February 14, 2018

Chicago, Illinois based blackened Death Metallers BLOOD OF THE WOLF have released a video for their forthcoming second album "II: Campaign Of Extermination" at this location. You can also check out the titletrack at bloodofthewolf.bandcamp.com. The album will be released on April 07, 2018 and its tracklist reads like this: ‘Thunder The Drums Of War’, ‘Campaign Of Extermination’, ‘Beneditio Ultionis: Their Blood For My Glory’, ‘Erupting Volcanic Wrath’, ‘The Sword Is My Light And My Salvation’, ‘Scorched Earth Ceremony’, ‘With Fire And A Thousand Flashing Blades’ and ‘A Sermon Of Slaughtered Foes’. "II: Campaign Of Extermination" was mixed and mastered by Joe Tiberi, February through August of 2017and the cover art was created by Agus Wibowo. More about BLOOD OF THE WOLF at www.facebook.com/bloodofthewolfmusic

On March 16, 2018 Dark Descent Records will release "The Unchaste, The Wicked, & The Profane", the fourth album from Southern California Death Metallers GRAVEHILL. Since the release of "Death Curse" (the band’s last album from 2014), a couple of changes took place in the GRAVEHILL line-up. Former bass player Corpse replaced Abominator on vocals, Bodybag Bob (former guitarist) switched to bass and Eldehelm joined Hell Messiah on second guitar. The cover artwork was supplied by Mark Riddick. An exclusive premiere of album track ‘The Profane’ can be streamed over here. In support of "The Unchaste, The Wicked, & The Profane" GRAVEHILL will join IMPIETY and DIVINE EVE on the American Armageddon Tour in April 2018. For all further details and updates follow GRAVEHILL at www.facebook.com/gravehill

"In Times Of Desperation", the second full length from Irish Black Metallers ETERNAL HELCARAXE, was released through Naturmacht Productions at the end of 2017. It features the following tracks: ‘Our Time In The Sun’, ‘End Of All Things’, ‘Kneel Before None’, ‘The Healer And The Cross’, ‘Bannow’, ‘From Seeds To Forest’, ‘In Times Of Desperation’ and ‘One Journey’. A video for the track ‘Flames In The Darkness’ (taken from the band’s split release with EVENTIDE, MONDVOLLAND and SEPTEKH) can be watched over here. More ETERNAL HELCARAXE information at www.facebook.com/eternalhelcaraxe

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