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August 31, 2015

US Black Metallers RITUAL KILLER have released a track from their forthcoming album "Exterminance" at this location. The album will be released on September 18, 2015 via Season Of Mist. The tracklist for "Exterminance" reads like this: ‘Bury The Earth, Bury The Sky’, ‘As The Vulture Feeds’, ‘Feral Eyes’, ‘Dogs, Wolves And Carrion Fowl’, ‘Cuuntius’, ‘Pale Corpse Incantations’, ‘Crippling Beast’ and ‘Passing Of Creation’. More about RITUAL KILLER at www.facebook.com/ritualkillerofficial

August 28, 2015

Avesta / Sweden based Doom / Deathers MOONDARK have been signed by Cyclone Empire. The band’s first ever official album is scheduled for a 2016 release. MOONDARK’s current line-up consists of Alexander Högbom (vocals, VOLTURYON, SPASMODIC, OCTOBER TIDE, CENTINEX), Mattias Norrman (guitars, OCTOBER TIDE, ex – KATATONIA, INTERMENT, DELLAMORTE), Johan Jansson (guitars, INTERMENT, PARASIT, ex – DEMONICAL, REGURGITATE, DELLAMORTE), Allan Lundholm (bass, INTERMENT, ex – CONVULSION, CIRCLE OF CHAOS) and Kennet Englund (drums, INTERMENT, DEMONICAL, CENTINEX, ex – UNCANNY, DELLAMORTE). At the end of August 1993 MOONDARK entered Soundline Studios in Avesta and recorded 7 songs with engineer Per Samuelsson for a demo that was simply entitled “Demo # 1”. 14 years later Swedish Dreamtide Music resurrected these old recordings and released them as a limited edition CD entitled “The Shadowpath”. The demo also got released as a digipak CD by No Colours Records and on LP via Temple Of Darkness in 2007. In May 2015 Xtreem Music re-issued “The Shadowpath” on CD with new artwork made by Juanjo Castellano. This release was completed with a bio, photos and all the lyrics. A vinyl edition will follow in 2016. For more information check out www.facebook.com/moondark666

Portland, Oregon Grinders IMMORAL MAJORITY have just posted live footage from their show at Deadfest 2015 in Oakland, California, featuring guest vocalist / guitarist Ryan Bartek (of Portland grinders VULTURE LOCUST) at this location. All further info at: www.facebook.com/immoralmajorityisnotpc

August 27, 2015

French blackened Death Metallers AZZIARD have inked a deal with Kaotoxin Records. The band’s line-up features former and current members of THE NEGATION, MOONREICH, WHISPERING TEARS and BRAN BARR. AZZIARD are currently working at Vamacara Studio on their third, as of yet untitled, full-length which is scheduled for an early 2016 release. A pre-production version of the album track ‘Unus Mundus’ is already available for streaming and free download right here. This version will also be included on the free Kaotoxin Records Sampler "Weapons Of Self-Destruction: Volume 2", which will be released on September 14, 2015. For more band info check out www.facebook.com/azziard

August 26, 2015

‘Djevelens Mesterverk’, a track from the upcoming new TSJUDER full length "Antiliv", is currently streaming here. The album will be released on September 18, 2015 via Season Of Mist. The band released the following comments regarding ‘Djevelens Mesterverk’: "This song delivers aggressive Black Metal with some Thrash influences. The title means in Norwegian ‘The Devil’s Masterpiece’. The lyrics describes a first person "me" (or the reader) as a reflection of the Devil – or some devil. Infecting the world with chaos, destruction, negativity, etc., which has been the foundation and purpose of ‘my’ life. ‘Djevelens Mesterverk’ was the first track that we composed for the "Antiliv" album (excluding ‘Ved Ferdens Ende’ that appeared on demo back in 1995)…" The following tracks will appear on "Antiliv": ‘Kaos’, ‘Krater’, ‘Norge’, ‘Djevelens Mesterverk’, ‘Demonic Supremacy’, ‘Slumber With The Worm’, ‘Ved Ferdens Ende’ and ‘Antiliv’. The digibox release will furthermore feature the following bonus tracks: ‘Kaos’ (rehearsal version), ‘Slumber With The Worm’ (rehearsal version), ‘Antiliv’ (rehearsal version), ‘Deathcrush’ (MAYHEM cover) and ‘Unholy Pagan Fire’ (BEHERIT cover). More info at www.tsjuder.com or www.facebook.com/tsjuderofficial

