SADISTIC INTENT is an American Death Metal band which is also already active for over 10 years, and totally breaths the underground spirit. Throughout their career, they opened up for already almost all the bigger bands within the Death / Black metal scene. Their outputs “Resurrection” and especially the mini-CD “Ancient Black Earth” totally crush and offer everything a Death Metal lunatic could want: dark and obscure lyrics, fast parts, slow parts, a totally hateful voice, all embraced by a rather good production. Within a couple of weeks their long-awaited debut album “The Second Coming” should finally see the light and will be released through Necropolis Records. The record is already recorded and finished, so let’s cross our fingers for that… Six string burner Rick Cortez was so kind to get totally into the few questions I prepared

Who actually designed the rather cool SADISTIC INTENT logo?
“A friend of ours back in 1987 known as Legions designed it. He really drew about three or four logos for us but we ended up with the current one. Bay and I actually adjusted it a bit by putting it in more proportion though. The original version looked a little different from what we use now. Nevertheless, we are greatfull to Legions for creating the SADISTIC INTENT logo.”

It sometimes really pisses me off when I think of a great and totally underrated band like for example MERCILESS who never really got much attention and bands like KORN, MACHINE HEAD, SEPULTURA and BIOHAZARD making everybody’s day. It seems like there’s no justice sometimes. How do you feel about something like this, can it still upset you?
“I absolutely agree with you and it fuckin’ sucks!!! Personally, it is only when I think about the greedy businessmen (who shamelessly do not care about keeping the essence of Metal alive!) in control of the big so-called “Metal” scene that it can start to upset me! Because I know for a fact that these people are arrogant assholes who are just primarily concerned with getting richer and richer!! That’s why hybrid bullshit like addidas rap rock or whatever trend crap is deemed as”Metal”, because they obviously don’t give a shit about changing the meaning of it!!! Although I do not like their judgement, I do not put all the blame on them for keeping the Death / Black Metal scene from growing and spreading even more darkness. The truth is, if you look around in the scene worldwide, a lot of people don’t like the bands to become successful! Where as in their scene they have a network of powerful people supporting eachother to continue to reign and carry on “making everybody’s day”, a lot of the underground still has the mentality that keeps bands down with not much attention!! I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again, there is nothing wrong with Death / Black Metal bands getting big as long as they don’t betray their fans like those fuckin’ poseur sell-outs called METALLICA!!! I have analyzed this situation and the positives greatly outway the negatives for the scene. One example, there have been some great underground bands that I wish to have seen live, but since they were not big enough, it was not in the best interest of the booking agents or promoters to bring them on tour. The reality is that those bands could not even generate enough money to pay for their own expenses. Most of them no longer exist and because of them being underground, I never got the opportunity to see them live! Therefore, I know I would rather see Death / Black Metal bands make it big instead of lame-ass false Metal bands!!! Our scene can very well be big but the diehards must take control of it!!! By not doing so is to let those type of people impose upon our scene and ruin it just to make a quick buck!!!”

The only releases of SADISTIC INTENT I’m familiar with is the “A Calm Before The Storm” 7″, the “Resurrection” mcd, your contribution to the CELTIC FROST tribute and “Ancient Black Earth”. Lyrically, SADISTIC INTENT deals with death only. Do you think that you have to do this to call yourself a Death Metal band or do you just feel most comfortable this way? What stands Death Metal for you personally?
“We feel comfortable because I personally do not care what labels people want to put on our music as a result of the lyrics. Don’t get me wrong, I know we’re recognized as a Death Metal band but we’re not going out of our way to get pigeon holed to any label. Especially if the essential meaning of the label has been lost for the most part! There are some “Death” Metal bands who I feel we don’t have almost anything in common with and if people think we have to fit in the guidelines of that, writing our lyrics to be labeled “Death” Metal is in no way a priority. Regardless, as far as what Death Metal stands for me, this can be long but I’ll keep it short as possible. It’s a way of life and not some fun hobby or thing to do on the weekends. As a creator of the Metal of death, one should have an adversarial point of view on divine religions because that is what truly makes the lyrics dark and blasphemous. Not to mention, when I got into the infernal cult of music known as Death Metal, that’s the way it was! Since Death Metal actually comes from Heavy Metal, I believe the music should be even heavier than its predecessor and lyrically should deal with subjects morbid enough to give a mysterious element, not a funny one! Since Death / Black Metal has the same roots, Death Metal can also have satanic lyrics as well. A great example of this is POSSESSED’s “Seven Churches”!”

