December 01, 2016

Before the end of the year Canada’s Ex Nihilo Music will release a split CD from Chilean Black / Death Metallers PROFOUND GRAVE and OCCULT PANTHEON entitled “Immortal Chaos Ascend”. PROFOUND GRAVE will contribute the following tracks: ‘Intro’, ‘Black Bread For A Black Season’, ‘Derange Temple Manifestation’, ‘Universal Cadaver Of Yahweh’ and ‘Outro’ while OCCULT PANTHEON’s part will feature ‘Travelling Through The Arcane XIII’, ‘I’ve Arrived To Charon Port (Omega)’, ‘Sailing Through The Sea Of Realities’, ‘(Alpha) To The End Of The Beginning’ and ‘Across The Portal’. More info at

To The Death Records have just released MORDANT ‘s third full-length "Demonic Satanic" on CD and digitally. In South and Central America it will be available from The following tracks appear on the album: ‘Vengeance From The Dark’, ‘Devastating Storm… Evil Holocaust’, ‘Demonic Satanic’, ‘Evil Impalers’, ‘Blacking Metal’ (SABBAT cover), ‘Desecration From Hell’, ‘Infernal Curse Of Evil’, ‘Screaming Souls’ and ‘Count Lucifer’. For more info and ordering details check out or

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