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July 31, 2014

BLOODSOAKED‘s new album "Religious Apocalypse" will be released on September 02, 2014 via Comatose Music. It contains new tracks, live cuts and covers of RATT’s ‘You’re In Love’ and CINDERELLA’s ‘Shake Me’. Here’s the full tracklist: ‘Devouring’, ‘Abomination’, ‘Religious Apocalypse’, ‘Shake Me’ (CINDERELLA cover), ‘You’re In Love’ (RATT cover), ‘Suicide’ (Live), ‘No God’ (Live), ‘Infestation’ (Live) and ‘Grinding Your Guts’ (Live). An official video for the album’s title track can be viewed at this location. More about BLOODSOAKED at www.bloodsoaked.net or www.facebook.com/bloodsoaked666

"Feed The Ego", the new album from Swiss Thrashers ALGEBRA, is now streaming in its entirety at this location. It was mixed and mastered by Andy Classen and will be released through Unspeakable Axe Records on September 02, 2014. ALGEBRA’s self-financed debut album was released in 2012 and reissued later on by Stormspell Records. For all further information check out www.facebook.com/algebrathrash

July 30, 2014

Wisconsin based blackened Death Metallers EMBLAZONED will release their debut full length album "Eucharistiae Sacramentum" via Deepsend Records on September 02, 2014. It was produced by Chris Wisco (NOVEMBERS DOOM, JUNGLE ROT, NACHTMYSTIUM) at Belle City Sound in Racine, WI and the cover art was once again created by Raf The Might. One of the tracks from the album can already be heard here. More band information you may find at www.facebook.com/emblazoned666

On October 27, 2014 Invictus Productions will release "Sorcery Of The Damned", the debut EP from Chile’s Death Metallers ORACULUM. It will feature the following tracks: ‘The Vessel Of Orichalcum’, ‘Primeval Flame’, ‘Passage I’ and ‘Endarkenment’. For all further info about ORACULUM check out www.facebook.com/oraculum.chile

‘Khthoniik Cerviiks Exhalement’, a track from "Heptaedrone", the upcoming new demo from German Black / Death Metallers KHTHONIIK CERVIIKS, is currently streaming here. The whole 7 song demo will be released on August 15, 2014 via Iron Bonehead Productions. Its tracklist reads like this: ‘Khtoniik Cerviiks Exhalement’, ‘The Grand Sidereal Swindle’, ‘Colliding Spheres Bend Solar Years’, ‘Elektriik Redeemer’, ‘Magmatiik Moil’, ‘Black Hole Neurotransmission’ and ‘Moraines Of Molten Light (Khtoniik Cerviiks Inhalement)’. More info at www.ironbonehead.de or www.facebook.com/ironboneheadproductions

July 29, 2014

German Death Metallers INEXORABLE have signed a deal with Unholy Prophecies for the release of their new tape EP “Nigrum Cuniculum“. The recordings will start in September at Time And Dust Studios in Chemnitz, Germany. “Nigrum Cuniculum“ will include three new tracks and three cover songs (MAYHEM’s ‘De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas’, IMMOLATION’s ‘I Feel Nothing’ and MYSTICUM’s ‘Black Magic Mushrooms’). The limited release (200 handnumbered copies with pro-printed tapes and cover) is scheduled for end of October 2014. You can check out the band’s entire “Morte Sola” EP on their Bandcamp site. This limited EP (1.000 copies) was released in 2013 as a digipak CD. More band info at www.in-morte-sumus.de

Hellthrasher Productions will release a vinyl edition of "In Terra Profugus", the debut album from Iceland’s Black Metallers CARPE NOCTEM, on August 05, 2014. It will be limited to 300 black copies in a jacket sleeve with an 8 pages A5 booklet. "In Terra Profugus" was originally released on CD in September 2013 through Code666 Records. The album features the following tracks: ‘Odium Somniferum’, ‘Ars Moriendi’, ‘Vitriol’, ‘Metamorphoses Maleficarum’ and ‘Hostis Humani Generis’. More CARPE NOCTEM at www.facebook.com/carpenoctemiceland

Czech Doom Metallers ET MORIEMUR will release their new album "Ex Nihilo In Nihilum" this autumn via Solitude Productions. A short album teaser can already be found at this location. All further info at www.etmoriemur.com or www.facebook.com/pages/et-moriemur/382342939251