Before “A Calm Before The Storm”, you also recorded an E.P. called “Impending Doom” which got released through Wild Rags, the label of the famous Richard Campos. I sometimes get his newsletter for free, and he has some rather interesting stuff in his mailorder list that I would like to order (for example your very own “Impending Doom” 12″), still I never did so far because of his bad reputation. Is he really not to be trusted and in which way did he rip you off or cause damage for SADISTIC INTENT?
“Before I continue I have to mention that Wild Rags is history now! They have closed for good! Anyhow, not only did Richard rip us off, he also betrayed us! First we were supposed to have a studio budget but when the time came we ended up paying for all of it! Then he ended up printing SADISTIC INTENT shirts with his own designs that we did not approve of and sold them without our permission!! To top it off, he then spread duragatory lies about us in his stupid newsletter!!! There’s more negative shit he’d done to us but we struck back when we declared war against Wild Rags!!! We gathered a lot of underground people from zines, labels, distros and bands who also got ripped of by Wild Rags and his reputation went from being reputable to a fuckin’ rip-off!!!”

What’s happening these days with Gothic Records, the label of your ex-vocalist Enrique Chavez? Did he put out any new releases recently or did he sign any bands?
“Gothic Records is still around and Enrique recently released a couple more CD’s. One band is called PERVERSERAPH and the other is NAMTURU.”

Do you listen to Death Metal only or are there also other styles in Metal or other kinds of music which bring a pleasure to your ears?
“I like to think of music as being a form of art which certainly includes Death Metal. As an artist, I believe sonic inspiration can ultimately be positive or negative in the end result of the creation. To put that in perspective and to answer your question, if I literally only listened to Death Metal every day of the week, I know for a fact the musical range of SADISTIC INTENT would not be as wide. Although music is subjective, as an aspiring music artist I would not be pleased with negative limitations which go hand in hand with monotonousness. Therefore, besides Death / Black Metal I’m still into 70’s and 80’s Heavy Metal such as: AC/DC, BLACK SABBATH, JUDAS PRIEST, etc. Even though Metal in general is my main source of musical inspiration, I can admit that depending on my mood I can listen to other forms of music as well. But when I say some I literally mean it, the music within every genre I appreciate can be specially interesting or even annoying! Therefore, I also like some classic rock such as: THE DOORS, ROLLING STONES, JIMI HENDRIX, etc. Once in a while I can lend an ear to some “crust” type of stuff which is actually heavy music! Every now and then I can go to the other side of the musical spectrum and even listen to some classical music. ’Lacrimosa’ by Mozart is one of my favorite pieces of work! Depending on my hallucinogenic state of mind, I can even get entranced by some electronic drug music! Opening the doors of perception with LSD can be a very dark and to surreal of an experience to put into words.”

I would say that SADISTIC INTENT is the best example of an underground-based Death Metal band: you don’t compromise, all your releases were put out on rather small labels and you don’t care that much about the current scene. On the other hand, this way you will never make a breakthrough to a wider audience like for example bands like MORBID ANGEL or CANNIBAL CORPSE did. Do you think that you can still be an underground band and become popular or sign to a bigger label at the same time?
“After being underground for over twelve years, I believe that we can become “popular” and still keep our integrity that the scene has come to know us by. Because even if that happens I know we would still be involved with the underground scene. But if we do breakthrough to a significantly larger audience I would not consider us underground anymore. Look at MORBID ANGEL and CANNIBAL CORPSE, I still see them in fanzines but I don’t consider those bands “underground” anymore. After being featured in big international magazines, MTV and in one case a major movie, I do not see how anyone can say they are still underground after all that. Don’t get me wrong, just because they are not underground anymore doesn’t mean they are sell-outs or anything. I don’t mind bands getting big as long as they don’t betray their fans like those fuckin’ geeks in METALLICA!!! In the ancient days of Death / Black Metal there were bands like VENOM, SLAYER, DESTRUCTION, POSSESSED, MERCYFUL FATE, etc. They were not underground but there was nothing wrong with that! The important thing was that their music was evil and that’s still the way I feel about Death / Black Metal today!”

