I really love the COMMUNION EP that only has one setback – it’s too short!!! I need a full album soon!!! It has this great thrashing vibe with loads of old school evilness like early SODOM, BATHORY, VENOM, MERCYFUL FATE, some SARCOFAGO. The vocals are also excellent and at times it reminds me a bit of D666 but with a dark South American twist and more classic heavy metal flavour.

Hails, Deathmessiah! What’s the latest news regarding the mighty COMMUNION and please introduce our readers to the history of this rather young band which was just started around 2008 and now finally releases its first self-titled mini album! Will there be an album in the future as well?
"Salve! Woe and pain to all dark souls in mighty Deutschland, those who walk the path of an ideal, especially those who have open eyes, open ears, closed mind and specific goals… Endure it all if you are worthy! The word “communion” makes reference to the unity between beliefs and spirit or things, a circumstance of having something in common. The word fits perfectly as band’s name because it is linked to divine matters and all dark matters going around including Metal. There are several spiritual and material goals which will keep COMMUNION and me alive until we reach all of them. Stop at nothing until then. Our mini album has been recorded, mixed and mastered from Atumn 2009 ab to our Summer 2010 ab and released in the last days of 2010 ab. It took me a lot of time writing the lyrics and I really meant all of them. Sometimes I find myself represented in some of the characters speech I created for this macabre operetta. The music for it was created faster than the lyrical arrangement because music sets our spirits free; thus COMMUNION considers this embodiment a fucking jail. Few time before since the release of the “Communion” mini album we hired “Tyranus Imperator ‘Teufelshammer’” to take charge of the bass. He is focused in the dark arts and has become a permanent member. So far we have spread over 1.000 CDs. We were in an underground tour in Bolivia and Chile with our old drummer B.O.C. our last summer. We got very stressed from that because we had to travel long distances, met people, etc. but all in all it was great because we love the Southern lands, the landscapes. We kept the band silent since then (March), but we have been writing letters and sending as much flyers and copies of our mini album as we could. I am bankrupt right now but the feedback has been monumental, we are getting many interviews and top reviews everywhere. It seems people are still able to feel alive when they listen to true audio darkness and hate. We have a new drummer H.A.C. of HADES ARCHER, ATOMIC AGGRESSOR, TOTTEN KORPS, etc. an old comrade of COMMUNION. He is the owner of the studio where we recorded the “Communion” mini album. We both mixed and mastered the “Demo I” and “Communion” mini album at DM6 Studio this time. In one way or another he was forced learning our songs at DM6 Studio before playing with us what made everything really easy… I like what he is capable in the drumming; total devotion to his instrument. Since now our old songs are sounding really tight and powerful as COMMUNION wanted it. In the future I want to stay really apart from all what you call “Chilean” scene, from all ex pseudo comrades and all the bitches, away from average people which use to come and go, etc. I only want to concentrate on what’s really important, too much noise from average brainless spiritless people makes you want to puke. In the future the only link with the Chilean crowd will be TEMPLO Black Metal Store (Santiago, Chile). Personally I feel COMMUNION as my trip to the ultimate achievement of the peak of my creativity and physic capabilities, but I don’t know how long it will last. We are supposed to record a 2 song 7” which could be possibly entitled “Santhanas’s Wrath” and record “The Announcement” album by CHAINSAW (RIP) and release it under COMMUNION’s discography. There could be 1 demo in between. Later we will record THE most dark and violent and faster album ever recorded in Chile, it will be called “Ordalias” (ordeals) where the drummer will need to show his athletic skills. And then COMMUNION will go back to the primeval secrets again and record an album in the ancient Black Metal way as our “Demo I”. Every recording of COMMUNION will be crushing funeral music for the killing of the last drops of mercy in our hearts. After that only time will tell…"

