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July 30, 2016

"Starspawn", the debut from Colorado based Death Metallers BLOOD INCANTATION, is streaming in its entirety at this location now. It will be released via Dark Descent Records on August 19, 2016 on CD, vinyl, cassette and digitally. More about BLOOD INCANTATION at www.facebook.com/blood-incantation-508899805936788

July 28, 2016

Dutch blackened Heavy / Death Metallers ONHEIL have just released digital editions of their "Storm Is Coming" and "Razor" albums. They are available via Spotify, i-Tunes, Google Play and Amazon. The CD editions have been released via Cyclone Empire. An ONHEIL video for the song ‘The Omega Legions’ can be checked out here. More about ONHEIL at www.facebook.com/onheilmusic

French Black / Death Metallers NIRNAETH have just released a video for the song ‘Nihil In Me’ at this location. The song is taken from their forthcoming split 7" EP with fellow French Black Metallers AZZIARD, which will be released on August 12, 2016 via Kaotoxin Records. The artwork was created by Above Chaos (BETHLEHEM, TSJUDER, NAGLFAR) and the EP will be available in two versions: a collector’s edition (solid white vinyl, 100 copies, exclusively available from the bands or the Kaotoxin shop) and a limited black edition (400 copies). More NIRNAETH information at www.facebook.com/officialnirnaeth

July 27, 2016

INQUISITION have just released a third track from their forthcoming new full-length "Bloodshed Across The Empyrean Altar Beyond The Celestial Zenith". You can check out ‘Vortex From The Celestial Flying Throne Of Storms’ at this location. The album will be released on August 26, 2016 via Season Of Mist. More about INQUISITION at www.facebook.com/inquisition.official

July 23, 2016

On October 24, 2016 Blood Harvest Records will release "Karmenian Crypt", the debut EP from Irish Death Metallers ZEALOT CULT, on 12" vinyl format. It was originally self-released on CD earlier this year. Its full tracklist reads like this: ‘Karmenian Crypt’, ‘Eternal Winter’ and ‘Suffocation Of The Mind’. The titletrack can be checked out here. More about ZEALOT CULT at www.facebook.com/zealotcultdm or www.zealotcult.bandcamp.com

July 22, 2016

Pulverised Records have signed Funeral Doom / Black / Death Metallers AKATHARTA. The band features Kam Lee (ex – MANTAS, ex – MASSACRE, BONE GNAWER, etc) on vocals, Aaron Whitsell (CROPSY MANIAC) on guitars / bass and Travis Ruvo (CROPSY MANIAC) on drums. Kam Lee just issued the following official statement about AKATHARTA: "I originally conceived the idea and concept of this band back in 1999, it was back then that I called the band URIZEN but later changed the name to AKATHARTA as I felt it was a better fit. Yes… I’ve been carrying that name with me this long. So in different times throughout my career, I’ve attempted several different times to bring this band back and always the concept and ideas of this band’s themes being the paranormal and supernatural elements. I’ve gone through several different line-up changes over the years, always seeking to find the right musicians to bring this band to the surface but was never 100% satisfied with the outcome of the members. With this band, I refused to compromise my stand upon this band’s concept and sound. Too many musicians that play doom want to incorporate BLACK SABBATH type of riffs or play a particular tempo that removes that Funeral Doom element of pure sludge and atmospheric dread. I refused to bend. For years I would attempt to resurrect the band with new members but only to quickly end it, either because of the member’s refusal to play the proper way or by them attempting to interject ideas I felt were completely counterproductive of the band’s intended direction. So this band has always been an idea and a part of me for years but never was I able to find a way to bring it to complete fruition… until now. Finally in 2014, I started talking to Aaron Whitsell of the band CROPSY MANIAC and not only did he understand the concept of what I envisioned AKATHARTA to be; he was very familiar with the Funeral Doom genre and that I myself am a huge fan of, especially the Finnish Funeral Doom bands. He quickly began to write full tracks with a very unique and signature style that I felt not only was a perfect capturing of the Funeral Doom genre but was in itself its own unique and individual style that sounded unlike anything else. Together we discussed the overall atmosphere and feelings of dread and utter downtrodden despair that we wanted to capture as well the supernatural and unearthly elements of paranormal tones and feelings. So for me AKATHARTA is a dream (nightmare) finally come true. For me, it’s been years in the making… and I finally feel it’s long overdue and perfect time to bring this band to the surface. I feel it’s the right direction to go into as well… it’s a long dreadful downward spiral into the everlasting darkness and dreadful bleakness that which is Doom." A promo track entitled ‘Pneumata’ is already streaming at https://akatharta.bandcamp.com/track/pneumata