What do you think about the following: there are countless examples of bands who were great in the beginning and got boring from the moment they got picked up by a bigger label. Do you think that something like that is mostly caused by the rules of the bigger label they have to follow or just because the band “gets mature” and this way looses aggression, obscurity, etc?
“Although there are times when labels tell the bands what direction to go with their music, for the most part I would say it’s the bands who change on their own. In most cases I believe what happens is that the band members think if they soften up they will become a huge mainstream act and make lots of money! Time and time again I have seen money change people and that is the harsh reality.”

“Ancient Black Earth” is the best and most mature output I heard from SADICTIC INTENT so far, the sound and the songs are just great. Why did you actually put it out on 500 copies only, because the songs were originally just meant as a promo?
“Correct, originally “Ancient Black Earth” was a promotional demo and since we knew we were going to re-record those songs on our debut, we did not intend to release it to the public at first. Oddly enough, during that time there was a rumor going around the underground that SADISTIC INTENT had broken up and we received a lot of mail regarding that. To end those rumors together with the fact that we knew it would be quite some time till we would record our full length, we decided to release it as a limited edition of 500 hand numbered copies for the die-hards. Due to the overwhelming response we ended up selling about 1.000 copies but only 500 were hand numbered. We’ve already re-recorded the songs which appeared on “Ancient Black Earth” and I am glad to say that we did a better job this time around!!!”

The lists of known bands you already opened up for (for example IMMOLATION, DISSECTION, DEATH, DESTRUCTION, MORBID ANGEL, ENTOMBED, UNLEASHED, IMMORTAL…) is really impressive. How are you able to open up for such “big” bands and are there any gigs that will always stick to your mind for whatever reason and where you would like to talk about here?
“In the earlier years, most of the promoters would demand a promotional package and if they felt the bands were not qualified, they simply would not book them on the shows. Fortunately our music spoke for itself and after doing our first club appearance with a “big” act, they seen the crowd response and we were invited to do more shows! After doing a few gigs, other promoters in the club scene recognized SADISTIC INTENT as an established act and it became easier for us to “get on the bill” with well known bands. Subsequently “pay to play” came to be and the way promoters based their methods of booking bands really changed after that. Now the promoters would make the bands sell presale tickets in order for them to get the gigs. Next thing you know most of the promoters started doing the same thing and the bands who would sell the most tickets, got offered the same deal for the next event. We went through that and we worked extremely hard to continue to get on the big shows. At first “pay to play” was relatively reasonable but after a while the promoters got carried away with the amounts of money as well as ticket sales and rightfully so, it backfired on them!!! Bands simply refused to put themselves in the predicament of contracts binding them to sell unrealistic amounts of tickets and it ended that era! Today, promoters still do somewhat of a “pay to play” system but without the contracts and ridiculous amounts of money they used to ask for. It has been several years since we have even done that, we’ve already proven ourselves to the main promotional company and today we get paid to play! That is basically how we have done it up to this point. Now that we’re signed to a reputable label , things can only get better! In retrospect, I feel what makes the list of bands we’ve opened up for impressive is the actual determination and dedication that we accomplished to do so. Regarding the second part of the question, a show that comes to mind is the one I mentioned earlier as our first appearance with a big act. To be a little more specific, the time we opened up for DARK ANGEL in February of 1989. There were something like 2.500 people in attendance and to this day, it’s still one of the most loudest and insane crowds we’ve ever played in front of!!!”

I never saw any release of SADISTIC INTENT for sale in a store, even in mailorders they’re very difficult to get. Do you regret this situation, that it is so difficult to obtain your material? Do you think that this way, you only reach the very dedicated audience?
“There are actually a few shops as well as mailorders that have carried our “Resurrection” and “Ancient Black Earth” CD’s, so I have no regrets for our situation. Although I wouldn’t have minded better distribution, I certainly feel previliged of our underground experience because of our very dedicated audience!”

Since you already opened up for so many bands, aren’t there any bands you are friends with and that could help you to get signed by a bigger label by passing a promo or whatever? Are you actually interested to get picked up by a bigger label (I think something like Metal Blade could suit you very well)?
“I have “friends” in several bands but the reality is none of them ever offered any help to get us signed. Call it pride or whatever, SADISTIC INTENT never asked any bands for help and eventually we got signed to a label that we respect on our own! This label is called Necropolis Records and we are currently mixing our debut full length entitled “The Second Coming Of Darkness”! Necropolis recently landed a distribution deal so now it will be easier to find this CD! Although there are bigger labels out there, I would hate to be on some of them and would much rather self release our music!!!”