A mixture of “old VENOM, old SODOM, old BATHORY, old SAMAEL, old VARATHRON, old SARCOFAGO, old SLAYER, old METALLICA, etc. with raw and dark vocals, maybe like SADISTIK EXEKUTION when they were "possessed"” is how you describe the sound of COMMUNION and these acts are well chosen since you perfectly combine a classic Heavy Metal approach with a bestial violence that’s quite typical for many South American acts and makes them so fascinating to many people over here in Europe. How did this musical combination came into being? And how responsible is being from Chile to the way you sound?
"That’s the description our label gives to the “Communion” mini album, but COMMUNION can be described in a few words such as “Spiritual Music” or “True Black Metal”. We have the utter knowledge of how this music shall sound and our lyrics have been divine revelations to us and to the listener; we don’t want to create the wheel with our music but make the wheel roll all over the atheism, all over the emptiness this plastic world is made of nowadays. Let’s say living a grey life shall be the right answer for this question. You can hear it in the music. Those who can’t it’s just because they are dumb retards. I am aiming spiritual developing and some earthly achievements than getting anything from things or people, who in the end all have a price if you need them, and that gives you no real big value for them, priceless thing is patience, the mother of all virtues, only few people own it, that’s why most of people are delectable, most of people have no real virtues. AAAARRGGHHHH in one hand, being located here in Chile only strengths and increases your nonconformity and hatred. Due mostly “The System” and due the 95% of the brainwashed population you will ever meet, who are just spiritless imposters, brainless zombies, envious backstabbers and faking anxious instable women, but if you have loads of money or time you will be a loved king even if you are brainless or loser… people have been made real retards everywhere on this planet. On the other hand, if you are able to connect yourself with the spirits who dominate a big part of this ground where COMMUNION haunts, the unmerciful nature, the extreme coldness, the extreme hotness, the high lonely mountains, the vast ocean, the forests, the desert, the snow, etc. they will enrich your spirit and soul! You just need to listen to their voice instead of yours or others; I just need to climb alone a high mountain and let its spirits let me see above them or get into an old cemetery, to remember that I am in the obscure depths of this existence just due I am able to see above any human “system” and worthless people I have to meet. Since childhood it has been very important for me to have enough time to stay alone, reflections spread in all what I do consciously, but unconsciously I am untameable. I sing with bestial vocals because I don’t have any other voice than that for singing, that’s the only way COMMUNION wants the soul of the listener be engulfed, by the words we have been revealed to. When singing I want to give the same feeling and aura I got from the best and pioneering Chilean Black Death Metal band EVER, the mighty godly PENTAGRAM, all the other Chilean Black or Death Metal bands aren’t pioneering anything. I listen to 10 – 15 different records each day when I listen to music, but some days I am in complete silence the whole day, other days I listen to the same recording all day and it could be an album or even 1 song, I am quite unpredictable and obsessed. I have a good selected collection which I have sweat blood to earn it; our country has been never a cheap place to get music that’s why COMMUNION knows what we really wants, only the best; we have our own identity so we do our best to let our spirits fly with jaguars, pumas, serpents through the sound of the only human expression we don’t detest the “Spiritual Music”."

From what I read in reviews it seems COMMUNION have a really interesting and well-thought out lyrical concept told through various characters. Can I imagine that like a religious, mythical themed story in the KING DIAMOND vein? Please tell me more about how I can imagine the lyrical content in COMMUNION!
"You don’t need to imagine what COMMUNION lyrics deal with, because you already own a copy of this “Communion” mini album in your hands, so please inform the readers in deep what we deal with and what you understood from our lyrics please, it would be a good feedback for us as well. But if you still want it easy… well COMMUNION lyrics deal with cryptic knowledge based upon beliefs, religion, pre-Hispanic myths and beliefs of South America, Heraclitus, Lucifer, old lyrics by other intelligent or creative bands, Nietzsche, Baphomet, the beast in man, hatred, politic, etc. They work through characters and some of them are “Blessed death”, “Priests”, “Impiety”, “A voice from the Dark”, etc. The lyrics wrote for this mini album in one sentence: “Wake up! And look back into the primeval secrets”. And all those who want to go deeper: you should accept the truth that “Men have been bred to worship the Gods” (as said in South America from father to son before YHVH’s light of fear). The degeneration of that fundamental need / truth led men into a state of total decay and emptiness. The ancient beliefs from what you call “America” were never contaminated with monotheism, capitalism, etc. So they are quite “Primitive”… nearer to the truth maybe? Chilean guys have the blood of many cultures / races. We haven’t been chosen by 1 GOD / belief even if we are “Satanists”, we accept that the DEVIL (GODz and spirits of this ground) still rule the land."

