January 24, 2015

On March 13, 2015 Nuclear War Now! Productions will release a NOCTURNUS compilation, entitled "The Science Of Horror". The label already reissued both NOCTURNUS demos on a single picture LP (limited to 100 copies and only available at last year’s NWN! Fest Vol. IV) and now will release them again on a single vinyl release. 250 copies on red vinyl with jackets showcasing the original artwork from the demo cassettes will first be available at the upcoming NOCTURNUS gig in San Francisco on March 13, 2015, where the band will play a special old school set. Later this year, Nuclear War Now! will release a standard vinyl edition featuring updated original artwork from Zbigniew Bielak. The complete tracklist reads like this: "The Science Of Horror" (Demo 2, 1988): ‘Before Christ / After Death’, ‘Standing ‘n Blood’, ‘Neolithic’, ‘Undead Journey’, "Nocturnus" (Demo 1, 1987): ‘Nocturnus’, ‘B.C. – A.D.’, ‘The Entity’ and ‘Unholy Fury’. More about NOCTURNUS at www.facebook.com/nocturnusad

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