January 03, 2020

Detroit, Michigan based Doom / Deathers TEMPLE OF VOID will release their third full length album “The World That Was” on March 27, 2020 via Shadow Kingdom Records on CD and vinyl LP formats. The cover artwork was created by Adam Burke and the following tracks will appear on it: ‘A Beast Among Us’, ‘Self-Schism’, ‘A Single Obolus’, ‘Leave The Light Behind’, ‘Casket Of Shame’ and ‘The World That Was’. More about TEMPLE OF VOID at www.facebook.com/templeofvoid

German technical Death Metallers PAVOR have made their two albums “A Pale Debilitating Autumn” (1994) and “Furioso” (2003) available again in digital versions via https://pavor.bandcamp.com. Both downloads also include re-worked PDF versions of the CD booklets. For all additional band info, please visit www.pavor.com

Blackened Speed Metallers BÜTCHER have just premiered the new track ‘666 Goats Carry My Chariot’ at this location. It will appear on the band’s upcoming second album “666 Goats Carry My Chariot”, which will be released on January 31, 2020 via Osmose Productions. The previously revealed video for ’45 RPM Metal’ can still be watched here. For more BÜTCHER information check out www.facebook.com/butcherspeedmetal

URUK-HAI have just revealed the new track ‘The Birth Of An Uruk-Hai’ right here. The track is taken from a special split album with BANNWALD and DRUADAN FOREST, entitled “Kingdoms Long Gone”, which will be out on February 02, 2020 via Antiq on digipak CD and cassette tape formats. The front cover was created by Marine Février (ARSULE). More info you will find at www.antiqrecords.com or www.facebook.com/antiq.label

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