I’ve seen some live photos of you guys and that looked like you’re putting up quite a great, unholy show onstage with hoods, spikes, leather to the max. How often do you play live and are there plans to make it over to Europe as well?
"COMMUNION plays live as much as we must, even if we hate it, we don’t get any fun from it, but COMMUNION will keep doing it until we get fucking professional and magickal. We exploit the “image” of COMMUNION being “superstitious”, we are drawing a line, an abyss, between COMMUNION / Proselytism / Templo and anyone else not really interested in the divine matters; besides this we want to pervert peoples souls so we keep their eyes filled with symbols and occult meanings; it doesn’t matter to me what the average stupid sheep-people think about COMMUNION or me. I keep the mysteries for myself. To be sincere I would love to play live here in the South of Chile first, inside a cavern during the cold snowy winter, in front of hungry Pumas from Nahuelbuta, feed them with all the money we could get from COMMUNION discs so they can become stronger and have enough power to eat all the worthless human population they could… COMMUNION is a messenger of the only light: defy and attack the establishment!"

You’re also behind the label Proselytism which meanwhile keeps releasing one great release after another. What is important to you regarding the label’s philosophy?
"Yes, I run Proselytism, it is the best occult superstitious100% Metal label of my country EVER. Proselytism is the right name about how to describe what we do. I learnt the word when I was 14 years old thanks to German SODOM “Obsessed By Cruelty” album, where also the ‘Deathlike Silence’ song is included… right? The word “Proselytism” makes reference to the spiritual rebirth. This word holds power. Power means you have knowledge and you can use it for greater works, so we release stuff which can fit these concepts. Our “philosophy” is spreading “forbidden” words in mysterious ways. I want Proselytism alive in the depths where Darkness still prevails. Proselytism seems to be dead sometimes… but Proselytism will strike with twice as much strenght soon!!" 

COMMUNION features Butcher Of Christ from UNAUSSPRECHLICHEN KULTEN who adds a merciless punch to your sound. Why did you pick him as drummer? How did this collaboration come into place?
"There was no one else who could take the job when he was asked to join COMMUNION in February 2008 ab. He agreed very fast and after rehearsing few hours / days we recorded the “Demo I”. He lasted 2 recordings for COMMUNION, “Demo I” and “Communion” and played live a couple of times including dates in Bolivia. But it is me who created 80% and more of the drumming concept for COMMUNION’s songs up to now. We, “Hellavenger”, “B.O.C.” and me mutually agreed he won’t continue playing drums in COMMUNION. Our future seems getting more serious now that H.A.C. is in the PanzerKampfWagen. I hope everything could work even more serious."

What other Chilean acts should we watch out for in the future? Any recommendations? What’s your personal favourites in general at the moment?
"To be sincere I would recommend what we have released so far. They are all great recordings but to be honest I am a bit suspicious of every Chilean people, so let them be known by their own effort or opportunism. The only recording I really liked besides those Proselytism releases is the debut album of HADES ARCHER."

When did you start your label? Is it your main job or just a “hobby”?
"Proselytism started its works in 2001 ab. The first release of Proselytism wasn’t an audio release but a fanzine (around 2002 – 2003 ab), it was called the same way and it was filled with extreme Black Metal, Satanism, Occultism, Torture, Darkness, etc. and my own ideals which I still hold. It was written between 1995 – 2002 ab. I am proud of all what I have put there and of course about the visual design. I got lot of respectful feedback from that fanzine which allowed me opening greater doors. All in all the Proselytism itself is a manifestation of the mysterious way I had to walk so far. If you can realise how much work there’s behind Proselytism (label) / COMMUNION (band) / Templo (store) then it is not hard to believe that everything became my main job."

