October 27, 2016

At the end of 2009 former ABHORRENCE bassplayer Kleber Varnier (who used to play with the Brazilian Death Metallers from 1997 to 2001) founded a new band named BELLICOSITY. In 2012 he was joined by Junio Gregore (guitar / vocals) and they both started working on first songs together. In 2015 Marcos "Lord Cepheus" Pereira (from Black Metallers ANIMUS DIFAMANDI) replaced Junio Gregore on guitars / vocals and Italo Fernandes joined them on drums. In September 2016 original guitarist Junio Gregore returned to BELLICOSITY as a second guitarist. The band is currently rehearsing the material for their upcoming debut release "Hell-Necroarmamentism" which will be recorded in 2017. The coverart was created by Cesar Pezoa (INFERIS, Chile) and the innersleeve will feature artwork from Desmond Si (ABHORRENCE, IMPIETY, OPHIOLATRY). It will be released via Cursed Leprosy Records and features the following tracks: ‘Abhominamentorium (Intro)’, ‘Ancient Uranium Wrath’, ‘Hell-Necroarmamentism’, ‘The Incandescential Entombment’, ‘Steel Inflammable And Abhorring’, ‘Unpeaceful Order (Instrumental)’, ‘Reunification Seismic Hatreds’ and ‘Shub Atomic Niggurath (Outro)’. More BELLICOSITY information at www.facebook.com/bellicosity.deathmetal.brasil

On December 12, 2016 Chaos Records will release "The Great Void Of Mystery", the debut full length from NWOBHM – inspired Heavy Metal act HEAVENS DECAY. The album was recorded in Chicago’s Minbal studios, engineered by Matt Russell and mastered by Dan Swanö at Unisound studios in Sweden. The following songs will appear on it: ‘Intro’, ‘Born In Fire’, ‘Where The Ravens Fly Free’, ‘Thunder Of The Guns’, ‘Ritual Site’, ‘Witches Pray’, ‘Reaper In Wait’, ‘The Exile’ and ‘Endless Fire’. ‘The Exile’ is already streaming over here. The band features Julio Viterbo (TORMENTOR, SHUB NIGGURATH, CENOTAPH, THE CHASM) on guitars / bass, Oscar Clorio (DAMNED CROSS, CENOTAPH, SHUB NIGGURATH, DENIAL) on drums and Nick Hernandez (STONE MAGNUM) on vocals. More about HEAVENS DECAY at www.facebook.com/heavensdecay

On February 03, 2017 Greyhaze Records will reissue "Phantasmagoria", the 1989 debut full length from Brazil Thrashers THE MIST, on CD, vinyl LP and cassette. The album features the following tracks: ‘Flying Saucers In The Sky’, ‘Smiles, Tears And Chaos’, ‘A Step Into The Dark’, ‘The Enemy’, ‘Hate’, ‘Barbed Wire Land (At War)’, ‘Phantasmagoria’, ‘Lightning In The Dark’, ‘Like A Bad Song’ and ‘Faces Of Glass’. For all additional information check out www.facebook.com/themistband

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