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January 16, 2019

"Egregors Of The Black Faith", the debut full length from Salvadorian Black / Thrashers WITCHGÖAT, will be released on February 13, 2019 via Morbid Skull Records (CD and cassette) and Hell Productions (CD). The album track 'Black Vomit Of Souls' is already available for streaming right here. More about WITCHGÖAT

Pennsylvania's intense Black / Death / Doom / Thrash Metallers IN THE FIRE (feat. members of RUMPELSTILTSKIN GRINDER, TOTAL FUCKING DESTRUCTION, AZURE EMOTE) have been signed by Horror Pain Gore Death Productions. The band's new album "Volatile Beings" will be released on February 15, 2019. The following tracks will appear on it: 'Feral', 'The Devil In The Mirror', 'Into Battle', 'Channel', 'In The Fire', 'Techno-Sociopathic De-Evolution', 'Inside Out' and 'The Poisoned Rye'. 'The Devil In The Mirror' can be streamed at this location and the artwork for the album was created by Mike Hrubovcak (MORTICIAN, PATHOLOGY, MORTAL DECAY, SIX FEET UNDER, MONSTROSITY). All additional information you will find at

Canadian Death Metallers BEGRIME EXEMIOUS will self-release a compilation CD entitled "Primeval Wasteland", which will be out on February 15, 2019. It compiles the "Primeval Satellite" MLP (originally released by Dark Descent Records in 2014) plus re-recorded songs from the same session (which ended up being released as an exclusive tour tape for their West Coast US / Canada tour in 2013) and the "Wasteland Of Damnation" EP (originally released as a 7" in 2013). All songs have been remastered by Cody Baresich at Circle A Studios in Victoria, BC and the cover art was created by Adam Kindred. The booklet features all of the releases' original artwork by Dennis Thomsen, with the layout done by the band's frontman Derek Orthner. A full album stream is available here. All further BEGRIME EXEMIOUS info at

January 15, 2019

Norwegian Black Metallers BLODHEMN have released another song from their upcoming third full length "Mot Ein Evig Ruin". You can check out 'Det Gjekk Ein Faen' at this location. The album will be released on February 15, 2019 via Soulseller Records. It was mixed by Øystein Brunn (BORKNAGAR) at Crosound Studios and the full tracklist reads like this: 'Ruin' (Intro), 'Det Gjekk Ein Faen', 'Døgenikt', 'Østfront', 'Nordhavs Speil', 'Uante Krefter I Fra Nord', 'Dra Te' Helvete' and 'Mot Midnatt'. More about BLODHEMN at

SETHERIAL's 1996 debut full length "Nord" will be re-released on vinyl, digipak CD and digitally via Soulseller Records. The limited edition 6 panel digipak includes the exclusive CD bonus track 'My Veins Are Open' (from the "With Us or Against Us" compilation from 1995). The vinyl comes housed in a 300 gsm black flooded sleeve with reverse side print and has a double sided 300 gsm insert. It includes the exclusive vinyl bonus track 'Their Blood In Me' (from the band's 1995 EP "För Dem Mitt Blod"). It will be available on limited black and transparent red vinyl. A gold vinyl edition (limited to 100 copies worldwide) is exclusively available from Soulseller directly. All ordering options can be found here. More SETHERIAL information at

Norwegian Black Metallers 1349 have just released a new single entitled 'Dødskamp'. It is available for streaming at this location. The song has been commissioned by Innovation Norway, Visit Norway and the Munch Museum, who asked four Norwegian artists within four different genres of music to interpret their angle on a freely selected work by the famous painter Edvard Munch. Guitarist Archaon issued the following comments about the single: "Munch is arguably the biggest Norwegian artist throughout history, together with Edvard Grieg, I suppose. His works are tremendously dark and eerie, reflecting a lot of anxiety, pain and loneliness, in the way I perceive them. So, it suited us perfectly. I chose the work "Dødskamp" which directly translates "Death Struggle" and speaks volumes for itself. It was an emotionally Heavy task, and also a completely new way to compose. As well as some very long nights, bereaved of sleep. In the end though, it was worth it. This is the soundtrack to the dilemmas of mortality." 'Dødskamp' is available as a vinyl single (which also features the bonus track 'Atomic Chapel') and can be pre-ordered from the Season Of Mist shop. A new 1349 full length will be released later this year. For regular updates visit

