June 07, 2019

VOICES FROM THE DARKSIDE contributors needed! You consider yourself a die hard Death, Black or old school Thrash Metal fan? You have a certain knowledge of the underground and you’re still not tired to listen to bands you probably haven’t heard of before? You always have a critical opinion about new releases, enjoy writing and you’re able to deliver your stuff until a fixed deadline? Then you might be the one we’re looking for! Get in touch with us for all further details here.

Slovenian Black Metal duo SNØGG has just self-released their debut album "Chhinnamasta" on CD yesterday. Guitarist, bassist, keyboardist and vocalist Ulv had this to say about the album: ""Chhinnamasta" is the next step in the ever evolving journey of SNØGG. This time our experiments took us into more Post-Metal spheres, while the lyrics discuss the lust and power of modern human beings, their ability to overcome difficulties that they face on a regular basis, and the way they internalize self-restrictions to move forward. The title "Chinnamasta" does not depict the story of the self-decapitated Hindu goddess, but we borrowed concepts from other religions and stories outside Hinduism to illustrate Chhinnamasta." A full album stream is available at this location. More SNØGG info at www.facebook.com/snoggband

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