July 21, 2016

Brazil Death Metallers APOKALYPTIC RAIDS and WHIPSTRIKER will be touring Europe together in November. The tour kicks off on November 03, 2016 in Berlin, Germany and ends on November 27, 2016 in Bresso, Italy. The bands are still looking for shows on November 15 (in the northern Germany area), November 23 (UK) and November 26 (Switzerland). You can contact them at this email address: whipstriker@yahoo.com.br. More band info at www.facebook.com/apokalypticraids or www.facebook.com/whipstriker

‘Starspawn’, the titletrack of the debut full-length from Colorado Death Metallers BLOOD INCANTATION, is now streaming at this location. The album will be released via Dark Descent Records on CD, vinyl, cassette and digitally on August 19, 2016. More BLOOD INCANTATION info at www.facebook.com/blood-incantation-508899805936788

Spanish Death Metallers BIZARRE have just released a lyric video for the track ‘Fleshless’. The song is taken from their debut EP "Inner Necropolis", which was released in March 2016 via Xtreem Music. You can check it out right here. Another EP track can be checked out here. BIZARRE features members from ONIROPHAGUS, FAMISHGOD and ELDERDAWN. For all additional info check out www.facebook.com/bizarremetal

July 20, 2016

On October 07, 2016 Greyhaze Records will re-issue SARCOFAGO‘s "Die Hard" album as a vinyl double LP with gatefold sleeve. It will be available on black and limited edition yellow vinyl, including an over-sized booklet and poster, as well as liner notes by SARCOFAGO front man Wagner Antichrist. "Die Hard" is the only official, comprehensive collection of SARCOFAGO’s demos. You can stream the album in its entirety at this location. More info and ordering details at www.greyhazerecords.com

July 19, 2016

Raw Skull Recordz have just signed Dutch Death Metallers BULLCREEK. The band consists of (ex-) members of BURIAL, MINDLINK, MORDANCY and GOTMOOR. The release of their debut full length "Osschaert" is scheduled for early 2017 and the artwork will be created by the Roberto Toderico (ASPHYX, HAIL OF BULLETS, SINISTER etc.). A live clip of BULLCREEK from the Kashfest 2014 in Lane Oostburg can be checked out here. More about BULLCREEK at www.facebook.com/bullcreekmetal

On September 30, 2016 Century Media Records will release the new ASPHYX full length "Incoming Death". For all further info and updates check out www.facebook.com/officialasphyx

July 16, 2016

Necroharmonic Productions have just released a 2 CD demo compilation of INCANTATION entitled "Unholy Massacre". Disc 1 contains the original mix of "Demo # 1 – 1990" (featuring Will Rahmer from MORTICIAN on vocals) and the first live (soundboard) recording of INCANTATION with Will and members of PROFANATICA from early 1990. Also included is the band’s first rehearsal demo with Paul Ledney on vocals in its uncut format. Disc 2 contains an unreleased 2 song demo from 1990 (with Craig Pillard) on vocals and an 8 song live soundboard recording from New Jersey, plus 7 previously unreleased pre – "Onward To Golgotha" rehearsals tracks from early 1991 (with original album members John McEntee, Jim Roe, Craig Pillard and Ronny Deo). The recordings come from original first generation cassettes and the booklet features unseen photographs of the first (and only) show with the early line-up with the guys of PROFANATICA. Also included is a massive archive of the earliest show flyers, early logos sketches and never before seen band photos of INCANTATION. For ordering details go here. More INCANTATION info at www.facebook.com/incantationofficial

