘Senseless Slaughter’ and ‘Apathetic Existence’. ‘Devoid Of Life’ can already be checked out here. More info at or

Old Temple have just re-released "Mantra Lucifer Flagelantes", the latest full length from Chile’s Black / Death Metallers KRATHERION, as hand numbered jewel case CDs. The album features the following nine tracks: ‘Death Kult Church Omega’, ‘Liturgia Bubonica Infame’, ‘Necropolis Natal’, ‘Agonia Dantesca Y Macabra’, ‘Coito Sigilum Diaboli’, ‘Combustion Espontanea Del Espiritu Santo’, ‘Mantra Lucifer Flagelantes’, ‘Vuelo Nocturno’ and ‘Fornica Vulgata’. You can listen to them all at this location. More band info at

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