March 18, 2016

"Le Troubadour Nécrophageophile", the first recording of French Death Metallers OSSUAIRE, is now available again as a professionally pressed MCD, ten years after its initial release date. You can check out a sample here. The CD edition is available from Nihilistic Holocaust. More about OSSUAIRE at

Polish Death Metallers SPIRITS WAY have signed a deal with GodEater Records for the release of their new album “Devoid Of Morality”. It will be released on April 01, 2016 and features the following songs: ‘Pressure Drops On The Surface Of My Skin’, ‘Judgement Without Reason’, ‘Whole Universe My Realm Solely’, ‘Modern Age Cannibalism’, ‘Unbaptized’, ‘True Purpose True Justice’, ‘Fuck The Ways Of Christ’ and ‘Confession And Penance’. You can already check out one of the songs here. More band information you will find at: Label contact:

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