January 12, 2019

"Call Of The Void", the debut demo from Oakland, California based old school Death Metallers EVULSE, will be released via Godz Ov War Productions on digipak CD on February 15, 2019. It was recorded, mixed and mastered by Jacob Lee and the cover artwork was provided by Joe 'Ravager' Romero. The tracklist reads as follows: 'Hypochondria', 'Hideous Mound', 'Call Of The Void' and 'Agoraphobia'. Transylvanian Tapes already released the demo on tape and a 7'' EP version will be available from Dawnbreed Records soon. To stream the demo in its entirety visit the Godz Ov War Productions Bandcamp site. EVULSE features members of MORTUOUS, SWAMP WITCH and AUGURS. More band info at

Trondheim, Norway based Black / Death Metallers KATECHON will release their third album "Sanger Fra Auschwitz" on March 01, 2019 on CD (and later on LP) via Saturnal Records. A stream of the album track 'Renselsen' is already available right here. For all additional KATECHON info visit

January 11, 2019

Melbourne, Australia based brutal Death Metallers REVULSED have been signed by Everlasting Spew Records. A new album will be released by the end of the year as the band is currently in the writing / production process. Drummer Jayson Sherlock just issued the following statement: "We are working hard on new material for the follow-up album to "Infernal Atrocity". We feel the music we have so far is a lot more savage than the previous outing. We guarantee the new songs will stay with you, as we love writing memorable music filled with hooky riffs, never compromising on brutality. The slaughter is coming. Also, we are super proud to be working with Everlasting Spew Records on this new release!" A vinyl edition of REVULSED's 2015 debut "Infernal Atrocity" will be released this spring in a gatefold sleeve and a limited colored version. More info at

MISERY INDEX have just released another track from their upcoming album "Rituals Of Power". You can check out the title track right here. The album will be released on March 08, 2019 via Season Of Mist. More about MISERY INDEX at

Greek ZEMIAL have been signed by Agonia Records. Work on the band's fourth studio album, the follow-up to "Nykta" (from 2013), has already commenced. For all further information and regular updates follow the band at

January 10, 2019

Pennsylvania based SPLIT/CROSS will release their debut EP “Rise Of Discontent” via Bandcamp (for now) on Jan 31, 2019. Hard copy versions will be available when they manage to get funds by selling digital copies or get support from their fans. The band's music has been described as "a melange of Grind, Crust, D-beat, Sludge, Doom and even Black / Death Metal." The track 'Rat/Cult' can be streamed at this location. More band information at

January 09, 2019

Chicago’s USURPER will release their sixth album "Lords Of The Permafrost" on March 22, 2019 via Soulseller Records on CD, vinyl and digitally. It was recorded between July and August 2018 at Electrical Audio, Chicago and produced by the band and Taylor Hales. The cover artwork was created by Juha Vuorma and the tracklist reads like this: 'Skull Splitter', 'Beyond The Walls Of Ice', 'Lords Of The Permafrost', 'Cemetery Wolf', 'Warlock Moon', 'Gargoyle', 'Black Tide Rising' and 'Mutants Of The Iron Age'. A lyric video for the title track is available at this location. More info at

"Hammer Of The Heretics", the third full length of French Death Metallers AUTOKRATOR (which was released on CD via Krucyator Productions early last year), will be released on vinyl through Death Kvlt Productions. It will be limited to 100 hand-numbered copies, pressed on 140g black vinyl and comes with an alternative cover art. It also includes an A3 poster and a logo enamel pin. A full album stream Of "Hammer Of The Heretics" is available at this location. More AUTOKRATOR info at

Virginia based old school Death / Doom Metallers NIGHT HAG will release their new EP "Insemination Rites Of The Succubus" on February 08, 2019 via Horror Pain Gore Death Productions on CD and digitally. It will feature the following 5 tracks: 'Buried In Gore', 'Night Hag', 'Carnal Necromantic Lust Ritual', 'Insemination Rites Of The Succubus' and 'Witches' Coven' (MORTICIAN cover). You can already check out the EP opening track 'Buried In Gore' right here. For all further NIGHT HAG information visit