"Strijd", the long sold out debut album from Dutch Black Metallers SAMMATH, will be re-released via Hammerheart in the first quarter of 2016 on gold vinyl, limited to 300 copies. For all additional information about SAMMATH check out www.facebook.com/sammath666

August 25, 2015

Stockholm / Sweden based Death Metallers LIK will release their debut full length "Mass Funeral Evocation" on October 16, 2015 via War Anthem Records. The album will feature the following ten tracks: ‘Serum 141’, ‘Le Morte Homme’, ‘Ghoul’, ‘Death Orgasmic’, ‘Sickening’, ‘Endless Oceans Of Blood’, ‘Behold The Beheaded’, ‘Necromancer’, ‘Skin Necrosis’ and ‘Trail Ov Entrails’. You can already check out the song ‘Le Morte Homme’ here. LIK was formed in 2014 by drummer / sänger Chris (ex – KAAMOS, ex – GRAVE, ex – REPUGNANT, THE RESISTANCE) and singer / guitarist Tomas (NALE) and completed by guitarist Nille (ex – SIEBENBÜRGEN) and bassplayer Matte (NALE). Previously to the upcoming album they released ademo entitled "Behold The Beheaded". All further information you will find at the following address: www.facebook.com/likofficial

On August 21, 2015 Hellthrasher Productions have released the vinyl edition EMBRIONAL‘s second full-length "The Devil Inside" in a limited edition of 240 copies (incl. 90 copies on red vinyl with heavy black splatters and textile poster flags). The artwork and jacket design was created by Mariusz Krajewski. "The Devil Inside" originally was released via Old Temple (CD) and Third Eye Temple / Godz Ov War (MC, limited CD). The full album is currently streaming at this location. More about EMBRIONAL at www.facebook.com/embrional

Canada’s REVENGE have just completed their fifth full-length "Behold.Total.Rejection". It will be released via Season Of Mist on November 13, 2015. For all additional information check out www.facebook.com/revengeofficialsompage.

American old school Death Metallers HORRENDOUS will release their third full-length "Anareta" on October 30, 2015 via Dark Descent Records. It was recorded, mixed and mastered this summer at Subterranean Watchtower Studios and the cover art comes courtesy of Brian Smith. The full tracklist reads like this: ‘The Nihilist’, ‘Ozymandias’, ‘Siderea’, ‘Polaris’, ‘Acolytes’, ‘Sum Of All Failures’, ‘Stillborn Gods’ and ‘The Solipsist (Mirrors Gaze)’. Here’s an official band statement about the album: "We are all very proud of the album and feel it is our best work to date. While our composition process has always been spread out over several separated writing-specific sessions, one thing that separates "Anareta" from our past work is our recording process. We recorded all the songs over one continuous period (the recording sessions for "The Chills" and "Ecdysis" were more spread out), Matt and Jamie stayed at Damian’s house / studio for weeks on end and the three of us lived, breathed and dreamed of nothing but the album during that time. It was our entire lives for over a month (two months if you include the mixing and mastering stage), and we think this complete dedication to the record is one of the factors that really made it turn out so well. There was a lot of magic in the air once we finished the foundation of the record, and each day we built off of the prior day’s creative energies and inspirations until it bloomed into something immense." An exclusive premiere of the album track ‘Sum Of All Failures’ can already be checked out here. More HORRENDOUS information at www.facebook.com/horrendousdeathmetal

August 20, 2015

Hamburg / Germany based Death Metallers ENDSEEKER have signed a deal with F.D.A. Records. The band’s first EP "Corrosive Revelation" will be released on November 13, 2015 as MCD, MLP and download. It was recorded at Chemical Burn Studio with producer Alexander Dietz and mixed and mastered by Alexander Dietz and Eike O. Freese. The cover artwork was created by Mark Riddick. A lyric video for the song ‘Attention War’ can be checked out here. The full tracklist reads like this: ‘Corrosive Revelation’, ‘Attention War’, ‘Consumed By Desire’, ‘Deployment Of The Aroused’ and ‘Supposed To Rot’ (ENTOMBED cover). More info at www.facebook.com/endseekermusic

"Subversions Of The Psyche", the debut full-length from Scottish brutal Death Metallers INIQUITOUS SAVAGERY, will be released via Grindethic Records on September 22, 2015. It was recorded, mixed and mastered by Jörg Uken at Soundlodge Studios, Germany. The following tracks will appear on the album: ‘Prey To The Agonies Of Morbid Apprehension’, ‘Transient States Of Metaphysical Revelation’, ‘Cognitive Dissonance’, ‘Sadistic’, ‘Subversions Of The Psyche’, ‘Propagating A Pestiferous Enmity’, ‘Prognosis Of Terminal Parasitic Degradation Facilitating The Process For Utter Decomposition’ and ‘Subjugated Into Pathological Servility’. You can already check out ‘Transient States Of Metaphysical Revelation’ at this location. All additional band information at www.facebook.com/iniquitoussavagery