I recently ordered the SADISTIC INTENT / UNGOD split 7″, but unfortunately I didn’t get it already. Would you like to tell a bit more about that 7″ and the song you recorded?
“We recorded a song titled ‘Eternal Darkness’ which contains salvaged riffs from an old tune of ours from 1987! Through Bays morbid vision, the lyrics came about and they deal with the submission of hell which is the eternal darkness! After the 7″ was released we decided to re-record ‘Eternal Darkness’ for our up-coming full length on Necropolis Records. UNGOD is from Germany and they are Black Metal. It has been released as a limited edition of 1,000 copies by the German label called Merciless Records. If anyone is interested in obtaining a copy, get in contact with them as soon as possible! Their address is: P.O. Box 72, 97448 Arnstein, Germany. I’m not sure of the price but it might be a good idea to get a hold of them first because they may be out by the time you read this.”

What else can you reveal about your full-length debut? Will it also include many older already known tracks?
“I can tell you that “The Second Coming Of Darkness” is being recorded at Ghost Studios which is where we recorded our “Ancient Black Earth” mini-CD. I can also say that it will be our best recording yet and it shall be a monumental release for the extreme Metal scene! The songs are a combination of older and newer ones and all the titles appearing on the album are: ‘The Summoning’, ‘Beyond The Grave’, ‘Untimely End’, ‘Second Coming’, ‘Unholy Revelations’, ‘Invocation Of Blasphemy’, ‘Funebre’, ‘Lurking Terror’, ‘Numbered With The Dead’, ‘Ancient Black Earth’, ‘Eternal Darkness’, ‘Nightmare’ and ‘Funerals Obscure’.”

Do you have any idea how big the SADISTIC INTENT following is worldwide and especially in Europe / America? When you play a headlining gig, how many people would turn up? Are there any songs that you know the audience is especially into?
“It’s hard to say exactly how big our following is around the world. A lot of people that have written in say they got a recorded tape of ours from a friend so I’m sure that is quite rampant. After being an international underground band for over a decade I know we have a decent following in Europe and America. Being that Europe and especially America are large, I know our supporters are really scattered. Aside from that, during our headlining tour of Mexico we drew 1.000 people at our biggest show! Here in Los Angeles, depending on the night of the week we currently draw about an average of 300 people. At our last show we drew about 500 people! As far as particular crowd favorites, it seems like everybody has a different one! I actually prefer it that way, it would be a little dissappointing if everybody had the same favorite song!”

Have you ever been over here in Europe, and in case yes where have you been?
“Unfortunately, I nor any members of the band have been there yet. Actually our ex-vocalist went to Germany and he came across some SADISTIC INTENT fans at the Wacken festival! Necropolis Records informed us that once our recording is unleashed they will organize a European tour for us! I have heard great things about Europe in general and I can’t wait to go! Amsterdam seems like the type of place we will especially enjoy!!!”

You also have a store called “Dark Realm Records”. What do you do there exactly? How much time do you spend each day in the shop? Is this your biggest way of making a living? Is this store actually yours? How do you go to work if you’re interested in distributing a release?
“We do several things: during business hours we help the customers who come in, run the register, put merchandise out and other things that come with keeping this place organized. Behind the scenes we take care of the books, deal with the bank, pay the bills, make trades and orders, take care of mail and mail orders, update our store site, make inquiries with other distributors or shops that carry metal, etc… Since we just moved to our new location of 1.280 square feet, we had to do some hard work just to get this place ready! I am usually here five to six days a week and do what I got to do at least eight hours a day. For a few years, we had a couple other jobs to make a living and to invest into our record shop, but now this is it! We are not rich and currently are not even making this countries “minimum wage”, but it is enough to make it by for now. Dark Realm goes hand in hand with SADISTIC INTENT and it feels great knowing that we can go to work and say that this is what we like to do. If you are interested in having a release distributed through Dark Realm, send a promo and wholesale price information and we’ll take it from there. Throughout the years we have been supportive of Dark / Death / Black Metal. When we want to distribute something, usually our distributors have it and we get it from them. I must say that we are doing our share of keeping the extreme Metal scene alive and we’ve even organized in-store autograph sessions with bands such as: MORBID ANGEL, AT THE GATES, CRADLE OF FILTH, DISSECTION, EXODUS, CANNIBAL CORPSE, DARK FUNERAL, ENTOMBED, GOD DETHRONED, SAMAEL, MAYHEM, GRAVE, DIMMU BORGIR and a couple more! Dark Realm Records is also a label! We just released “Resist” from Poland’s blackened Death horde called DAMNATION! For those who like it fast and heavy!!! We also have re-released “We Have Arrived”, the debut of L.A.’s classic DARK ANGEL! This version contains the original artwork and lyrics! A must have for those into 80’s Death Thrash!!!”

