December 03, 2022

American Black Metallers BAD MANOR are now streaming the track ‘Love Song’, a cover of Punk legends THE DAMNED, at this location. The song originally appeared on the sold out cassette edition of the band’s debut album “The Haunting”, which was limited to 93 copies (one of which was set on fire for reasons still unknown). It featured alternate master and artwork with no credits other than the band name and album title. The entire tape was wrapped in foil, tied with twine, had a rusty house key attached and then the entire thing was submerged in hot wax. Labyrinth Tower will release the vinyl edition of “The Haunting” on January 28, 2023. It will be available on heavyweight translucent pink / magenta marble and limited black vinyl, with an illustrated 16-page book of stories that accompany the twisted tales heard on “The Haunting”. Orders also come with a brushed bronze Ordo Vampyr Orientis insignia pin. A full stream you will find over here. For more information or pre-order details please visit

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