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July 20, 2019

Lankan based Black Metallers SERPENTS ATHIRST are streaming the track 'Poisoning The Seven' at this location now. The song will appear on "Scorn Coalescence", an upcoming split release (featuring SERPENTS ATHIRST, GENOCIDE SHRINES, HERESIARCH and TREPANATION), that will be released on July 26, 2019 via Cyclopean Eye Productions. More about SERPENTS ATHIRST at

Southern Pennsylvanian blackened Death Metallers TORTURE ASCENDANCY 1307 have just released their debut demo "D.E.M.O.S.". The band features current and former members of VEILBURNER, PYRRHIC SALVATION,TENTH CIRCLE and HUMAN REPUGNANCE. The entire demo is available for streaming here. For all further information visit

On August 30, 2019 Washington D.C. based Grinders NO/MÁS will release a new EP entitled "Last Laugh" via Horror Pain Gore Death Productions. It was produced by Matt Michel (MAJORITY RULE) and mastered by Jeff Feast. The EP features the following tracks: 'Claustrophobia', 'Verbal Abuse', 'Police Brutality', 'Rabia', 'Burden' and 'Last Laugh'. You can already stream the opening track 'Claustrophobia' over here. NO/MÁS will be on tour in the US this Summer and also appear at Maryland Deathfest 2020. Follow them at for more info and regular updates.

July 19, 2019

On October 25, 2019 Agonia Records will re-release ORIGIN’s self-titled album (2000), "Informis Infinitas Inhumanitas" (2002), "Echoes Of Decimation" (2005) and "Antithesis" (2008) on vinyl. The first and second album both weren’t released on vinyl in 2000 and 2002, respectively, while "Echoes Of Decimation" only had an ultra-limited picture disc run. For more information check out

Chicago, Illinois based blackened Death Metallers BLOOD OF THE WOLF have just released a video for 'The Sword Is My Light And My Salvation' at this location. The song is taken from the band's sophomore album "II: Campaign Of Extermination" and is also included on the Horror Pain Gore Death Productions collection "Album I + II", which includes both the sophomore album and debut "I: The Law Of Retaliation". For all additional BLOOD OF THE WOLF info please visit

July 18, 2019

"Occult", the debut full length from Helsinki based Doom / Deathers ROTTENDAWN, will be released on September 06, 2019 via Saturnal Records. The band features current and former members of IMAPLED NAZARENE, ABHORRENCE and UNHOLY. The album track 'Zero Lives Left' is already available for streaming right here. More about ROTTENDAWN at

"Cenotaph Of Defectuous Creation", the second full length from SEMPITERNAL DUSK, will be released on September 27, 2019 on CD, vinyl LP and digitally via Dark Descent Records. It was recorded and mixed at The Autopsy Room (DRAWN AND QUARTERED, SPLATTERHOUSE, ALDEBARAN) and mastered by Dredged Oblivion. The artwork was created by D. Desecrator. The following tracks will appear on it: 'Caverns Of Aural Decay', 'Excavated Filth From Dimensional Incarnations', 'Orgiastic Feast Upon Martyred Flesh', 'Beneath The Emblems Of Death', 'Refracted Suffering Through The Windows Of Hell' and 'Spears Of Pestilence'. For all additional information visit

July 17, 2019

Baltimore, Maryland based Crust / Grind / Doom / Black Metal Punks CRAWLER will release their 5 track debut "Womb" through Horror Pain Gore Death Productions on August 09, 2019. It was recorded by Kevin Bernsten at Developing Nations and mastered by James Plotkin. You can already check out the track 'The Burning Trees' at this location. The complete "Womb" tracklist reads as follows: 'The Burning Trees', 'Cold Moldy Bones', 'The Fortunes Of Fools', 'Vile Breath' and 'The Conclusion'. More CRAWLER at

July 16, 2019

Belgian Black Metallers ENTHRONED will be touring Europe in January 2020 together with SCHAMMASCH and CARONTE. The tour starts in Vienna (Austria) on January 02, 2020 and ends 10 days later in Berlin (Germany), on January 12, 2020. For more information and regular updates visit