You recently wrote to me that you also recorded POSSESSED and SLAYER tracks for tribute albums. I think that tribute albums are really overused these days as most of the cover versions are never able to compete with the originals, especially when you hear some of the versions on the latest MERCYFUL FATE, KREATOR and IRON MAIDEN tribute albums. I also thought it was strange that you recorded a SLAYER song, they’re a great band no doubt about that, but almost every band does it nowadays, and there are so many other cool (thrash) bands you can pick a song from, I think.
“The way I look at it is this way: I’m not bothered by the amount of tributes but what does get annoying is the quality of the band’s versions. Personally I have been wanting to do a SLAYER song for years now because they are one of our biggest influences not to mention that they’re from our home town! We even went to the same high school that Tom Araya went to! I actually went to class with his younger brother John Araya who had a band called BLOODCUM. Anyhow, when Dwell Records gave us the opportunity to do ‘Necrophiliac’ we honestly wanted to pay tribute to our local ancient ones of Death / Black Metal and that’s what we did. Consequently, this tribute has sold something in the lines of 20.000 copies and we have even received mail from SLAYER fans who say they like our version better than the original! So, in our case I believe doing the SLAYER tribute was really a positive experience as opposed to negative one. Sure, there are other cool bands and that is why in 1996 (when there were not so many tribute albums) we covered the CELTIC FROST song ‘Return To The Eve’. Later on, when we got the rare chance of recording ‘The Exorcist’ from the godly POSSESSED with original bass / vocalist Jeff Becerra, we had to do it!!! POSSESSED is certainly one of our all time favorite bands and it was an honor to record and party with Jeff Becerra!”

These days, I get a lot of albums and CD’s to review or whatever and so I get to hear a lot of stuff. There are many albums that are just OK or that you could even state as “good”, but there are very few that really manage to impress me in a way that they impressed me about 8 years ago. Do you feel the same way and what do you think is the main reason for this?
“I feel the same way but I don’t think there is only one main reason, there are actually a combination of factors behind this. One of the main reasons for all this is not surprisingly some of the bigger record labels. When I say big record labels, I am also thinking about the whole package they are involved with such as their distributors and magazines which at times they pay off to give their releases good reviews! Anyhow, throughout the years I have seen how the actions of record labels has affected the general course of “Death / Black” Metal where I can say that they are the root. I know there are some bands who self-release their own recordings but I’ll get to that later. The fact of the matter is, record labels have the power to say yes or no as far as releasing anything! When you look at the Death Metal trend a few years ago and the more recent Black Metal one, you see that the first bands they signed were for the most part the best ones each time. Reason being, those are the bands that became successful in the underground scene! When it came time to signing them, it was a no brainer because those were obviously some of the most popular bands the underground had to offer! So it’s not like these people working at the labels are geniuses who discovered some unknown talent on there own!!! Because of the former underground bands success, the labels seen the potential growth of both Death / Black Metal! Like usual, once they know there is a demand for a certain music, they will quickly sign whatever they think is marketable just to make a quick buck! If these bands happen to be undistinguished, the labels don’t care because while the trend is happening they know they will sell just about anything!! Due to that careless attitude, a lot of releases end up being mediocre and in the end the potential growth of the scene gets ruined because of all the releases that are “just ok”. So that basically explains why a lot of releases are not as impressive. But then the question, why was there more impressive releases in the past? The truth is, although the music of the original Death / Black Metal bands was evil, they had a wider range of musical influences and it showed in their releases. That musical inclination also crossed over to the second generation and there was even some new standards set! Unfortunately some of those bands broke up and over the years some lost the edge they once had. By the time the third generation hit, the labels had already exploited Death Metal and a lot the younger bands were not really exposed to the earlier classic releases of Death Metal. Thanks to the labels signing so many mediocre so called “Death” Metal bands, the Black Metal underground had now turned against anything labeled as Death Metal! Since Black Metal was trying extra hard to stay “true”, it was no longer okay to admit they liked other music besides Black Metal. The few that later acknowledged they did indeed like classic Death Metal, were the ones that had become most popular in the underground scene eventually getting signed! After that, I already mentioned what happens… Consequentially, all that has caused a narrow-minded musical climate and once again this can be attributed to the bigger record labels! Consciously or sub-consciously, from what I’ve seen todays upcoming bands are primarily inspired by the current musical spectrum which in comparison with the older releases is not as remarkable. Like I said I would get to later, most of the bands who self-release their own recordings also fall under that clout of the record industry. If all the labels would have done their part to have kept the elementariness of Death /Black Metal alive, the newer bands would’ve had an essential foundation to carry on the musical integrity of the ancient ones. I’m not talking about this recent “retro” thing either. I think it’s great that there is a revival but a band should get influenced, not be a second rate copy! Last but not least, there has always been musicianship for better or for worse and naturally it shall always be that way. Although I can defend and feel I’m right about my choices of preferring the older releases for the most part (because I do like some new bands!), There is another factor that goes hand in hand with the current situation. If you can fathom the aesthetics of musical perception, sometimes what one can find to be un-interesting or moderately OK can be the greatest thing to someone else! The reality of that can make sense of what does not make sense to people who are not impressed by the latest releases. If you can apply that to “Death / Black” Metal with a large enough market to exploit, go figure…”

