August 18, 2017

Finnish Death Metallers PURTENANCE have just released a new track, entitled ‘Vicious Seeds Of Mortality’, at this location. It is taken from the band’s upcoming new EP "Paradox Of Existence" which will be released on September 12, 2017 via Xtreem Music. ‘In The End Only Death Will Remain’, the opening track from the EP, can furthermore be streamed here. The full tracklist of the EP reads as follows: ‘In The End Only Death Will Remain’, ‘Vicious Seeds Of Mortality’, ‘Paradox Of Existence’ and ‘Nekro Orgy’. The cover artwork was once again created by Chris Moyen, who’s done every PURTENANCE cover since their 1992 debut album "Member Of Immortal Damnation". More PURTENANCE info at

Apollyon Entertainment will re-release Godless", the second full length of blackend Death Metal one man band LUCIFERIAN INSECTUS. It was originally self-released in 2016 and features the following tracks: ‘666’, ‘Defilement Ov The Holy Womb’, ‘Deliver Me In The Name Ov Satan’, ‘The Crowned Deceiver’, ‘Invocation Rituale’, ‘Desecration Ov The Cloth’, ‘The Awakening’, ‘Dead Thought Ov A Dead Mind’ and ‘The Fall Ov Allah’. A video for the song ‘Deliver Me In The Name Ov Satan’ can be watched at this location. Apollyon Entertainment will furthermore be re-releasing a remastered edition of the band’s 2014 album "Zal Van Beherit" in the summer of 2017. For more information about LUCIFERIAN INSECTUS check out

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