July 14, 2016

Terror From Hell Records have just released a CD edition of "Cauldron Messiah", the debut full length of German Doom / Death Metallers EVIL SPIRIT. It was originally released on vinyl only via Horror Records back in 2014. More at www.tfhrecords.com. All additional EVIL SPIRT info at www.facebook.com/evilspirit.punishment

July 13, 2016

Raw Skull Recordz have signed Swedish Death Metallers GRAVESTONE. In early 2017 the band’s MCD "Rotten Kill" will be released in co-operation with Neckbreaker Records from Germany. A demo version of the titletrack can be checked out at this location. Another demo song (‘Behead The Bastard’) is streaming here. The band’s debut full length will follow sometime in mid 2017. For more info and updates check out www.facebook.com/rawskullrecordz-906844479382238

On July 30, 2016 Raw Skull Recordz will release a limited edition split CD (300 copies) of WOMBBATH and DEPARTED SOULS entitled "Embracing The Cold…". It will feature new songs from both bands. More info at www.facebook.com/wombbath or www.facebook.com/pages/departed-souls/199852183551629

The upcoming sixth MERCYLESS full-length "Pathetic Divinity" will be released on October 07, 2016 via Kaotoxin Records. It was produced by Philippe Reinhalter at Psykron Studio (PUTRID OFFAL, DIVISION ALPHA) and mastered by Frédéric Motte at Conkrete Studio (ANATA remasters, OTARGOS, PUTRID OFFAL). It will be available in various different (partly limited) formats. The complete tracklist reads like this: ‘Blood Of Lambs’, ‘Pathetic Divinity’, ‘A Representation Of Darkness’, ‘My Name Is Legion’, ‘Exhort The Heretic’, ‘Left To Rot’, ‘Eucharistic Adoration’, ‘Christianist’, ‘How Deep Is Your Hate?’ and ‘Liturgiæ’. The first CD edition will feature the following bonus tracks: ‘Bless Me Father’, ‘Probably Impure’ and ‘Eucharistic Adoration’ (all 3 taken from the MERCYLESS vinyl split release with CRUSHER from 2015). The band is currently working on a European tour to celebrate both the album and their 30th anniversary. More about MERCYLESS at www.facebook.com/mercylesscult

July 12, 2016

On August 26, 2016 Blood Harvest Records will release VAHRZAW‘s second album "Twin Suns & Wolves’ Tongues" on CD format. It was originally self-released in 2014 on CD-R in extremely limited quantites. The band’s third album is in the early stages of rehearsal and will be released in 2017 for their 25th anniversary. For all further information check out www.facebook.com/pages/vahrzaw/9820639105 or www.bloodharvest.se

American Death Metallers SUFFERING HOUR have been signed by Blood Harvest Records for the release of their debut album "In Passing Ascension", which will be released on CD and vinyl later this year. The cover artwork was created by WITCHRIST’s Alexander Brown. More SUFFERING HOUR info at www.facebook.com/sufferinghourmetal

OSSUARY INSANE‘s "Possession Of The Flesh" will be re-released via Blood Harvest Records on July 29, 2016 on 12" vinyl (100 copies on black vinyl and 200 on beer-colored vinyl). It is a collection of exclusive and otherwise unreleased recordings from 2001 and 2003.