Regarding the style of the releases I get these days, I have the impression that Black Metal is going more underground again and that Heavy Metal is coming back in a big way. This has resulted in that there is more “room” now for upcoming Death Metal bands. Do you think this is a good thing? Do you think this way the quality will rise again?
“In theory, that does make sense and it is always good to have trendy dorks out of the scene! Either way, I can not speak for other Death Metal bands as far as what kind of quality they will put out. All I can say is that whether our music be slower or faster, we will continue to do the best we can! If the time comes where we do not feel our work is of quality, then there will be no point in continuing.”

The best Death Metal albums so far released within the last couple of year are to my opinion the ones of SOULBURN, PENTACLE, ASPHYX, GOD DETHRONED, VADER and IMMOLATION. What do think about these releases and which ones do you think were among the best so far?
“The releases you mentioned are great but there are also albums from DAMNATION, IN AETERNUM, THE CHASM, DESTRUCTION, MORTEM, SODOM, VOMITORY, NECROPHOBIC, MORBID ANGEL, CANNIBAL CORPSE, THE DARKSEND, INCANTATION, DISGORGE (Mex.), REPUGNANT, HATE ETERNAL, KRISIUN, CENTINEX, INFAMY, COFFIN TEXTS, PURGATORY, CENTURIAN, PSYCHRIST, AVULSED, NECROFLESH, HEADHUNTER DC, ABOMINATOR, DARKTHRONE (I know people don’t consider them D.M. anymore but they have that ancient style and I don’t like seperating Death /Black Metal anyway), etc. Plus I’m sure there’s more bands out there worth mentioning that I haven’t heard yet or slipped my mind!”

I’m busy with Metal almost every day for a couple of hours by writing letters, recording tapes, preparing / doing interviews, going to gigs, etc. If there wouldn’t be Metal, there would definitely be a big void in my life, as it’s one of the biggest things that gives me a sort of satisfaction or whatever you want to call it. Do you live / feel the same way and what’s the most important reason that the style of music just never gets boring?
“Metal has been an animating as well as vital principal which can becredited with the faculties of thought, action and emotion in my life. Not only has Metal been inspirational, it has also been a captivating source of entertainment! It has even become a personal vortex of expressing myself through the creations of musical art. I am also busy with Metal in my daily life and I am so involved with it that it’s become my way of making a living. I quickly must add we are not doing it for the money, if money was the primary goal I know I would have not picked this career! I get a pleasure of being able to continue my lifestyle and at the same time do my best to keep the Metal scene alive. So, together with SADISTIC INTENT and Dark Realm Records, I basically live and feel passionate of Metal as much as anyone. Although some bands are boring, the music of the bands that are not will live on even after we die…”

What are SADISTIC INTENT’s current future plans?
“Basically finish our current recording session and tour as much as we can. Perhaps one night we will cause some bedlam in Belgium!!!”

Any last words or anything you would still like to add here?
“Thank you for the very interesting interview Steven! Keep up the great work and all the best with your obscure triumphs! Last but certainly not least, eternal hails go out to all of you who have stood loyal to SADISTIC INTENT!! Prepare for the second coming!!! Worshippers of death, I call unto thee, hordes of darkness rise!!!! “

(This interview originally appeared in Sleepless Magazine No. 9 and was done around the summer of 2000)

Steven Willems

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