August 19, 2015

‘Zombie Splatter Axe’, another track from the upcoming MORBID SLAUGHTER album "A Filthy Orgy Of Horror And Death", is now streaming here. You can still listen to ‘Chainsaw Blade’ here and ‘Torture Without Anesthesia’ here. More information about MORBID SLAUGHTER at www.facebook.com/morbidslaughterofficial

Swiss industrial Black Metallers BORGNE have been signed by Those Opposed Records for the release of their new album "Règne Des Morts". It will be released on September 28, 2015, prior to the band’s appearance at the Black Arts Ceremony Fest in Lyon, France. The album track ‘Fear’ is currently streaming at this location. Dirge Rep (GEHENNA, ENSLAVED) wrote lyrics for one of the tracks and Spellgoth (HORNA) contributed guest vocals to another. The album will also feature one track in Greek (Ormenos also plays in KAWIR) and the first BORGNE track ever to be sung in French. A massive BORGNE vinyl boxset will be released via Those Opposed Records in 2016. It will contain the "Règne Des Morts" album on double LP plus "Royaume Des Ombres" (from 2012) on double LP with exclusive bonus track, along with "Entraves De l’Ame" (2010) as a single LP. It will be limited to 500 copies (300 copies on black and two different coloured vinyl versions, each limited to 100 copies) and distributed via Those Opposed Records and Season of Mist. For all further info check out www.facebook.com/borgneblackmetal

French Black Metallers VI (featuring current and ex – members of AOSOTH, ANTAEUS and ABORTED) are streaming a brand new song (‘Par Le Jugement Causé Par Ses Poisons’) here. The band’s debut full length "De Praestgiis Angelorum" was recorded at BST Studio (ANTAEUS, HELL MILITIA, AOSOTH, VORKREIST) and the cover artwork has been created by Alexander L. Brown (LEVIATHAN, STARGAZER, BÖLZER, DARKTHRONE). The album will be released on September 25, 2015 via Agonia Records. More details at www.facebook.com/vithdevotion

August 18, 2015

Spanish Death Metallers AVULSED have just released an official lyric video of the track ‘Red Viscera Serology’ at this location. The song is taken from their upcoming 5-song EP "Altar Of Disembowelment". The CD version will be released on September 09, 2015 via Xtreem Music, while the gatefold 10" vinyl version will be out through Greek label Screaming Victims Records. EP samples can be checked out here and here. Right after the release of the EP AVULSED will embark on their 5th European tour, together with Italy’s NATRON and Argentina’s PRION. More AVULSED information at www.facebook.com/1991avulsed

August 17, 2015

"Battle Breed", the third full length album from Dutch old school Deather Metallers BODYFARM, will be released on November 06, 2015 via Cyclone Empire. It was produced and mixed by Ronnie Björnström from Enhanced Audio Productions (AEON, CENTINEX, SORCERER) and the cover artwork was created by Juanjo Castellano (VOMITORY, UNLEASHED, REVEL IN FLESH, PAGANIZER). The full tracklist reads like this: ‘Hell March’ (Intro), ‘The Dark Age’, ‘Saxon Victory’, ‘Dawn Of Defeat’, ‘The Last Crusade’, ‘Prince Of Wallachia’, ‘Storming Revolution’, ‘Firing Squad’, ‘Wolfpack’, ‘Death By Fire’ and ‘Slaves Of War’ (bonus track). Martin Van Drunen (ASPHYX, HAIL OF BULLETS) has contributed guest vocals to the opening track ‘The Dark Age’. For all additional BODYFARM info check out www.bodyfarmdeathmetal.com or www.facebook.com/bodyfarmdeathmetal

August 15, 2015

Germany’s old school Death Metallers CRYPTIC BROOD will release a 4-song EP entitled "Wormhead" via Xtreem Music on September 20, 2015. It is the follow-up to the band’s debut demo from 2013 and their split album with GRAVEYARD GHOUL from 2014. Next to the three own songs ‘Temple Of Pestilence’, ‘Gargling Vicious Mass’ and ‘Wormhead’ the EP will also include a cover of SUFFOCATION’s ‘Infecting The Crypts’ which has been drastically changed and therefore was renamed to ‘Infecting The Brood’. An advance track from the EP can be checked out here. All further information you’ll find at www.facebook.com/crypticbrood