Also on July 29, 2016 Blood Harvest Records will release IMPURE CONSECRATION‘s vinyl debut "Succumb To Impurity Fire" on 7" EP format, strictly limited to 250 copies. It will feature two tracks and serves as a teaser for the band’s forthcoming debut album that will also be released through Blood Harvest Records. IMPURE CONSECRATION is an American occult Death Metal three-piece in the vein of classic MORBID ANGEL, THE CHASM, VITAL REMAINS and ANGELCORPSE. More about IMPURE CONSECRATION at www.facebook.com/impureconsecration666

SUPREMATIVE‘s "Servitude Of The Impurity" demo tape from 2013 will be re-released on vinyl 7" via Blood Harvest Records on July 29, 2016. It will be limited to 250 copies. The band’s debut album will be released sometime in 2017. More info at: www.facebook.com/supremative

On July 29, 2016 Toronto, Ontario based old school Death Metallers TOMB MOLD will release their debut demo "The Bottomless Perdition" on cassette tape via Blood Harvest Records. It will be limited to 200 copies. The band issued the following comments about the release: "TOMB MOLD is very excited to be working with Blood Harvest with a re-release of the demo as well as a full-length LP in the near future, which will build on the foundations created on "The Bottomless Perdition"." https://tombmold.bandcamp.com/releases

July 08, 2016

US Black Metallers INQUISITION have just revealed a second track from their forthcoming new full-length "Bloodshed Across The Empyrean Altar Beyond The Celestial Zenith". You can check out the song ‘Power From The Center Of The Cosmic Black Spiral’ at this location. The album will be released on August 26, 2016 via Season Of Mist. More INQUISITION at www.facebook.com/inquisition.official

July 07, 2016

"Non Existendi Cultus" (’92), "Curse The Course" (’90) and "Disgusting Reality" (’89), the three demos from reformed Spanish Death Metallers OBSCURE, will be re-released on CD via Xtreem Music on August 01, 2016. The CD will be entitled "Back To Skull" and the booklet will feature all demo covers, lyrics and tons of photos and flyers. You can listen to an advance song at this location. More about OBSCURE at www.facebook.com/obscuredeathmetal

Brutal Death Metallers NEUROGENIC will release their debut full length "Ouroboric Stagnation" on September 02, 2016 via Comatose Music. The album features the following tracks: ‘Absorption Of Oblivion’, ‘Subdural Breeding’, ‘Immersion’, ‘Warden Domain’, ‘Endless Outrage’, ‘Vortex Of Uncreation’, ‘Allotriophagical Obsession’, ‘Soul Entralled’, ‘Spirited Bloody Emesis’, ‘Ouroboric Stagnation’ and ‘Eternal Path Of Enslaved’. You can already check out ‘Spirited Bloody Emesis’ at this location. More about NEUROGENIC at www.facebook.com/neurogenicmetal

Cantabria (Spain) based Death Metallers GATHERING DARKNESS have released a split CD with Canada’s TYRANTS BLOOD via Hecatombe Records. It is entitled “The Light Won’t Save You“ and features five new tracks (TYRANTS BLOOD contribute 4 tracks). One of the songs can be checked out here. For all additional GATHERING DARKNESS information go to www.facebook.com/gatheringdarknessofficial