Austrian Crossover Party Thrashers INSANITY ALERT have just released a lyric video for the song 'The Body Of The Christ Is The Parasite'. You can watch the video here. The song is taken from their upcoming album "666-Pack" which will be released on January 25, 2019 via Season Of Mist. All additional band information you will find at

January 08, 2019

Italian Thrashers VIOLENTOR will release their new album "Putrid Stench" via Inferno Records in May 2019 on CD, LP and cassette. The band is currently in the studio to finish the recordings. The following tracks will appear on it: 'The Escalation', 'Butcher The Holy Swine', 'Burning Rage', 'Hunter Of The Anorexis', 'Pray To Die', 'Caustic Cutting', 'Putrid Stench', 'Scum Of Society' and 'Destroy The Enemies'. The artwork was created by Ronnie Ripper (ex - GEHENNAH / TURBOCHARGED) who also contributed to the lyrics of 'Butcher The Holy Swine'. After the release of the album VIOLENTOR will tour Europe in May / June and October 2019. More info will be revealed soon. For all additional VIOLENTOR info visit

Santiago, Chile based Speed Metallers VASTATOR have just announced a new line-up. The band now consists of Nelson "Rob Díaz" D'Aldunce on vocals, Gerardo Barrenechea on drums and new members Richard Pilnik on guitars and Criss Nelson on bass. VASTATOR currently work on a new album, which will be the follow-up to "Machine Hell" from 2010. Some songtitles are 'Nautilus', 'All 4 One', 'Midnight Train' and 'Rock You To Hell'. More info and regular updates at

January 07, 2019

Los Angeles, California based Grindcore act SKULLSMASHER just signed a deal with Selfmadegod Records for the release of their debut album "Rocket Hammer Brain Surgery" this Spring. The band just finished recording the material that includes 16 tracks in 15 minutes. It will be mastered at Audiosiege by Brad Boatright. In the meantime you can check out the band's “Promo 2018” and “Cranial Emulsification” demo right here. More band information at

January 04, 2019

Belgian Black Metallers ENTHRONED have signed a deal with Season of Mist. The band has already started to work on their 11th, as yet untitled album, which will be released later this year. More about ENTHRONED at

German Black Metallers DER ROTE MILAN have released a video from their upcoming second full-length "Moritat". You can check out 'Drohende Schatten' at this location. The album will be released on February 01, 2019 via Unholy Conspiracy Deathwork as a A5 digipak CD and red vinyl. It was recorded, mixed and mastered by Markus Stock at Klangschmiede Studio E and deals with local stories based on real events during the Thirty Years' War. The opening track 'Die Habsucht' is still streaming here. The full tracklist reads like this: 'Die Habsucht', 'Drohende Schatten', 'Gnosis Der Vergänglichkeit', 'Der letzte Galgen', 'Der Findling' and 'Moritat'. All additional band information at

January 03, 2019

Trondheim, Norway based Black / Death Metallers KATECHON will release their third album "Sanger Fra Auschwitz" via Saturnal Records on March 01, 2019. The record is a view into the events of the second world war and how it affected the people on both sides. It is anti-totalitarian in form, drawing textually from Paul Celan, T.S. Eliot and beat poetry. "Sanger Fra Auschwitz" was recorded at Nordstern Studios in 2017 / 2018 and was mixed, mastered and engineered by Christian Broholt. The cover artwork was created by Martin Schreiner. The following eight tracks will appear on the album: 'Fotspor', 'Eloi', 'Renselsen', 'Ankomst', 'Mørkets Hjerte', 'Tre Hoder', 'Davids Skjold' and 'Unheimlich'. For all further information visit

January 02, 2019

Finnish Death Metallers FESTERDAY are currently streaming their entire new album "Iihtallan" right here. The band's debut full length will be released on January 04, 2019 via Season Of Mist Underground Activists. More FESTERDAY information at

Swedish Doom / Deathers VANHA have just released their second album "Melancholia" via Black Lion Records. A full album stream is available at this location. More about VANHA at

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