August 13, 2015

Polish Death Metallers OGOTAY have been signed by Selfmadegod Records for the release of their new full-length "Dead God’s Prophet". The band consists of bassist / vocalist Marcin Swierczynski (YATTERING), drummer Szymon Andryszczak (PANDEMONIUM) and guitarists Artur Piotrowski (MESS AGE) and Andrzej Peszel. The follow-up to 2012’s "Eve Of The Last Day" was recorded at G Studio sometime in 2014 and has already been released on August 01, 2015. More about OGOTAY at www.facebook.com/ogotay666

ROTTING CHRIST are currently streaming their forthcoming live double album "Lucifer Over Athens" in its entirety at this location. It will be released via Season Of Mist on August 21, 2015. All further info at www.facebook.com/pages/rotting-christ/290468585669

Indiana based brutal Death Metallers VISCERAL THRONE will release a new five song EP entitled "Those Who Have Fallen Beyond The Grace Of God" via Comatose Music on October 30, 2015. You can already check out the promo video for ‘The True Sin’ at this location. The full tracklist reads like this: ‘Those Who Have Fallen Beyond The Grace Of God’, ‘Father’, ‘The True Sin’, ‘Indulgences’ and ‘Colossal Vortex’ (INTERNAL SUFFERING cover). For more information check out www.facebook.com/visceralthrone

August 12, 2015

Peru’s MORBID SLAUGHTER have just released another track from their upcoming album "A Filthy Orgy Of Horror And Death". You can check out ‘Chainsaw Blade’ right here. The album will be available on vinyl via Boris Records in North America on September 04, 2015, digipak CD through Inti Records in South America and die hard tape edition directly from the band. More info at www.facebook.com/morbidslaughterofficial

"Death, Endless Nothing And The Black Knife Of Nihilism", the upcoming new album from Canadian Death Metallers ADVERSARIAL, is streaming in its entirety at this location now. It will be released on August 21, 2015 via Dark Descent Records. For all additional information check out www.facebook.com/adversarialofficial

‘Acid Cumbustion’, a track from KRAANIUM‘s upcoming fourth full length "Chronicles Of Perversion", is currently streaming at this location. The album will be released via Comatose Music on September 18, 2015. More about the Norwegian Death Metallers at www.facebook.com/kraaniumslam

August 11, 2015

North Carolina based Death Metallers ABHORRENT DEFORMITY have just been signed by Comatose Music. The band’s debut full length "Entity Of Malevolence" will be released on October 30, 2015. A lyric video for the album track ‘Baptized In Embalming Fluid’ has already been posted at this location. The artwork was created by Marco Hasmann and the full tracklist reads like this: ‘Crown Of Worms’, ‘Manifested Filth’, ‘Skeleton Carver’, ‘Buried Beneath Human Remains’, ‘Stench Of The Decomposed’, ‘Boundless Suffering’, ‘Entity Of Malevolence’, ‘Enshrined In Putrid Decay’, ‘Baptized In Embalming Fluid’ and ‘Casket Maker’. For all further ABHORRENT DEFORMITY info check out www.facebook.com/abhorrentdeformity

ARES KINGDOM have just revealed a second (and final) promo video off their their upcoming new album "The Unburiable Dead". You can check out the song ‘Demoralize’ right here. More about ARES KINGDOM at www.facebook.com/pages/ares-kingdom/97935152280

August 08, 2015

Julio "Lord Sargatanas" Escobedo, lead guitar player and founder of Mexico’s satanic Death Metallers SARGATANAS, suffered a heart attack last year and is in need of an open heart surgery. A benefit show has already been set up to collect funds for this, but the doctors just told him this week that he needs the surgery in the next few days or he risks another heart attack with no good sight. So, friends of Julio are asking for donations in any amount. You can contact him at www.facebook.com/sargatanasmx.mexico. Any help is appreciated.