July 25, 2014

‘Steppes’ and ‘Labyrinthian Graves’, the two tracks of the forthcoming new BÖLZER EP "Soma", are currently streaming at this location. "Soma" will be released on August 05, 2014 via Invictus Productions. For more info check out www.facebook.com/pages/bölzer/108657105834227

Spanish brutal Death Metallers AVULSED have found a replacement for drummer Osckar Bravo, who recently left the band. His name is Erik Raya who has been playing drums for Spanish Metallers SILVER FIST since 2011. Samples of Erik’s abilities can be checked out here (recorded one year ago) and here (a cover of NILE’s ‘Sacrifice Unto Sebek’ played at home). More AVULSED at www.facebook.com/1991avulsed

Hells Headbangers have signed UK’s Black / Death Metallers SCYTHIAN for two full-length albums. The band is currently working on their label debut (and second LP overall), which will be recorded in November at Priory Studios in Birmingham with ESOTERIC’s Greg Chandler (GRAVE MIASMA, ADORIOR, INDESINENCE). Czech artist Blanka Dvorak will be creating the cover artwork. A teaser video can already be be checked out here. More about SCYTHIAN at www.facebook.com/scythianuk

"The Coming Of Mictlan", the second album from Germany’s ALBEZ DUZ, will be released on September 12, 2014 via Iron Bonehead Productions. The tracklist reads like this ‘Heaven’s Blind’, ‘Fire Wings’, ‘Mictlan’, ‘Feathered Snake’, ‘Drowned’, ‘Servants Of Light’ and ‘Twist In My Sobriety’. For all additional info check out www.facebook.com/albezduz

July 24, 2014

CEMETERY LUST‘s new album "Orgies Of Abomination" is now streaming in its entirety at this location. The tracklist reads as follows: ‘Inhumane Indulgence’ (Intro), ‘Mass Grave Orgy’, ‘Bloody Whore Bath’, ‘Ride The Beast’, ‘Malice In The Morgue’, ‘Cyborg Sex Machine’, ‘Tenement’, ‘Devils Grave Disturbance’, ‘Intent To Molest’, ‘Cum On The Cross’, ‘S.T.D. (Sexually Transmitted Death)’ and ‘Malefic Masturbation’. More band information you’ll find at www.facebook.com/cemeterylust or www.reverbnation.com/cemeterylust

MARTYRVORE‘s new 12" MLP "Malevolent Desolation" will be released on September 12, 2014 via Iron Bonehead Productions. The band’s first studio recordings in seven years features the following tracks: ‘Shemhamforash’ (Intro), ‘Masaya’, ‘Global Annihilation’, ‘Crush The Seals’, ‘Perversion Rites’, ‘Mouth Of The Grave’, ‘The Black…’ and ‘Malevolent Desolation’ (Outro). For all further MARTYRVORE info check out www.facebook.com/pages/martyrvore/213663915379832

July 23, 2014

Two new tracks from California Black Metallers VOLAHN‘s (‘Yaxche’) and TUKAARIA (‘Nekaroa’) are currently available for streaming here. Both tracks will appear on the forthcoming double CD / 3 LP compilation "Tliltic Tlapoyauak", which was originally released last year as an extremely limited cassette version. This new edition will come with a 20 pages booklet in five-color printing, remastered sound by Arthur Rizk at Solomon’s Gate (INQUISITION, POWER TRIP) and is scheduled for release via The Ajna Offensive on September 02, 2014. Here’s the complete tracklist: KUXAN SUUM – ‘Tzolk’in’, CEMPOPOLOAH – ‘En El Obligo De La Luna…’, BLUE HUMMINGBIRD ON THE LEFT – ‘Storm’, THE HAUNTING PRESENCE – ‘Dead Souls Scream’, IN LAKECH ALA KIN – ‘Ometeotl’, MUKNAL – ‘Bringers Of Filth’, DOLORVOTRE – ‘Upward Spiraling’, TUKAARIA – ‘Nekaroa’, KAMPILAN – ‘Battle Of Mactan’, VOLAHN – ‘Yaxche’, KALLATHON – ‘Universe Of Constant Ages And In The Mist Of Eternity’, SHATAAN – ‘Born To The Earth, Return Through The Body’, BLOOD PLAY – ‘Screams Transcends’, ACUALLI – ‘Rites Of Mockery’, ARIZMENDA – ‘Rites Of Deconsecration’ and AXEMAN – ‘Ride Into The Night’. For more info check out www.theajnaoffensive.com or www.facebook.com/theajnaoffensive