What is the mission and purpose of your label?
"Pervert people’s soul. Spiritual rebirth." Which releases are you most proud of?
"CHAINSAW (RIP) “The Announcement” for being my own band and being the most violent Black Metal album ever recorded in Chile and released by my own hands. EKRON CULT (Paraguay) “Queen Of The Luxury” because it is brilliant visuallly and musically wise."

What’s your best-selling release?
"All of them! Most of all releases are sold out."

You do very special and morbid looking packaging for your releases, how important is the visual side of a release to you and how can I imagine the preparation and work on your albums?
"Yeah those giant Morbid Metal digipaks are my own creation. For me it is a very important thing that the container of the message could be the as strong as possible, so the message can be taken serious in its full conception. The visual quality of a big sized format is very important to let the gospels work in the people’s soul entering through the eyes to the brain and again through the ears to the brain. Listening to music is the most complete mental exercise ever. We must show how is the real straight forward attitude of a real devoted priesthood / label. Our releases shall always be an example of that. The preparation sometime took me years, and sometimes a few days; it is a mystery you know."

You also are working with DM6 studio, so you are quite closely connected to a facility where you can mix / master albums if necessary. Please tell us more about the advantages / disadvantages of that?
"DM6 is a cool place to record. A good advantage is that we live near and that the owner is serious; disadvantage could be that COMMUNION would like to be more isolated from the other bands / people and have a mystic decoration in the rehearsal room as Templo Black Metal store, but all in all it is the best place where COMMUNION could record our albums nowadays, it is not cheap but not expensive either if you want the job well done."

Do you have many customers, supporters from Chile or where does the main part of your customers come from?
"Since the beginning Proselytsim has been working in the underground pits by trading stuff with several labels (the only way to fight big companies business and get some of the money) and selling it to closer friends, then friends of friends and then some new people we have never heard of before, so let’s say our main customers is Chilean. It is supposed that foreign customers should buy our stuff from our traders; customers will save money and it will help great people to keep the underground alive. Costa and his amazing Iron Pegasus Records is the official Proselytsim distributor in your country and Patrick of Iron Bonehead spread some of Proselytsim stuff as well. I raised Templo (Temple) Black Metal store as a place to work with the label, gather to listening to music and talk and of course spread the stuff we get by massive trading. We never wanted to sell stuff that the trendy person wants / asks for. I distribute bands which I think DESERVE recognition. Underground and intelligent bands shall rule, mainstream crap shall perish!! Sadly not all the labels are this way, releasing quality stuff without being trendy or opportunist, I used to think that people behind extreme labels and bands have ideals and pride, but it seems that is a “old” thing that only few people cares."

How can one get your releases in the US or in Europe? Have you got distros you’re working with?
"You can get Proselytsim releases from several underground distros everywhere, but in your country please contact Iron Pegasus Records. If you can’t get it easy then you should ask us directly. There must be the Proselytsim contact somewhere in these pages!!"

How do you find new bands and what are your favourite acts on Temple Of Proselytism?
"The way Prosleytism chooses new bands is a mystery… even for me; but they must be creative / destructive, really serious and have an orbit aligned with us. I won’t help bands anymore where some of their members can’t really fight a fight or those who turned their back on Prosleytism. Serious people / bands / ’zines / labels / distros / deathrashers / witches who are able to rule their scene can get in touch. Cowards playing great music can fuck off. Prosleytism will concentrate in COMMUNION and few bombastic releases only. All releases are favourite ones for one or another reason or it wouldn’t been released any of them. Personally I use to listen a lot to HEPTAMERON (Greece) “Grand Masters Of The Final Harvest”, what a fucking awesome jewel… so dark, so intense…"

