February 16, 2023

On April 14, 2023 Babylon Doom Cult Records will release “Dwaallicht”, the debut full length from Tilburg, Netherlands based atmospheric Black Metal two-piece WITTE WIEVEN on vinyl LP format. The following tracks will be featured on it: ‘Ontsponnen Uit De Diepte’, ‘Koorddanser’, ‘Drogbeeld’, ‘Het Mistige Zicht’, ‘Kringen’ and ‘Met Beide Benen In Het Niets (Live)’. You can already listen to ‘Drogbeeld’ over here. More about WITTE WIEVEN at www.facebook.com/wittewievenofficial

Canadian Death Metallers DEAD SOUL ALLIANCE are streaming their upcoming sophomore full length “Spiralling To Lunacy” in its entirety at this location now. It will be released on February 17, 2023 via Cryptorium9. More band info you will find at www.facebook.com/deadsoulalliance

Japanese Death Metallers DEFILED will release their new album “The Highest Level” on April 28, 2023 via Season Of Mist. It will feature the following tracks: ‘Off-Limits’, ‘Stealth’, ‘The Highest Level’, ‘Entrapped’, ‘The Status Quo’, ‘Warmonger’, ‘Demonization’, ‘Inquisition’, ‘Madness Accelerated’, ‘Delusion’, ‘Only The Strongest Survive’, ‘Red World’, ‘The Last Straw’, ‘Requiem’ and ‘The Speech’. A video for the album opener can be viewed over here. “The Highest Level” was recorded at Blackroom Studio Naha in Okinawa, Japan and mixed and mastered at Studio Nest. The cover artwork was created by Wes Benscoter. All additional DEFILED information you will find at www.facebook.com/defiled

Austin, Texas based Black / Death Metal one man project SARPA, featuring David Baxter (drummer of PLUTONIAN SHORE, ex – SKREW, ex – ŠKAN), has premiered their upcoming EP “Mauta Tala” at this location. The material was engineered by Tony Petrocelly and David Baxter and mixed and mastered at Trepan Studios by Tony Petrocelly. The drums were recorded and engineered by Clifton Miles at Stone Creek Sound. “Mauta Tala” will be released on February 17, 2023. For all further SARPA info check out www.facebook.com/sarpahorde

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