July 19, 2014

Norway’s DISKORD have finished work on their upcoming new mini album "Oscillations". It will be released on digipak CD (August 15, 2014) and two variant colored vinyl (September 02, 2014) in co-operation between Hellthrasher Productions (Europe) and Australopithecus Records (North America). "Oscillations" features cover artwork by Sindre Foss Skancke and the tracklisting reads like this: ‘Horrid Engine’, ‘Lethargic Regression’, ‘Hermit Dream’, ‘Elytrous Oscillations’, ‘Symbiotic Whims’ and ‘A Downward Spire’. The promo video for ‘Horrid Engine can be checked out here. More about DISKORD at www.diskord.net or www.facebook.com/pages/diskord/6342268411

July 17, 2014

Spanish technical Death Metallers WORMED will embark on the "Confronting Entropy" European tour together with New Zealand’s ULCERATE in November. The tour will kick off on November 21, 2014 in Groningen, Netherlands and ends on December 14, 2014 in Arnhem, in the Netherlands again. More info at www.wormed.net or www.facebook.com/wormed

Dutch blackened Thrashers ONHEIL have released a video for ‘Self-Destruction Mode’ at this location. The song is taken off their upcoming new album "Storm Is Coming", which will be released on September 05, 2014 via Cyclone Empire. It was produced and mixed by Bart Hennephof and Yuma van Eekelen at Final Focus Studios, The Netherlands. The mastering was done by Tore Stjerna at Necromorbus Studios, Sweden. An official album trailer can be found at this location. The "Storm Is Coming" tracklist reads like this: ‘Embrace The Chaos’, ‘Kill Tomorrow’, ‘Self-Destruction Mode’, ‘The Omega Legions’, ‘Storm Is Coming’, ‘The End Of Everything’, ‘Wings Of Death’, ‘Dronkenschap In Duisternis II’, ‘Nature’s Wrath’ and ‘Streams Of Silence’. More about ONHEIL at www.onheil.com or www.facebook.com/onheilmusic

Unholy Prophecies will release "Horrors From Beyond", the debut demo of Chile’s SOULROT, on September 01, 2014 in a limited edition of 200 handnumbered copies. It features the following tracks: ‘Bloodfed Deity’ (Intro), ‘Blackstone‘, ‘The Tower’, ‘Incorporeal Autopsy‘, ‘Horrors From Beyond’ and ‘Awakening The Colossus’. More info at www.unholyprophecies.com or www.facebook.com/unholyprophecies666

July 16, 2014

"Grape Of The Vine", the second full length from Swedish Black Metallers MORTUUS will be released on September 16, 2014 via The Ajna Offensive. It features the following tracks: ‘Layil’, ‘Grape Of The Vine’, ‘Torches’, ‘Sulphur’, ‘Disobedience’, ‘Nemesis’ and ‘Tzel Maveth’. More about MORTUUS you’ll find at www.facebook.com/mortuusswe

On September 16, 2014 Dark Descent Records will release "Baphomet Pan Shub-Niggurath", the new CD from Chile’s UNAUSSPRECHLICHEN KULTEN. The vinyl edition will be released via Iron Bonehead Productions. The track ‘The Hooded Baphomet Bleated’ is already streaming at this location. The album’s tracklist reads like this: ‘Prologue’, ‘The Hooded Baphomet Bleated’, ‘La Recta Provincia’, ‘Yogge-Sothothe’, ‘Ceremony Of Belial’, ‘Kadath In The Cold Waste’, ‘Nomen Mysticum’, ‘Spirals Of Acrid Smoke’ and ‘Epilogie’. All further info about UNAUSSPRECHLICHEN KULTEN at www.facebook.com/pages/unaussprechlichen-kulten/609345889079874