July 06, 2016

On August 19, 2016 Century Media Records (in co-operation with Prowling Death Records) will release a HELLHAMMER vinyl, gatefold sleeve 7" EP entitled "Blood Insanity". The single was originally conceived by the band in 1984. Tom Gabriel Warrior issued the following statement about the release: "In early 1984, after HELLHAMMER’s third demo "Satanic Rites", HELLHAMMER bassist / singer Steve Warrior, HELLHAMMER roadie Marco Dinosaur Suremann, and I contemplated properly releasing some of the music HELLHAMMER had recorded the year before. We planned a NWOBHM-style 7" vinyl single, containing two songs taken from the "Triumph Of Death" demo recording sessions of June 1983. The single was to feature ‘Blood Insanity’ as a title track, and ‘Maniac’ as its b-side. The cover of the single was to be a photo taken by HELLHAMMER photographer Martin Kyburz in early 1983. We drafted a brief typewriter memo, recording the outline for this single proposal. At the time, it was difficult and prohibitively expensive for a band to directly contract a manufacturing plant to produce a vinyl record without the involvement of a record company, so the single eventually remained a mere idea, while HELLHAMMER ultimately signed with Noise Records in West Berlin. The "Blood Insanity" single project thus languished in an unrealized state until the eventual dissolution of HELLHAMMER rendered any plans for further HELLHAMMER releases redundant. Nonetheless, the unrealized single never really faded from my memory throughout all the com-motion associated with HELLHAMMER’s past existence during the many years since the band’s termination. Moreover, Prowling Death Records, founded in my bedroom in 1983 to release the HELLHAMMER demos, had in the meantime become a proper record company. When I presented the idea to Century Media Records, the long-standing licensing partner of Prowling Death Records, they immediately pledged their support. The original single was to be issued in a simple card sleeve; but the gatefold format now chosen allows us the luxury to expand the visual presentation: the outside representing the single exactly as it was to be in 1984, the inside adding information about the project’s history. The result is this single, produced in full coordination with the HELLHAMMER members who played on these songs, and designed as faithfully as possible in accordance with the original concept we devised 32 years ago. The two songs have been painstakingly and deferentially restored and remastered from original demos of 1983. The single features the Prowling Death Records number we originally assigned to it: PDR 007." The "Blood Insanity" 7" will be limited to a one-time only pressing of 3000 copies and it will be available in the following vinyl editions: picture disc 7" (500 copies), silver 7" (300 copies, Century Media exclusive), white 7" (300 copies, Nuclear Blast exclusive), clear 7" (300 copies, High Roller exclusive), transparent red 7" (600 copies) and black 7" (1000 copies). All 7"es will be shrink-wrapped in plastic and marked with a colour sticker (golden colour for the picture 7") to indicate its respective edition. The pre-sale via CM Distro starts on July 22, 2016: www.cmdistro.de

July 05, 2016

Brazilian Death Metallers POISONOUS will start recording a new 7" EP called "Coronation" this month. The EP, that will feature two songs (‘Unmerciful Coronation’’ and ‘Darkness Reigns Supreme’), will be released in January 2017 via Crypts Of Eternity. By the end of the year / early next year POISONOUS will enter the studio to record their second full length album. The follow-up to "Perdition’s Den" (2010) will feature eight songs. Some songtitles are ‘Cemetery Land’, ‘All Thoughts Of Madness’ and ‘Moribund Star’. More info at: www.facebook.com/pages/poisonous/224351417597130 or poisonousdeathmetal@yahoo.com.br

Polish Death Metallers STILLBORN have just released a video for the song ‘Obłęd’. The song, that originally appears on their last album "Testimonio De Bautismo", features live footage that was shot during the band’s latest tour with CHRIST AGONY. You can check out the video here. STILLBORN has furthermore started to work on a new mini album that will be recorded at the end of the year. It will contain three new tracks and a cover song. In October STILLBORN will support ANGELCORPSE during their only gig in Poland. More band information at www.facebook.com/stillborn.pol

Godz Ov War Productions have signed blackened Thrash Metallers WARFIST. Their forthcoming second album "Metal To The Bone" was recorded at Mosh Pit Studio, produced by Piotr Zubko and mixed and mastered by Marcin Rybicki (Left Hand Sounds Studio). A first track can already be checked out at this location. More about WARFIST at www.facebook.com/warfisthorde

July 02, 2016

WARFATHER have released a first track from their upcoming new album "The Grey Eminence". You can check out ‘Headless Men Can No Longer Speak’ over here. The album, that was produced by Erik Rutan (HATE ETERNAL, ex – MORBID ANGEL), will be released on September 16, 2016 via Greyhaze Records. It also features WARFATHER’s newest members Jake Koch (guitars) and Bryan Bever (drums). For more WARFATHER information check out www.facebook.com/pages/warfather/240931366011521

South American Death Metallers THORNAFIRE have just released a video for ‘Corvus Corax’. The song is taken from their 2014 album "Magnaa", which was recorded in Santiago, at Sade and Kutre Ñuke studio and mixed and mastered by Jörg Uken at Soundlodge Studios in Germany. You can check out the video at this location. More about THORNAFIRE at www.facebook.com/thornafire