July 13, 2019

Orange County, California based Grinders PHOBIA are now streaming another new track entitled 'Imbecile' at this location. It will appear on the band's upcoming new album "Generation Coward", which will be released via Willowtip Records on August 09, 2019. You can still stream the previously released album track 'Internet Tough Guy' over here. More about PHOBIA at

US Death Metallers CASKET ROBBERY have just released a new single entitled 'From Hell'. You can check out the video for the song right here. 'From Hell' was recorded and produced by Cory Scheider at Old Dark House Studio, except for the drums, which were recorded and engineered by Troy Powell at Unintended Studios. The mix and mastering was done by Chris Collier at CMC21 Productions. For all additional CASKET ROBBERY information visit

July 12, 2019

German Death Metallers ABYTHIC will release their second full length "Conjuring The Obscure" via Xtreem Music on September 11, 2019 on CD and 12" LP. The album is a conceptual work of dark and heavy Death Metal, divided into four chapters, where the vocal part is shared between 4 different vocalists, stylistically from the heaviest Finnish Death Metal to the Death Metal of Florida. The tracklist for "Conjuring The Obscure" reads as follows: 'Eternal Chaos Will Rise', 'Order Of The Gash', 'Shrouded In Perpetual Darkness', 'Ruins In A Wasteland Of Visions', 'Drifting Among Shadows', 'Coronation By The Burning Winds', 'Shadows Of Becoming Might' and 'Let The Purge Begin'. A first advance single is already streaming at this location. More ABYTHIC info at

On August 09, 2019 Horror Pain Gore Death Productions will release a split album from Minnesota's Deathgrinders INVIDIOSUS and Korea's Hardcore / Grind / Power Violence act LPP (LITTLE PUPPY PRINCESS / LxPxPx). INVIDIOSUS are featured with the following four new tracks: 'Star Spangled Banner' (Intro) / 'Mescal-Induced Psychotic Break', 'Water Intoxication', 'Fencing Position' and 'Macrodose' / 'Star Spangled Banner' (Outro). LPP complete the split release with these five tracks: 'When The Mountain In Burning', 'Mogwa', 'Animal Teeth', 'Human Prohibited' and 'LxPxAx'. You can already listen to the track 'Marcodose' by INVIDIOSUS right here. 'Human Prohibited' by LPP is furthermore streaming at this location. More band information you will find at and

July 09, 2019

Chicago's blackened Death / Thrashers SONS OF FAMINE will release their debut full length "As Razors Gnaw Like Wolves" via Horror Pain Gore Death Productions on August 02, 2019 on CD and digital formats. You can already check out the album track 'Lord Of The War Cry' here. The full tracklist reads like this: 'Lord Of The War Cry', 'Surge Of Steel', 'Hail The Aggressor', 'Cackling Whips Consume', 'Exterminate', 'As Razors Gnaw Like Wolves', 'Shit Tower', 'Cunting Gavage' and 'Vigorous Procession Of Death'. SONS OF FAMINE feature current / ex - members of CORPSEVOMIT, LIVIDITY, GIGAN, KOMMANDANT, SUMMON, YAKUZA, NACHTMYSTIUM, EVIL INCARNATE and IMPERIAL SAVAGERY. For all further band information visit

Norwegian Black Metallers 1349 have just released a brand new single entitled 'Through Eyes Of Stone'. You can listen to it at this location. The song is taken from the band's upcoming self-titled EP, which will be released on August 16, 2019 via Season Of Mist. 1349 have furthermore finished the recordings of their new full length, which will also be released via Season of Mist in the Fall of 2019. More about 1349 at

Texas based brutal Death Metallers DEVOURMENT are streaming 'Narcissistic Paraphilia', the second single off their upcoming new album "Obscene Majesty" over here now. The band issued the following comments about it: "This song focuses on the internal monologue of the archetypal serial killer’s psychology. One that is typified by pathological narcissism and auditory hallucinations. The kind that can compel a seemingly mild-mannered person to pursue a life filled with debased violence, mayhem, fear, and death." The previously released track 'Cognitive Sedation Butchery' can still be checked out here. The album will be released on August 16, 2019 on CD, LP and digitally. More about DEVOURMENT at