You release a lot of Chilean underground Metal – what do you think is so special about Metal from Chile and the Chilean Metal scene in general?
"I respect the releases we have done so far because they were done with devotion in days of total Darkness Metal sterility, among them those CDs recorded by GORHOTH, CHAINSAW, FORCE OF DARKNESS and COMMUNION. Chilean Metal is very special because our country is a time bomb where none feels comfortable, it is a cauldron of abuses, so the music aura speaks of it. To sum it up where there’s abuse, there’s hate and darkness. Well guided hate becomes a seed of rebellion. Rebellion is all about braveness, and braveness is all about power + knowledge. Knowledge + power = WILL = the ultimate truth. I would like to quote KAT (Poland) “…Metal, truth is black Metal…” (a chorus from the “Metal & Hell” album) Sadly the absence of knowledge is IGNORANCE, ignorance can be turned into fear, fear can turn you into a coward. A coward betrays. The development of the Chilean Metal scene was blessed by Behemoth of PENTAGRAM. He deserves all the recognition for his devoted work which was embraced consciously or unconsciously by the new generations. The Chilean Metal scene owes him a lot, but these brainless rats paid him with backstabbing and gossips. I hate 95% of Chilean people, they are only envious coward rats."

Over here in Europe I think we are all a bit too spoiled with shows everywhere, millions of bands and tons of clubs, pubs and stores to go to. Do you think that the fervour and dedication for Metal in Chile has something to do with the fact that it is not something that can be taken for granted, that it still remains something special?
"German case: I think that if you got too much exposed to something: a) you will get bored fast because you don’t know what you want. b) you get really fanatic because you have too much to dig in to find what you like so “the chase is better than the catch”. c) only diehard fans will remain, but also empty scum without life. Chilean case: If you don’t get much exposed to something. a) you get bored fast because you don’t know what you want. b) you get really fanatic because you have too much to dig in to find what you like so “the chase is better than the catch”. c) so only diehard fans will remain but also empty scum without life. All in all as above so below."

What releases can we expect from you in the future?
"Actually I am working really hard since 1 year; specially the last 2 months setting things in order, I am always inside chaos. It seems doing things like a robot it is the only way to prevail in this society full of betrayers and fake people, AAAARRGGHHHH. Anyway, I always keep advancing no matter what. In the future I want to make my life the less complex possible. There’s no need spending time in complaining about “luck” or whatever, we just need to get closer to the day this “illusion” called life will end, being a man in the best physic and spiritual shape possible… Next plans with Proselytism are having a decent Proselytism web page constructed and release: THRASH FORWARD (U.S.A.) – “Thrash Forward Alliance” – giant digipak CD + poster: An old demo from 1990 ab. Sharpen Violent Speed Thrash Metal at its best, full of feeling and power. It is one my all time favourite demos EVER, every year I listen to it since I was 14 years old, it brings me overdose of energy!! This release is a tribute to that demo, and now it is released in its complete form, there was a intro missing in the original release, now available for the first time. I would say this demo influenced a lot the hellish violent style of CHAINSAW (RIP). UNHOLY ARCHANGEL (Greece) “Obsessed By War” + bonus tracks – giant digipak CD + poster: War Metal the way it must be. I have never heard something more caothic and serious (lyrically) than this stuff, ladies into CONQUEROR, BLASPHEMY, BEHERIT, ABHORER, PANIC, HERPES, etc. will piss and shit their bikini. NOT FOR TRENDIES. FUNERAL NATION (USA) – “Box Set”. Audio CDs, DVDs, posters, t-shirt, etc. All the necessary of this highly under-rated band which deserves majestic treatment for making the most PERFECT BLACK METAL in late ‘80s, early ‘90s. Next plans with COMMUNION will be a second COMMUNION tour, this time with AFTER DEATH (USA), 2 dates in Chile. We will play our “Demo I”, “Communion” mini album and 1 cover of CHAINSAW (RIP) ‘Impalement To Destroy’. We will record 2 new songs for a 7” and record 2 albums “The Announcement” and “Ordalias” and printing more COMMUNION t-shirts."

Thanks a lot for your answers and please give me some cheers for the German maniacs out there!
"Mega dark blessings for you and to all my German comrades, you fucking rule and are real fanatics, specially all those who put their selves through deliberate pain in order to develop any ability; pain is neither a punishment nor unjust in nature. Best compositors and fighters must overcome pain through discipline, so must the best organism in nature. No “God” created a world in order to suffer pain; that is anti-life belief of the weak who lacks of discipline to overcome nature’s obstacles…"

www.proselytism.net, www.graveritualprod.com

Stefan Franke

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