August 07, 2015

Swedish Death Metallers CORROSIVE CARCASS have been signed by Xtreem Music for the release of their upcoming new album "Forsaken Lands". It will feature 10 songs and the cover artwork will be supplied by Juanjo Castellano. The release is scheduled for November / December 2015. A teaser (containing excerpts from a few album tracks) can already be checked out here. More about CORROSIVE CARCASS at www.facebook.com/pages/corrosive-carcass/142603437551

Hells Headbangers have signed Cleveland Death / Grinders EMBALMER. The band has just completed their second full length "Emanations From The Crypt" at Brainchild Studios with producer Noah Buchanan (NUNSLAUGHTER, SOLIPSIST). Next to the ten brand new tracks, the album will also feature a re-recorded version of ‘They Can Smell Our Blood’, which originally appeared on the band’s 2006 debut "13 Faces of Death". The cover artwork for "Emanations From The Crypt" was created by Chris Moyen, with additional interior artwork by Mark Riddick. The release is scheduled for this fall on CD, LP and cassette. Hells Headbangers will also re-release the EMBALMER demos "Into The Oven" (1991) and "Taxidermist" (1992) as a gatefold double – or triple – LP, with tons of unreleased recordings, photos, flyers and extensive bonus material. For more info about EMBALMER check out www.facebook.com/embalmerofficial

August 06, 2015

The new album of Italy’s progressive Death Metallers SADIST will be entitled "Hyaena". It was produced and mixed by Tommy Talamanca at Nadir Music Studios in Genova, Italy and will be released via Scarlet Records later this year. The cover art was created by Luca Orecchia and the booklet designed by Alex Del Bono. "Hyaena" also features a guest appearance by percussionist Jean N’Diaye (who will also join the band on stage on their next tour) and the first single off the album will be entitled ‘The Lonely Mountain’. For more information on SADIST and general updates check out www.facebook.com/pages/sadist/466835156803523

‘Infernus’, the title track from HATE ETERNAL‘s upcoming new full length, is currently streaming here. The album will be released on August 21, 2015 via Season Of Mist. More info at www.facebook.com/hate.eternal

August 05, 2015

DEIPHAGO‘s fourth album "Into The Eye Of Satan", which will be released on August 07, 2015 via Hells Headbangers, is now streaming in its entirety at this location. The full tracklist reads like this: ‘Intro: Obliteration’, ‘Evil And Adverse’, ‘Bloodbath Of Genocide’, ‘(6 x 6 x 6) / 3’, ‘Serpentine Anti-World’, ‘Calculated Acts Of Cruelty’, ‘Red Dragon Of Chaos’, ‘Ritual Death Of The Enemy’ and ‘Into The Eye Of Satan’. September 04 – 06, 2015 DEIPHAGO will play the "Hells Headbash – Part 2" festival in Cleveland, Ohio at the Agora Theater and Ballroom. Other bands that will appear on the bill include BONEHUNTER, SATANIC WARMASTER, PROFANATICA, ARCHGOAT, MIDNIGHT, INQUISITION, ACID WITCH, DESTRUKTOR, BLACK WITCHERY, DECEASED, HIGH SPIRITS, DEATHHAMMER, NYOGTHAEBLISZ, DEMONIC CHRIST, BONEHUNTER, PERDITION TEMPLE and tons more. For all additional information check out www.facebook.com/666division

August 04, 2015

Italy’s DEADLY CARNAGE are ready to record a new vinyl 7" EP at De Opera Studio with producer Mirco Bronzetti. The EP will be released on December 21, 2015 to celebrate the band’s tenth anniversary. For more information check out www.facebook.com/deadlycarnage

Finland’s NERLICH will release their new EP "Eternity’s Gate" on October 02, 2015 via F.D.A. Records. The EP will feature the following tracks: ‘Projections (From A Psychotic Mind)’, ‘At Eternity’s Gate’, ‘Mercury And Acetates (Parts 1 & 2)’ and ‘Carnival Of Souls – The Altar’. You can already check out ‘At Eternity’s Gate’ here. More about NERLICH at www.facebook.com/nerlichband

Kansas City based Death / Thrashers ARES KINGDOM have just revealed the cover artwork for their upcoming new full length "The Unburiable Dead" at this location. The album will be released in September via NWN! Productions. One of the new songs can already be checked out here. More about ARES KINGDOM at www.ares-kingdom.com or www.facebook.com/pages/ares-kingdom/97935152280

August 03, 2015

The new SKELETAL REMAINS album "Condemned To Misery" (release date: August 07, 2015 via F.D.A. Records) is already streaming in its entirety at this location. A vinyl edition will be released on September 04, 2015. More band information at www.facebook.com/skeletalremainsdeathmetal

August 01, 2015

Italian Death Metallers VALGRIND have just completed recording their second album "Speech Of The Flame". A video teaser can already be found at this location. More news regarding label and release date will be announced soon. For all further VALGRIND info check out www.facebook.com/valgrindband