July 05, 2019

"To Become The Great Beast", the second full-length from Norwegian Black Metallers ETERNITY, will be released on September 13, 2019 via Soulseller Records on CD, LP and digitally. The album will feature the following tracks: 'Sun Of Hate', 'Bringer Of The Fall', 'Te Nostro Deum Sathanas', 'If Ever I Lived', 'Horror Vacui', 'In Subspecies Aeterna', 'To Become The Great Beast', 'Violator', 'Empire' and 'Nine Magic Songs'. The opening track 'Sun Of Hate' is already streaming at this location. More about ETERNITY at

"Gjengangere I Hjertets Mørke", the debut EP of Oslo, Norway based Black Metallers DOLD VORDE ENS NAVN, will be released on September 13, 2019 via Soulseller Records on CD, vinyl, tape and digitally. The band features Håvard Jørgensen (aka Haavard and Lemarchand, co-founding member of SATYRICON and early ULVER member), Vicotnik (DØDHEIMSGARD, VED BUENS ENDE), Cerberus (ex - DØDHEIMSGARD) and Myrvoll (NIDINGR). The EP features the following four tracks: 'Den Ensomme Død', 'Drukkenskapens Kirkegård', 'Vitnesbyrd' and 'Blodets Hvisken'. An official teaser for 'Drukkenskapens Kirkegård' is already available here. For all additional band information check out

UK Thrashers ACID REIGN will release their fourth album “The Age Of Entitlement” on September 27, 2019 via Dissonance Productions. It features ten tracks and will be available as a digital download, CD, LP and limited edition cyan coloured vinyl. The cover artwork was created by Mark Wilkinson (IRON MAIDEN, JUDAS PRIEST, MARILLION). All further ACID REIGN info you will find at

MISERY INDEX have just released a video for the track 'Hammering The Nails', which is taken from their latest album "Rituals Of Power". The video is now streaming at this location. MISERY INDEX commented on the video as follows: "We in the MISERY INDEX camp are pleased to present to you our video presentation for 'Hammering The Nails' as we, once again, descend upon European soil. The song encapsulates the ferocity of our live performance. We are looking forward to seeing all you fans and friends out at these festivals and shows! Let's Grind!" More about MISERY INDEX at

July 03, 2019

South American Death Metallers REPTILIUM will put out a four song release entitled "Conspiranoic" on August 02, 2019. A first track is already available for streaming at their Bandcamp site. The full tracklist reads like this: 'Hannu Ae Kondras', 'Goat', 'Viral Combustion' and 'Just A Machine'. The material was recorded, engineered and produced by the band members Nirah (vocals, guitars and bass) and Cecrops (drums) at Valley Of The Dead in Quito, Ecuador. More about REPTILIUM at

Norwegian Black Metallers ABBATH are streaming their upcoming new album "Outstrider" in its entirety at this location now. It will be released this Friday, July 05, 2019 via Season Of Mist. ABBATH commented on the album as follows: "ABBATH, honed sharp by trial and terror, proudly present "Outstrider" - our latest catharsis wrung from the guts of darkness. Forged in fiery furnace of adversity, hammered on an anvil of rage, this album is conjured from conflagration coughed from rift of Chaos, rising like a Phoenix from the Pit, to infect our Spitegeist with shamaniacal reflections sheathed in metal compositions, hooked and riffed by razor wire licks impaling bass-lines pulsed on drumbeats dredged from thunderous abyss, by a hive-mind wed to one whole emission: To boldly go where no band has gone before and one step further!" For all further information visit

July 02, 2019

US Death / Grinders SKUZ will release a compilation CD entitled "Death Mince Discography" via Horror Pain Gore Death Productions on July 26, 2019. It compiles all material of the band from 2014 - 2019, including their full length album, split releases and demo. You can check out the album track 'Egobliteration' here. More about SKUZ at

Sri Lanka's Black / Death Metallers GENOCIDE SHRINES are streaming the track 'All And / Or Nothing' at this location now. It is taken from "Scorn Coalescence", their 4-way split with SERPENTS ATHIRST, HERESIARCH and TREPANATION, which will be released on July 26, 2019 via Cyclopean Eye Productions. For all additional GENOCIDE SHRINE info visit

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