June 21, 2019

Canadian Death Metallers NECRONOMICON will release their sixth full-length "Unus" via Season Of Mist on October 18, 2019. The band has already shared a teaser, which can be viewed right here. The following tracks will appear on the album: ‘From Ashes Into Flesh’, ‘Infinitum Continuum’, ‘Paradise Lost’, ‘The Price Of A Soul’, ‘Singularis Dominus’, ‘The Thousand Masks’, ‘Ascending The Throne Of Baator’, ‘Fhtagn’, ‘Cursed MMXIX’ and ‘Vox Draconis’. More about NECRONOMICON at www.facebook.com/necronomiconmetal

Berlin, Germany based Death Metallers CARNAL TOMB have just released a second song from their upcoming second full length "Abhorrent Veneration". You can check out ‘Amid The Graves’ at this location. The album will be released on July 26, 2019 via Testimony Records on LP, CD and tape. It was recorded and mixed by Tobias Engl (DROWNED / ESSENZ) at Englsound Studios in Berlin, while the mastering was handled by Laurent Teubl (CHAPEL OF DISEASE) at Sculpt Sound Studios in Cologne. The artwork was created by Skaðvaldur (URÐUN). The following tracks will appear on it: ‘Putrid Fumes’, ‘Abhorrent Veneration’, ‘Cryptic Nebula’, ‘Amid The Graves’, ‘Dissonant Incubation’, ‘Feeding Mold’ and ‘Sepulchral Descent’. The album’s opening track ‘Putrid Fumes’ (featuring David Mikkelsen of UNDERGANG / PHRENELITH on guest vocals), is still streaming here. More CARNAL TOMB information you will find at www.facebook.com/carnaltombdeathmetal

Sweden’s Death Metallers BASTARD GRAVE will release their sophomore album "Diorama Of Human Suffering" on August 16, 2019 via Pulverised Records. It was once again recorded, mixed and mastered by Ulf Blomberg (CRAWL, AGE OF WOE, INEVITABLE END) and features artwork by Australian artist Stewart Cole (CONTAMINATED, NOISEM, SCORCHED). The title track is already available at this location. The following tracks will appear on the album: ‘Life In The Sewers’, ‘Translucent Visions’, ‘Drowning In An Ocean Of Bile’, ‘Diorama Of Human Suffering’, ‘Transubstantiation Into Feces’, ‘Inner Carnivore’, ‘Madness Of Creation’, ‘Non-Functioning Pile Of Rot’ and ‘Stench Of Infection’. For all additional information visit www.facebook.com/bastardgrave

Greek Fryktos Burnings will release a book edition of all 10 issues of PSICOTERROR (the longest active Peruvian zine, which has been in existence for over 25 years). It will be entitled PSICOTERROR "1991 – 2016" and features nearly 200 interviews and many articles and band presentations, covering mainly Black Metal, Death Metal, Martial Industrial and Dark Ambient. For the first time ever, the early Spanish issues have been translated into English but with their original layout. Here’s all details about the book in short: hardcover version special only on preorders (preorders are open till end of June), special detailed Spot UV print, 476 pages, almost 200 interviews, all 10 issues in English, cover art by Hellbastard Art, perfect photo resolution on most photos, files direct from the original / master copy, extra brand new interview with Renzo Parodi made by Hideous Abomination Of The Perverted Temple Of Necromancy from GOATVOMIT. You can order the book directly from https://fryktos.bigcartel.com. More details you will find at www.fryktos.com/psicoterror-1991-2016

Nocturnus Records have released a new EP of Ukrainian melodic Death Metallers FLYING entitled "Seeding Pain". It is the band’s first release in 9 years and marks the return of Mike Poggione (MONSTROSITY) as a permanent member of the band. It is available as a digibook with poster and sticker and the front cover artwork was created by Nurgeslag (ROTTING CHRIST). The tracklist reads like this: ‘Beggin’ For Attention’, ‘On The 8th Day’, ‘Seeding Pain’, ‘Obey And Trust’ and as a bonus a video clip of ‘Obey And Trust’. A full EP stream is available here. For all further information visit www.facebook.com/flyingmanagement

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