New York Death Metallers DAY OF DOOM have recently added former CORPSICLE and SANGUINARY CARNAGE guitarist Michael Fairlie to their ranks. The band’s third full-length "The Gates Of Hell" was released via Lavadome Productions earlier this year. More DAY OF DOOM at www.facebook.com/dayofdoom666

Greek Death Metallers RESURGENCY have been signed by F.D.A. Records for the release of the band’s second album. RESURGENCY’s current line-up consists of members from NECROVOROUS and EMBRACE OF THORNS. You can check out ‘Ending The Beginning’, a track from their last album "False Enlightenment" at this location. More information at www.facebook.com/pages/resurgency/150010435055711 or http://resurgency.bandcamp.com

July 15, 2014

Hammerheart Records have signed Frisia / Netherlands based Black Metallers KJELD. The band features members of TARNKAPPE, LUGUBRE, SALACIOUS GODS and GHEESTENLAND and the upcoming album "Skym" was mixed and mastered by M. Nienhuis and J. Bonis. More about KJELD at www.facebook.com/kjeldblackmetal

Germany’s Death / Grinders KEITZER are currently streaming their upcoming new album "The Last Defence" in its entirety at this location. The album was recorded, mixed and mastered at Soundlodge Studio by Jörg Uken and the cover art was created by Florian Furtkamp. An official video for the album track ‘This Is The Only Solution’ can be checked out here. More KEITZER info at www.facebook.com/keitzer

July 14, 2014

The as-of-yet untitled new mini album from Swedish Death / Black Metallers TRIDENT will be released in October / November 2014 via War Anthem Records. A trailer has already been posted at this location. The band features ex – DISSECTION / SOULREAPER guitarist Johan Norman and their debut album "World Destruction" was released in 2010. More info at www.facebook.com/pages/trident/273317446089846

July 12, 2014

On August 15, 2014 Iron Bonehead Productions will release "Heptaedrone", the debut demo of German Black / Death Metallers KHTONIIK CERVIIKS. The tracklist reads like this: ‘Khtoniik Cerviiks Exhalement’, ‘The Grand Sidereal Swindle’, ‘Colliding Spheres Bend Solar Years’, ‘Elektriik Redeemer’, ‘Magmatiik Moil’, ‘Black Hole Neurotransmission’ and ‘Moraines Of Molten Light (Khtoniik Cerviiks Inhalement)’. For more information check out www.ironbonehead.de or www.facebook.com/ironboneheadproductions

July 11, 2014

Blood Harvest Records will release the vinyl edition of DIABOLICAL MESSIAH‘s debut album "Satan Tottendemon Victory!!!" on August 04, 2014. It was originally released on CD in 2010 via Proselytism label and features the following tracks: ‘Salve Satanas’, ‘Celestial Ceremony’, ‘Buried Throne’, ‘Divine War’, ‘Intro / Panzerkampfwagen’, ‘Curse Of Megatons’, ‘Master Of Chaos’, ‘Perverse Domain’ and ‘Sicarius / Outro’. For more DIABOLICAL MESSIAH information check out www.facebook.com/pages/diabolical-messiah/239701332777657

German Death Metallers SLAUGHTERDAY will release a new EP entitled "Ravenous" on August 08, 2014 through F.D.A. Records. It consists of three new tracks (‘Ravenous’, ‘Crawling In Secrecy’, ‘Abyss Of Nameless Fear’) and a cover of ACHERON’s ‘Ave Satanas’. The material was recorded, mixed and mastered by Jörg Uken at Soundlodge Studio and the artwork was created by Swedish artist Jan Pysander Whitney. "Ravenous" will be available as a MCD and as a limited edition (300 copies) blood red vinyl MLP. More about SLAUGHTERDAY at www.facebook.com/slaughterdayofficial

July 10, 2014

OBITUARY have finally finished the recordings of their 9th, as-of-yet untitled, studio album. It was self-recorded by the band at their own RedNeck studio in Gibsonton, FL. Here’s their official statement: "We don’t know how to explain it but we really hit the "Metal nail" on the head with this album. We have been writing and working on the new material for nearly 3 years now and we could not be more excited how these songs have all turned out. All the stars seem to have aligned for us and this release, with the songs, production and overall feel of this record, the band is more solid than ever." The recordings were funded by a Kickstarter campaign in late 2013 with a worldwide release through Relapse Records later this year. More OBITUARY at www.obituary.cc or www.facebook.com/obituaryband.

On August 05, 2014 Invictus Productions will release "Soma", the new EP from Switzerland’s BÖLZER. It consists of the following two new tracks: ‘Steppes’ and ‘Labyrinthian Graves’. More info you will find at www.facebook.com/pages/bölzer/108657105834227 or www.invictusproductions.net

July 04, 2014

On August 08, 2014 Cyclone Empire will re-release the first three CANCER full lengths "To The Gory End" (1990), "Death Shall Rise" (1991) and "The Sins Of Mankind" (1993) on CD and on vinyl (in orange, blue and red respectively). Each re-release features exclusive bonus material. "To The Gory End" will additionally have two tracks from the band’s 1989 demo (‘Our Fate’ and ‘Revenged’), "Death Shall Rise" also comes up with live songs from 1992’s Milwaukee Metalfest (‘Hung, Drawn And Quartered’ and ‘Blood Bath’) and "The Sins Of Mankind" has two tracks from a 1992 working demo, with no vocals on offer (‘Cloak Of Darkness’ and ‘Electro-Convulsive Therapy’). More about CANCER at www.facebook.com/cancerbanduk

July 03, 2014

"Imago", the debut full-length CD from Swedish Death Metallers MORDBRAND, has just been released on vinyl via Deathgasm Records. It is limited to 500 copies (100 copies on orange / black splatter vinyl and 400 copies on black vinyl). The album track ‘Join Them In Thralldom’ is currently streaming at this location. More about MORDBRAND at www.facebook.com/pages/mordbrand/121721747901195

KEITZER‘s fifth album "The Last Defence" will be released through F.D.A. Records on July 18, 2014. It was recorded, mixed and mastered at Soundlodge Studio by Jörg Uken and the cover art was created by Florian Furtkamp. "The Last Defence" features the following tracks: ‘Bellum Indicere’, ‘Exist To Destroy’, ‘This Is The Only Solution’, ‘Forever War’, ‘Marching Forward To Victory’, ‘The Last Defence’, ‘Next Offensive’, ‘We Are The Serpents Of Doom’, ‘Fleshcrawl’, ‘Todgeweiht’, ‘Glorious Dead’, ‘Ausgelöscht’, ‘Crusade’ and ‘Before Annihilation’. The official video for the album track ‘This Is The Only Solution’ can already be checked out here. For all additional info check out www.facebook.com/keitzer

German Death Metallers DESERTED FEAR are currently in the studio to record their new, as-of-yet untitled album. Here’s an official statement from the band: "It´s getting loud again in Eisensound studio! After over two years of abstinence from the studio, that we spent with playing a lot of great live shows, we are now returning to record a new record. The new album will once again contain nine neck-breaking Death Metal songs as well as a cool guest feature, which we will announce later. The drums are nailed down already and now we will do the guitars. Stay tuned people, we are really looking forward to present this to you!" For news and updates check out www.desertedfear.de or www.facebook.com/desertedfear

July 02, 2014

French brutal Death Metallers BENIGHTED have parted ways with guitarist Adrien and bass player Alexis after their Hellfest show. They however have already announced new shows in the coming months in support of their latest full-length "Carnivore Sublime". More info at www.facebook.com/brutalbenighted

July 01, 2014

INQUISITION will kick off their European tour in support of their current album "Obscure Verses For The Multiverse" this Thursday (July 03, 2014), at the Little Devil club in Tilburg, Netherlands. Throughout the tour the band will also appear on a couple of festivals such as Under The Black Sun (Germany), Brutal Assault (Czech Republic), Party.San Open Air (Germany), Motocultor (France), Metal Mean (Belgium) and Beyond the Gates (Norway). The tour ends at the Pussy A GoGo in Stockholm, Sweden on August 30, 2014. More about INQUISITION at www.facebook.com/inquisition.official

Swedish Death Metallers STENCH (featuring members of TRIBULATION), are currently working at Necromorbus in Stockholm on the follow-up to their 2010 debut album, "In Putrescence". The new album is scheduled for a autumn 2014 release via Agonia Records. For all further STENCH information check out www.facebook.com/pages/stench-official/213520935347849